Lebron Stay Clear of LA We Want To Win Not Choke In The Playoffs.

Tommy RossCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2010

Last night I was aimlessly browsing the web when I came across a handful of notable websites spreading the rumour that "Lebron James would be joing the Lakers next year. After laughing myself to an uncontrollable frenzy for the next 5 mins, I sat back and did the unthinkable, I considered it.

This is what I came up with, the move would be good for the Lakers, not great. My reasoning behind that is the Lakers have proven they can win a championship without Lebron. So in retrospect Lebrons would need LA, not vice versa.

They most certain would be able to win a ring with him also, but you also take a chance of a major malfunction occuring with two alpha males going at each others neck for the lead role.

The Lakers would go on to win atleast the next 4 titles they have the chance to do that now, but with Lebron and Kobe it would be a much easier road to sucess if it worked.

On the other hand this would be great for Lebron! With his star power, he would not only pile up the rings, but he will land more endorsements, hell maybe even spark up a acting career in Tinsel Town.

With the media handing over every thing to Lebron except a ring and a day as the Commander in Chief, Lebron would probally get the credit for the Lakers winning the title. Even though he couldn't win one on his own coming out of the weaker Eastern Conference.

Let face it the Lakers are all about Championships and so far Lebron has not shownthat he can play on that championship level. He is doen alot of mind bobbling things he possesses many traits but a heart of a champion isn't one of them.

This scenenario would unfortunately be bad for the NBA. Bad for Nike, and really really bad for ESPN. Nike would have to scrap there overly competitive muppet rivalry. It would make it that much more difficult for ESPN to discredit Kobe's achivements and praise Lebron's performances .(Even though I'm certain they would still find a way).

Last but not least it would totally eliminate the competiton around the league. Imagine if Magic and Larry Bird was on the same squad, what would of became of the NBA during the 80's. What if Isiah Thomas would of gotten traded to the Bulls? What if Dwight Howard got traded to the Phoenix Suns? It would take away from the  sportsmanship and integrity of the game. and the way I see it hasn't Tim Donaghy done enough of that already.