Avery Johnson Jr. Mocks Brooklyn Nets After Playoff Elimination on Twitter

Stephen BabbFeatured ColumnistMay 4, 2013

The Brooklyn Nets disappointed most of their fans with a 99-93 Game 7 loss to the Chicago Bulls, but they made at least one former fan happy.

Yep. Avery Johnson Jr., as in the younger version of Avery Johnson, whom the Nets unceremoniously fired from head coaching duties back in December, just a couple of months into the regular season. Whether you see Johnson Jr.'s comment as sour grapes or a valiant attempt at defending a dad's honor, admit it—this is pretty funny.

And it's not the first time Johnson's son has taken to Twitter with a vengeance.

The Brooklyn Nets won't be hurting for fans with or without Johnson Jr.'s support. The organization has successfully rebranded itself as a serious title-chasing unit. It just hasn't managed to assemble a unit that lives up to that brand.

Saturday's loss to the Bulls highlighted as much, putting a serious damper on P.J. Carlesimo's otherwise successful run at the helm. Though some will no doubt wonder if Avery Johnson could have done any better, it's hard not to point some fingers at the ambitious (and expensive) roster retooling undertaken last summer.

These Nets weren't short on talent, but they seemed to be missing the kind of fight you'd expect from a real contender—to say nothing of the fight fans saw from Chicago. 

The obvious question now becomes whether this is a problem that can be solved with new players or—perhaps to Avery Johnson Jr.'s chagrin—a new coach. General manager Billy King will have some tough decisions when it comes to the former. The Nets roster boasts several large contracts, including bloated deals for Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace.

It would be easier to find a new coach, but in an offseason where elite coaches will be in high demand, Brooklyn could find itself with precious few options.

Though it's impossible to conclude Avery Johnson was the best man for the job, this much is certain—the Nets sure could have used some of his passion in that first round.