NHL 13: The 10 Most Underrated and Overrated Players in the Game

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor IAugust 28, 2012

NHL 13: The 10 Most Underrated and Overrated Players in the Game

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    EA Sports is set to release NHL 13 on September 11, 2012, but the ratings for each and every player was released during a set of interviews with Yahoo! Sports' Puck Daddy blog.

    The ratings were met with high criticism because certain players were given very generous ratings while others were really undersold. This slideshow will look at the 10 most underrated and overrated players in the game.


    For reference, here are the top ratings for each team in the respective conferences via Puck Daddy. 

    Eastern Ratings

    Western Ratings

10. Brian Campbell and Ilya Bryzgalov

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    No. 10 Underrated: Brian Campbell (83)

    The Florida Panthers defender finished the 2011-12 season with 53 points, and he captured the Lady Byng trophy.

    He is pretty underrated in this game when you consider the defensemen he outplayed last year—like Matt Carle (86), Mike Green (85) and Braydon Coburn (85)—had higher ratings.


    No. 10 Overrated: Ilya Bryzgalov (86)

    Ilya Bryzgalov is overrated in this game when you look at his rating compared to goalies like Jaroslav Halak (85) and Marc-Andre Fleury (87).

    Both Halak and Fleury had sensational regular seasons and outplayed Bryzgalov. Although Halak didn't play as many games as Bryzgalov, he was a backbone for the St. Louis Blues all year long.

9. Travis Zajac and Derek Roy

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    No. 9 Underrated: Travis Zajac (84)

    Travis Zajac had an 85 rating in NHL 12, and he got bumped down a peg in this edition. He missed some time during the regular season because of injury, but Zajac was on point during the playoffs. Zajac scored seven goals and assisted on seven others for 14 points in 24 games.

    He is a creative forward who should have been recognized in this game.


    No. 9 Overrated: Derek Roy (86)

    Derek Roy had a miserable 2011-12 season, yet he still earned an 86 rating; the same rating as Bobby Ryan and Erik Karlsson. Derek Roy is not on the same level as players like Ryan and Karlsson, and he should have earned a rating in the lower 80s.

8. Martin Brodeur and Jay Bouwmeester

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    No. 8 Underrated: Martin Brodeur (82)

    Martin Brodeur may be in the later stages of his career, but he does not deserve an 82 rating. He is a future Hall of Fame netminder who played out of his mind for the New Jersey Devils down the stretch and in the postseason.

    At the very least, Brodeur should have earned an 84 rating.


    No. 8 Overrated: Jay Bouwmeester (86)

    Jay Bouwmeester had another lackluster season, but he still retains a rating in the high 80s. EA really overrated Bouwmeester by giving him the same rating as reigning Norris trophy winner Erik Karlsson.

    After numerous disappointing seasons, Bouwmeester deserved a rating around 83 overall.

7. Niklas Backstrom and Tomas Plekanec

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    No. 7 Underrated: Niklas Backstrom (85)

    Niklas Backstrom had an injury-ridden 2011-12 season but managed to record 44 points in 42 games. This was in line with his usual production, and it safe to say that his 2010-11 season was a down year. In 2010-11, Backstrom only recorded 65 points; but the year before he had 101, and 88 the year before that.

    Backstrom is an underrated playmaking center who can be a real game-changer. 


    No. 7 Overrated: Tomas Plekanec (86)

    Tomas Plekanec earned an 86 rating in NHL 13, but he really didn't deserve it. Statistically, Plekanec should have averaged between 50 and 60 points.

    This rating of 86 should be reserved for players who are in the upper echelon offensively. 

6. Ray Whitney and Simon Gagne

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    No. 6 Underrated: Ray Whitney (79)

    Ray Whitney is coming off one of the best seasons in his career, and he was bumped down from a rating of 84 in NHL 12. 

    Whitney is a skilled playmaker who can score a clutch goal every now and then, so giving him a 79 rating after he is coming off a 77-point season is a slap in the face to Whitney.


    No. 6 Overrated: Simon Gagne (86)

    Simon Gagne hasn't had the greatest of luck over the past three years, and his production has significantly dropped. He is no longer the player he was with the Philadelphia Flyers, and his NHL 13 rating should reflect the player he has become.

5. Mike Smith and Alex Ovechkin

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    No. 5 Underrated: Mike Smith (84)

    Mike Smith had an amazing season and finished fourth in the Vezina vote, yet he was rated below goalies like Ilya Bryzgalov. 

    Smith went 38-18-10 with a 2.21 GAA and really was a huge reason why the Phoenix Coyotes went as far as they did. This is one area that EA really should have improved, and hopefully the first roster update will reflect Smith and his abilities.


    No. 5 Overrated: Alex Ovechkin (93)

    Alex Ovechkin is a talented player who is one of the NHL's best goal scorers, but he shouldn't have a 93 rating after consecutive down years. He is an enigmatic player, but his rating after the past few seasons should be an even 90.

4. Matt Moulson and Tyler Myers

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    No. 4 Underrated: Matt Moulson (82)

    Matt Moulson has improved his goal totals and his point production in three straight seasons, but he was given a very low 82 rating. Moulson scored 36 goals and 69 points in 2011-12 and should have had a rating closer to 85.

    After a few weeks, when Moulson shines for the Islanders, EA will have no choice when it comes to fixing the rating.


    No. 4 Overrated: Tyler Myers (87)

    Tyler Myers has a ton of potential, but having a rating of 87 is not very accurate. He is not better than Erik Karlsson and isn't on the same level as Alex Pietrangelo. 

    Myers is a solid defenseman with upside, but a rating of 84 or 85 would have been more accurate.

3. Jordan Eberle and Dion Phaneuf

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    No. 3 Underrated: Jordan Eberle (84)

    Jordan Eberle is coming off a breakout 76-point season, and his player rating should have reflected that when you factor in his potential.

    Eberle is a talented goal scorer and enigmatic player who could turn into one of the league's rising stars. 


    No. 3 Overrated: Dion Phaneuf (88)

    Dion Phaneuf was really overrated in this game. He did have a rebound season in 2011-12 from what he contributed in 2010-11, but he isn't one of the NHL's best defenders.

    He has even been named one of the league's most overrated players, so maybe EA really took that assertion to heart.

2. John Tavares and Mike Green

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    No. 2 Underrated: John Tavares (85)

    John Tavares has grown has a player and has increased in production for every year he has been in the NHL. He was one of the league's top forwards last year, scoring 31 goals and adding 50 assists.

    Tavares is one of the league's rising stars and really deserved a higher rating.


    No. 2 Overrated: Mike Green (85)

    Mike Green hasn't played in a complete season since 2007-08, and his production has slipped year after year. He has also been injury-prone and hasn't been a valuable player for the Washington Capitals.

    Green is really trending down, and his overall rating should reflect that.

No. 1 Patrik Elias and Ryan Miller

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    No. 1 Underrated: Patrik Elias (82)

    The rankings for the NHL games usually are influenced from last year's performances, and Elias has increased his production the past two seasons. He has proved that his still a veteran scoring forward who really can come through in the clutch.

    Elias scored 26 goals last season and had 52 assists for a grand total of 78 points. An 82 rating really doesn't fit Elias, and it is something that EA screwed up on.


    No. 1 Overrated: Ryan Miller (92)

    Last season, Jonathan Quick (90) won the Stanley Cup and the Conn Smythe trophy and finished second in the Vezina voting.

    Henrik Lundqvist (91) won the Vezina trophy, had a career best season and led the New York Rangers to the Eastern Conference final.

    Miller, on the other hand, went 31-21-7 in 61 games and finished with a 2.54 GAA. Miller had a decent year, but his potential and stats from 2011-12 shouldn't put him ahead of Quick and Lundqvist.