Taylor Stevens: Adult Star Returns to Staples Center to Distract Peter DeBoer

Richard LangfordCorrespondent IJune 11, 2012

Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports blog Puck Daddy
Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports blog Puck Daddy

Want to know how the New Jersey Devils did in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final? Well as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the above picture of Devils coach Pete DeBoer should give you all the literature you need. 

Needless to say, things were not going well for DeBoer and his Devils. There is no other explanation for this look of complete despair given his bountiful background scenery. 

The above referenced scenery belongs to adult film star Taylor Stevens, and she was obviously well prepared for her prominent seating. 

Stevens wore a shiny, low-cut Kings shirt with a necklace sporting her first name. It might be a stretch to proclaim she is a psychic, but it's like she almost knew that somehow all of this would manage to capture the attention of the cameras. 

Whether this knowledge came from mystical forces or just a savage understanding of human nature is up for debate, but the fact that this was planned is not. 

Stevens tweeted this message:

Wanted you all to know I'm auctioning off both outfits on eBay & donating all proceeds to lymphoma cancer foundation and obesity foundation


All in all, this is a fantastic idea. She gets a little promotion and she is raising awareness and money for two worthy causes. People have certainly done more absurd things to get onto TV for far less inspiring reasons. 

It was also a nice distraction for what quickly became an anti-climatic Game 6. The Kings led 3-0 by the end of the first period and are currently up 4-1 at the end of the second. 

They are now just one period away from hoisting the Stanley Cup, and DeBoer is just one period away from entering the offseason empty-handed. So you can almost understand his look of misery in the photo. 

Come on, DeBoer! She is doing this for charity!