Another Reason To Ditch The Black Uniforms: Money!

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Another Reason To Ditch The Black Uniforms:  Money!
Around these parts we really really hate the Mets black uniforms.  Unfortunately the Wilpons don't care and only like money.  Today I appeal to their greed.

Assume every dopey 20 year old already has a black Piazza shirt and a black Wright jersey.  It's time to sell them some new items, and Wilpons I propose to you that there's money in that there blue and orange.

NHL reveals top-selling third jerseys entering holiday season 

Look what made the list.  The good old blue and orange Islanders jerseys.  Not the new dark blue ones, the traditional ones.  I think the article says it best when it says:

Two observations: First, and rather obviously, is that these teams released third jerseys with a distinct retro and/or traditional look. For many of them, that meant literally recycling older jerseys with a tweak here and there. In fairness to the other teams that released alternate sweaters this season, sometimes it's easier to remake a classic than to create an original.
Second, if these are the top sellers according to the NHL, then there's only one black jersey (Boston) among the top six. Which actually fills our hearts with hope, even if for a moment, that teams will shy away from the dark side in creating new duds.

How about it Fred & Jeff?  Roll out the pinstripes (no names) for a few years and let teenagers buy some #5 jerseys.   I'll meet you half-way and you can wear whatever you want on Sunday.

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