Canada Left Out In The Cold With MLB Network

Sean StiffContributor IJanuary 1, 2009

The MLB Network is launching today.  It is apparently one of the largest launches of a cable channel in U. S. history.  Can anyone in Canada see this exciting new channel?  No.

In an upsetting move to Canadian baseball fans across the country we are being left in the dark.  How is it that we have the NFL Network and no Canadian teams, heck we even started receiving the BIG10 Network, how many NCAA teams in Canada are going to be featured on that?  We DO however have the Toronto Blue Jays. The Toronto Blue Jays are owned by one of Canada's largest cable companies.  Do we get MLB Network?  No.

Now, please don't misunderstand, I was dying for the NFL Network back in the day and heck, have always wanted to check out the BIG10 channel as well being a college football fan.  Let's be realistic though, there are no Canadian teams, content or anything else for that matter relevant to Canadians other than being fans of that sport.

I have heard that they may make a customized 'Canadian' version of the MLB channel in the future, something like the NBA has here with the Toronto Raptors.  Television in Canada is protected by the Canadian Radio and Telecommunication Commission (CRTC). 

What this means is that stations must be majority owned by Canadian interests and feature an allocated amount of Canadian made content.  A Blue Jays channel with Roger's owning it and featuring tons of Blue Jays content most likely is the answer. 

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The other option is a cable company can bring in the U.S. version of the MLB Network but must bring in a new Canadian channel at the same time.  I know—rules.  Who likes them?

I just hate missing out on this new channel's opening night.  I suppose I will have to dig around the Internet to see if I can download any interesting shows from this network.

Don't get me started on trying to actually get MLB Extra Innings here.  Is there really a such thing?  You mean there are televised games that don't feature the Toronto Blue Jays in the regular season?