Top 5 Boxing Films of All Time

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2008

Hollywood created boxing films to bring the fans closer to the sport and generate more interest. More often than not, they succeed. They have brought the lives of prize fighters to the silver screen and sometimes, they create their own fictional character.

I saw an article about the greatest sport movies ever made, and I just felt the urge to make my own list.

Here are my Top 5 boxing films:

1. Rocky

Sylvester Stallone will always be remembered because of this film. It was a very good movie that connected with the audience. It is about Rocky Balboa, a not-so-smart boxer with limited skills who rose to fame by winning the hearts of many when he overcame the odds and put on a good fight against the champion, Appollo Creed.

2. Million Dollar Baby

The story is about Maggie Fitzgerald, an amateur boxer who wanted to make the big time under Frank Dunn. A good story that shows us the hardships of being a boxer and a trainer as well.

3. Raging Bull

This is as real as it gets. It tells the life story of Jake LaMotta.

4. Undisputed

It is about George "Iceman" Chambers, the heavyweight champion of the world, being sent to prison and was forced to face the prison boxing champion. There were even rumors that this was in reference to Mike Tyson and that it really happened to him when he was in jail.

5. Cinderella Man

The inspiring story of James Braddock. It tells us how he battled poverty and gave his family a good life through his efforts in boxing.

These movies, for me, were influential and brought more fans to the sport that we love.


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