The Mess the Boston Celtics Have Created

Marc FreshmanContributor IDecember 8, 2011

There’s merit to the argument that acquiring Chris Paul would put the Celtics in a better position to win a title this year. It saddens me, though, that No. 9 would be the newest in a long line of great Celtics that I would be forced to say goodbye to; Posey, House, Tony, Leon, Perkins...Rondo?

With that unit held intact, we’d already have an eighteenth banner. But instead we stripped the team down to the bloody bone and got zip in return for the pieces we gave up. So, here we are in this mess.

I’m angry with the Celtics' management for putting the team in the position of having to potentially part ways with another player who not only hasn’t had a dip in productivity but has actually gotten better from season-to-season and emerged as the reason why the Celtics have achieved their success in recent years.

The Celtics haven’t won a title in three years, but Rajon Rondo is not the reason why we keep coming up short. It's happened because of our depleted team, our insane salary payouts and a history of bad decision-making. The team is also desperately holding on to a quickly-aging Big Three.

We’ve gotten as far as we have in the playoffs over the last few years because of No. 9. That’s why it’s so tragic that his head is the one on the chopping block.

Chris Paul would absolutely help us win a title, but it’s tragic that Rondo would have to take the bullet to make this happen. Forget the fact that they’re both point guards; there’s a ton of players at various positions who could help us win just as much as CP3, especially at the center and power forward positions.

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But Danny Ainge is really fixated on this deal, and so are a lot of Boston fans and a whole slew of ESPN analysts. Again, I’m not saying CP3 wouldn’t help. Of course he would. I’m not blind to the basketball genius of CP3. He’s a Golden God.

But it doesn’t change the fact that this trade would be painful and profound for me, as I expect it would be for most of Celtics Nation.

I just don’t want to have to say goodbye to the youngest, freshest, most productive guy on our team before he even hits the prime of his career. Not to mention the fact that we’d only be acquiring CP3 for one year, after which he could (and probably would) decide to go somewhere else.

So, really, we’d be trading our long-term relationship with Rondo for one year with CP3. That’s sort of like having an awesomely hot wife who’s totally committed to you, and then breaking up with her to pursue a life with a gorgeous but somewhat flighty model.

Yeah, I want the fling as much as you do and yeah, it could work out nicely. But there’s serious doubt there, as well as an issue of loyalty.

Analysts will say it’s not personal, it’s business. But ask yourself this: if that Godfather mentality is indeed at play here, then why isn’t Kevin Garnett on the chopping block?

While Rondo’s stock has gone up over the years and Ray’s and Pierce’s have remained steady, Garnett's has plummeted like a bucket in a well. Right now, we’re shelling-out massive dough for KG’s heart, but for not his body or his productivity. He can’t even out-muscle Pau Gasol anymore.

So if this truly is a business in which decisions are made without the burden of emotion, then why is KG’s spot so sacred in Boston?

Could it be because there is, indeed, an emotional attachment to him? Pierce I can understand. He’s a Celtic till the end. Ray was mentioned as a potential trade last season, but that didn’t make sense to me because his shot is as sweet as it’s ever been.

Despite all the “this is a business” chatter, the truth is people are making this personal and their emotions are loyal to No. 5. Call it the respect of seniority or the advantage of being a part of the Big Three.

Any way you slice it, Rondo’s unfairly on the hot seat, and the prize for his head is a good one. Now, both Boston and New Orleans have star players who know they’re not wanted.

What a mess.

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