Tim Kennedy: Michael Bisping Was Overpaid for 'Ultimate Fighter' Finale

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIIDecember 7, 2011


Michael Bisping provided MMA fans with one of the most one-sided fights we've seen in recent history. Besides making a strong case for a title shot, Bisping also took home a hefty paycheck.

Bisping reportedly made around $425,000 compared to "Mayhem" making only $45,000.

One fighter that believes Bisping was overpaid is Strikeforce middleweight, Tim Kennedy.

Kennedy has been with the anti-Bisping group for a while, especially following the Brits' antics against Jorge Rivera.

Kennedy posted on his Twitter, "I am disappointed Bisping won. I'm equally disappointed he made $425k."

Like Kennedy, a lot of people were upset and some were even outraged that Bisping made "Anderson SIlva" money for his beatdown of Jason "Mayhem" Miller.

When moving past all the anti-Bisping sentiment, there's a few logical explanations as to why the Brit made a big paycheck.

For one, Bisping is very much a "company man." He doesn't try to be Mr. Nice Guy, but he does do a fair amount of press and is no doubt the UK's biggest draw.

Also, some people believe "Mayhem" should be the one getting paid as most fans tuned in to watch him instead of Bisping. But that viewpoint works both ways as just as many people tuned in to watch Bisping lose.

The simplest explanation I've seen for the large payday is that Bisping likely makes a cut of PPV sales when competing overseas as he's a huge name there.

This is likely just a way for Dana White and company to compensate Bisping for fighting on free television.

If Kennedy is really upset at Bisping, perhaps he should raise his game up and make his way to the UFC to beat the $400k out of Bisping?


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