Kevin Nash and the Most Ridiculous Reigns in the History of the WCW Championship

Katie Gregerson@katiegregersonCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2011

Kevin Nash and the Most Ridiculous Reigns in the History of the WCW Championship

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    How I came to write this article requires some back story. It was my original intention to write an article on insignificant title reigns and whether they should "really" count.

    Then, I decided to change the premise from "insignificant" to "ridiculous," and focus more on instances where the reign of a certain wrestler with a certain title was downright laughable, either because of how they came to get the title or how little an amount of time they held the title.

    Well, in the process of researching examples for that article, there were so many qualifying instances involving the WCW World Heavyweight Title that it's necessary to devote an entire article to its ridiculousness alone.

    So sit back, relax, and take in some of the most ridiculous reigns in the 10-year history of the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Kevin Nash

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    The Jan. 26, 2000, episode of WCW Thunder would start out with Sid Vicious as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and end with Sid Vicious as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion—and somewhere in between, Kevin Nash was champion, too.

    Two nights previous on WCW Nitro, Kevin Nash—who was also the acting WCW commissioner at the time—declared that a new WCW Champion would be crowned, as the former champion Chris Benoit had forfeited the title a week earlier to leave for the then-WWF. 

    Naturally, Nash booked himself in the championship match. His opponent, provided that he could defeat the Harris Brothers in a handicap match, would be Sid Vicious. Not only did Vicious defeat the Harris Brothers, but he went on to defeat Nash and capture his first WCW Title.

    Two nights later, a vengeful Nash stripped Vicious of the title, claiming that he had pinned the "wrong" Harris brother. Nash's third WCW Title reign only lasted so long, though, as Vicious defeated him and Ron Harris in another handicap match the same night.

    Not only is this reign ridiculous because of its short term, but because at the time Nash and several other WCW wrestlers were allowed to write their angles and book their matches themselves.

    Was it a cheap way for him to get another title reign to his name, or just a ploy for interesting TV? Who knows, but it definitely falls under the "ridiculous" category.

David Arquette

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    This never should have happened.

    Actor David Arquette's reign as WCW Champion isn't just a stain on the fabric of WCW Title history, but all of pro wrestling history. Again, it never, ever should have happened.

    When David Arquette became WCW Champion on the April 26, 2000, episode of Thunder, it was nothing more than a publicity stunt. Three weeks earlier, Warner Bros. Pictures had released the film Ready to Rumble—a movie based on WCW, and a movie starring, you guessed it, David Arquette.

    Prior to his win, Arquette had turned up on the April 12 episode of Thunder and aligned himself with Chris Kanyon and the reigning WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page against Eric Bischoff and New Blood.

    The next week, he became champion after pinning Bischoff in a tag team match, the stipulation being that whoever got the pin would get the title. Collective cries of disgust were let out by wrestling fans everywhere.

    What's even worse is that he held the title for 12 days. That's longer than some legitimate wrestlers' reigns as WCW Champion (I'm looking at you, Kevin Nash).

    Reportedly, even Arquette, who is a longtime wrestling fan, thought it was a bad idea to give him the title. Too bad management didn't listen, because this reign definitely goes down as one of the most ridiculous in WCW Title history.

Ric Flair

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    What? Am I saying that Ric Flair, record 16-time World Champion, makes this list?

    Yes, indeed I am.

    Ric Flair has held the WCW World Heavyweight Championship a record seven times—although it's six times if you're asking WWE—and in this particular instance I'm talking about his final reign. Not only did he not win the title, per se, but he lost it the very same night.

    On the May 22, 2000, episode of Nitro, lead WCW writer, booker, and all-around villain Vince Russo stripped Ric Flair of the WCW Title and awarded it to Jeff Jarrett.

    Two days later on the May 24 Thunder, Jarrett dropped the title to Kevin Nash. However, on the following episode of Nitro, Nash willingly handed the title right back to Flair.

    Flair then lost the title the very same night—to Jeff Jarrett.

    For the sake of not closing the gap for John Cena on Flair's record amount of World Title reigns, I won't outright say that this shouldn't count. But at the same time, it's not really anything to be proud of.

Vince Russo

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    The only reign on this list worse than Vince Russo's is David Arquette's, and not by much.

    On the Sept. 25, 2000, episode of Nitro, Russo booked himself to defeat Booker T inside a steel cage to capture his first—and thankfully only—WCW World Heavyweight Championship. But he would vacate the title just a week later, after miraculously remembering that he is, in fact, not a wrestler.

    This was obviously a ratings stunt, but it was hardly an original idea. WWE had already done this exact same thing almost exactly a year earlier when Mr. McMahon defeated Triple H to win the then-WWF Championship on SmackDown, only to vacate it on the following RAW.



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    Obviously, there have been numerous instances of absolutely ridiculous title reigns throughout the history of professional wrestling, and ones much more so than the examples listed here.

    However, given its relatively short 10-year existence, comparatively speaking, the history of the WCW World Heavyweight Title is probably one of the strangest and most controversial in the business. Did you know that it was vacated 11 times? And only one of those times was due to injury.

    Now that it has been re-christened as the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the title seems to be doing much better for itself. Although, there have been and are sure to be more ridiculous reigns in its future.

    As always thanks for reading, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.