MLB Free Agents 2012: 5 Reasons C.J. Wilson Is Not Headed to New York Yankees

Phillip BrownSenior Analyst IIDecember 2, 2011

MLB Free Agents 2012: 5 Reasons C.J. Wilson Is Not Headed to New York Yankees

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    The New York Yankees need pitching and right now, C.J. Wilson is the most sought-after pitcher on the free-agency market. Wilson won 16 games and posted a 2.94 ERA in 2011 even though almost half of his starts were in a hitter's heaven in Arlington.

    I could talk about Wilson's home/away splits that show he is not a good pitcher in a small ballpark like Yankee Stadium and Arlington Stadium, but I will talk about other better reasons for why Wilson will not be headed to the Bronx.


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    At 31 years old, C.J. Wilson is not a long-term option. Are you comfortable paying Wilson top dollar for five or six years? I, for one, am not.

    Due to his age, Wilson has little room to grow as a pitcher. He has already topped out on his velocity and it is difficult to learn a new effective pitch at his age. As the years go on, Wilson will start to wear down; he may not wear down as much as a normal 31-year-old pitcher because of his low workload during the beginning of his career, but he could just as easily wear down faster because he is not used to the workload.


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    Two years. That is how long C.J. Wilson has been a starting pitcher in the major leagues. Yes, those two years have been great, he has a 3.14 ERA during that time period, but people say that Gio Gonzalez is not a sure thing because he has only been in the rotation full-time for two years.

    If the Yankees were to bring in a young pitcher with little experience that is one thing but a 31-year-old pitcher needs experience because he does not have much time to obtain it.

Postseason Failure

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    C.J. Wilson has a 4.82 career ERA in the postseason including a horrid 5.79 ERA during the 2011 postseason. Don't think the sample size is too small because he has racked up 52.1 innings in the postseason as a starter for the Rangers due to their two straight trips to the World Series.

    If you cannot handle the pressure of the postseason in Arlington, Texas, then you cannot handle the bright lights of New York in October.

    The Yankees need to find a pitcher that has thrived in the postseason because for the Yankees, October is by far the most important month of the year.


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    C.J. Wilson has reportedly been looking for a six-year $120 million contract. That is not going to happen but if he gets a deal anything like that from a team like the Washington Nationals or Miami Marlins, whether it is similar in salary or length, the New York Yankees would be out of their minds to consider him.

    At a lower price, maybe four years and $60 million, the Yankees should come calling and at least talk to him. I would still prefer Mark Buehrle at that price but if Buehrle signs elsewhere and the Yankees cannot swing a blockbuster trade, they should look at Wilson if the price drops that low, which it probably will not.

Yankees Declined To Meet with Him

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    C.J. Wilson and his agent reportedly asked for a meeting with the New York Yankees but today the Yankees declined to meet with him.

    If that is not telling enough, I do not know what is. Brian Cashman could be playing close to the vest but not even Cashman would tell a player he is interested in he did not want to meet with him. It is possible that Cashman said he was not ready to meet with Wilson just yet and they had to get a monetary amount set up and the story was contorted—but I highly doubt it.