WWE Legend Ed Leslie: Man of a Thousand Horrible Gimmicks

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WWE Legend Ed Leslie: Man of a Thousand Horrible Gimmicks

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    Who is Ed Leslie and how did he have so many terrible gimmicks?

    Ed Leslie is better known as Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake or to some people, Hulk Hogan's main lackey.

    But this slideshow isn't about Leslie's time as Beefcake, no this is all about his stint in the backwards land known as WCW and the thousand gimmicks that followed, none of which were good.

    Sorry Booty Man fans.

Gimmick No. 1: Brother Bruti

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    Leslie followed Hogan into WCW like a stray dog.

    So what do we call this guy? Brutus Beefcake is copyrighted, and the WWF would love nothing more than to sue the talent-stealing WCW.

    Hogan calls everyone brother or dude, so Leslie could have been stuck with Dude Bruti, but does it really matter? WCW wasn't very creative as Leslie was pretty much Beefcake without the name and garden shears.

    And like always, he never left Hogan's side.

Gimmick No. 2: The Clipmaster

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    Nothing new but a name change.

    From the Barber to the Clipmaster.

    Moving on.........

Gimmick No. 3: The Butcher

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    While Hogan was throwing his past-his-prime weight around and putting a stranglehold on the booking committee, a ski-masked man was running around and attacking Hogan week in, week out, once smashing Hogan's knee with a pipe—you stay classy, WCW—before a match with Ric Flair.

    The ski-masked man was originally suppose to be Curt Hennig and when that plan fell through, they gave it to Leslie.

    The Clipmaster no longer, he was now the Butcher, because he "butchered" his friendship with Hogan and joined up with Kevin Sullivan to become a Face of Fear, alongside Sullivan and ex-WWF wrestler Earthquake, now known as Avalanche.

    This lead to Leslie headlining Starrcade 1994 with Hogan and together, they butchered the good name of Starrcade.

    Watch it if you dare.

Gimmick No. 4: The Man with No Name

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    Leslie took a babyface turn and a Kevin Sullivan beatdown at the same time, a beating so severe that it caused him to suffer from amnesia. If only the booking team suffered from it, too, so they could forget about the horrible Starrcade stinker.

    So the man with no name was born and lived for like five minutes until Leslie's next gimmick change.


Gimmick No. 5: The Man with No Face

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    UH WHO?

    Can anybody help me out here?


    OK MOVING ON.....

Gimmick No. 6: The Zodiac

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    YES! NO! YES! NO!

    Ed Leslie's promo skills really improved with this new gimmick.

    As the Zodiac, he sported black and white facepaint and only spouted out YES NO YES NO in promos. He joined back up with Kevin Sullivan and his odd band of misfits toys: the Dungeon of Doom, a stable mainly composed of WWF castoffs like Kamala, Meng, and the Big Bossman.

    The Dungeon's only purpose was destroying Hulk Hogan. Someone should have told them that Hogan doesn't job, Brother!

    The feud was beyond ridiculous and it culminated in one of the worst matches ever: The Tower of Doom Cage Match

    It was 30 minutes of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage no-selling for men like Sullivan, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, etc.

Gimmick No. 7: The Booty Man

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    Planted by Hogan in the Dungeon of Doom, the mole Zodiac became....wait for it, the Booty Man. The saying "making an ass out of yourself" couldn't apply more.

    Leslie would shake his butt every chance he got and on top of that, his finisher was a high knee to the face. Get the pun?

    This gimmick didn't pay off either. See a trend forming?

    The highlight, or lowlight, of this gimmick was a pointless feud with DDP over Kimberly Page, or as the Booty Man called her, "the Booty Babe".

Gimmick No. 8: The Disciple

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    Another beatdown to gimmick change.

    After getting jumped by the nWo, Leslie wasn't seen or heard from for almost two years, but sadly he didn't stay that way. I guess he needed the time to grow out a sweet beard and mullet long hair.

    Taking another jab at the WWF, Leslie became the Disciple, a biker and bodyguard to.....come on guess who.

    I'll give you three chances.


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Alex Wright

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Super Calo

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Hollywood Hulk Hogan

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    No matter what gimmick Ed Leslie is saddled with, he'll always be remembered as Hulk Hogan's lackey,uh sorry, Brutus Beefcake.

    I'm certain I missed some gimmicks, but they changed every other week and I am only human.

    Thanks for reading. Comments, opinions, and criticisms are always welcome.

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