Manny Pacquiao's Political Career Could Be in Jeopardy Due to Boxing

Nedu ObiAnalyst IIDecember 1, 2011

Manny Pacquiao could have other things on his mind besides a potential multi-million super-fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. In some quarters, certain dissenting voices have begun to air their displeasure at the eight-division world champion and his bit-part role in the Philippines Congress.

Pacquiao, who was elected congressman for the province of Sarangani in May 2010, has come under fire due to his continued absenteeism in the House of Representatives.

One person in particular has been more vocal than others in his opinions of Pacquiao’s commitment to his duties as congressman to both the House, and Sarangani.

Rene Saguisag, a former Senator, wrote a scathing article which suggested that Pacquiao should resign from office if his mind was not on the job in hand.

This was in reference to Pacquiao’s main focus presently being on boxing.

A brief extract of what Saguisag wrote:

“Many are so blinded by Manny Pacquiao’s billions that we tolerate a “non-performing liability” (NPL) in the House, an institution now being disgraced by one who trivializes chamber work as only a sideline or a hobby, who gambles and loses millions of dollars in casinos, womanizes, hosts a TV show (“Manny Many Prizes”), threatens to sue because of canceled singing concerts, humors his mother in an ostentatious birthday fiesta with a Hermes bag and imported DIs at a time of great want for many. Some were surprised he did not do better last Sunday."

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Saguisag, also took a swipe at Pacquiao’s occupation as a prize fighter as well as his most recent fight—his trilogy bout with Juan Manuel Márquez:

 “But, he lacked focus in preparing against a helluva fighter. He should resign as absentee congressman to do better as a modified murderer.”

He, however, did contradict himself when he stated that Pacquiao’s extrusion from the house was debatable, whilst also citing his wealth as one of the reasons he might be able to hold on to his seat.

“The expulsion issue is moot of course. You don’t cross billionaires. You are rich; you are respectable; money brings prestige and power. Pacquiao will remain in the House where his colleagues will not see an NPL as a disgrace to it…He may even run for president in 2022.”

Given Saguisag’s vociferous, vitriolic attack on the WBO welterweight champion, one can only surmise that it’s a skullduggerish ploy to unsettle, demean and oust the Filipino native.

Nevertheless, not only could Pacquiao’s political career be in danger, but there could be far more reaching repercussions if this latest drama impacts on the proposed Mayweather super-fight—vis-à-vis a distraction for the Pac-Man.

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