Tiki Barber: Once-Heralded Giants Star Becoming a Villain in New York

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer INovember 30, 2011

How do you go from being a franchise player everyone loves to being a villain?

Why, you bash everything about your former organization, including your ex-teammates, as much as you can.

That is what former New York Giants star running back Tiki Barber has done the last few years since retiring from the NFL.

Barber just wrote a column on TheXLog.com that basically bashes the Giants' performance the last three seasons.

Wrote Barber:

The last three seasons have been marred by collapse. A once vaunted running game and stingy-aggressive defense have given way to mediocrity and Eli Manning being the only saving grace. Hopes of dynastic Super Bowl runs have morphed into ‘let’s hope we win more than we lose.

Barber also blasted head coach Tom Coughlin:

And in the midst of a three game losing streak, after consecutive ugly losses, and potentially on the verge of making it four with the undefeated Green Bay Packers next on the docket, how do we “fairly” evaluate Tom Coughlin? Maybe I’m not qualified to answer that because I’m not in that locker room anymore; However, watching from afar, I get the feeling that things aren’t necessarily “all good” over at MetLife Stadium.

Of course, this is nothing new. Barber's primary mission since retiring appears to be throwing as much dirt on the Giants as possible.

As Awful Announcing pointed out in the 2007 column "Tiki Barber Will Not Shut Up About The Giants," Barber has already come out with a book that basically blamed Coughlin for running him out the game.

Wrote Barber in Tiki: My Life in the Game and Beyond, via Awful Announcing:

If Tom Coughlin had not remained as head coach of the Giants, I might still be in a Giants uniform.

[Coughlin] robbed me of what had been one of the most important things I had in my life, which was the joy I felt playing football. I had lost that. He had taken it away.

Now, I'll be the first to say the Giants have been deplorable lately, and Coughlin is a big part of this in my mind.

But Barber's incessant yammering about that team that did him oh-so-wrong has been tiring for a while now. Nobody wants to hear him complain anymore, as he is apparently more interested in settling old scores than anything.

I find it funny he's basically calling for Coughlin to get the axe when it is he who quit football and unnerved more than a few of his teammates in the process.

Coughlin didn't make him quit football; Barber did that on his own.

The sooner he realizes this, the better it is for everyone involved and every single fan in America.

Tiki Barber needs a hobby.

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