50 Current NFL Stars Who Will Never Make the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Tony Santorsa@@TonySantorsaSenior Writer IINovember 30, 2011

50 Current NFL Stars Who Will Never Make the Pro Football Hall of Fame

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    Sometimes you're just not good enough—and in this case, these NFL players are simply just not good enough to make it to the Hall of Fame. 

    Granted, being not good enough does not make a player terrible. In fact, there are tons of players that had successful NFL careers but simply did not produce the stats to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    In that spirit, allow me to introduce to you 50 current NFL stars that will never make it to Canton, Ohio.

Matt Schaub

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    A career 92.2 quarterback rating is definitely impressive, but the deal with Matt Schaub is that he is hurt far too often.

    Don't get me wrong; I would take Schaub over most of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL today, but he's just made of glass. He is always hurt, and that will certainly hurt his chances for being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Mike Wallace

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    I know that this is only Mike Wallace's third year in the NFL, but I just don't foresee him being Hall of Fame-worthy.

    He's primarily a deep threat wide receiver simply because he has his limitations for being more of a possession receiver. Unless he turns into a more well-rounded receiver, I do not see him being inducted.

Stevie Johnson

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    No way.

    Stevie Johnson may be a "star" nowadays in the NFL, but he's just an above-average wide receiver—plain and simple. 

    Maybe he can be inducted into the Pro Touchdown Celebration Hall of Fame or possibly the Dropping Crucial Passes Hall of Fame.

Deion Branch

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    Deion Branch has had a very respectable career thus far, but when it comes to voting, he's just another average Joe.

    If Branch were to have spent his entire career with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, then who knows? All I know is that Branch is a perfect example of the infamous statement, "Wide receivers go to Seattle to die."

Dustin Keller

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    Dustin Keller is a very talented tight end in the NFL today, but when you compare him to Hall of Fame tight ends, he's nothing special.

    Keller has no shot at being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame but could find himself in the New York Jets Hall of Fame—it's too bad that the Jets don't have one, though.

George Wilson

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    Ever since 2009, George Wilson has been one of the most underrated safeties in the NFL. However, playing for the Buffalo Bills, he goes unnoticed.

    The thing with Wilson is that the first few years of his career were somewhat wasted, as he did not produce "elite" numbers. Perhaps Wilson is just a late bloomer.

Kellen Winslow II

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    To me, Kellen Winslow II has had a very successful NFL career. But the thing is, he's somewhat of a major disappointment.

    Winslow has all the talent in the world to be an All-Pro tight end but has simply never lived up to all the hype of being drafted sixth overall by the Cleveland Browns back in 2004.

Antonio Cromartie

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    There is no chance that Antonio Cromartie will ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame—he is so overrated.

    Cromartie is a decent cornerback, don't get me wrong, but he is nothing special. However, Cromartie is a very talented return man, but just being great at one thing will not get you into the Hall of Fame.

Eli Manning

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    Eli Manning will not be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I guarantee it.

    Why? Simply because he's a huge disappointment. Eli was drafted first overall by the San Diego Chargers but then whined and cried to be traded to the New York Giants, where he simply has not been playing like an elite quarterback.

    Granted, Eli did win a Super Bowl, but that New York Giants team was known for its incredible defense, not its quarterback.

    Let me ask you this: Does a career 81.9 quarterback rating and 58.5 completion percentage impress you? It better not.

Chris Johnson

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    This is bold, but it's also a prediction: Chris Johnson will not be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    The running back once known as CJ2K appears to be burnt out at the age of 26. Thus far in 2011, Johnson is averaging a pitiful 3.8 yards per carry, as compared to his solid 4.8 career yards per carry average.

    Johnson had a great start to his career, but I do not see him doing anything that extraordinary from here on out.

James Harrison

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    James Harrison could very well be inducted into the Dirtiest Players Hall of Fame or even the Dumbest Players Hall of Fame, but not the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    Harrison is known as a pass-rusher, right? Well, during his first four years in the league, Harrison only accumulated 12.5 sacks—not that impressive.

    The biggest knock on Harrison is longevity; he simply hasn't played at an elite level for a long enough time.

Carlos Dunlap

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    Carlos Dunlap does not look like the promising rookie from a year ago that had the potential to be an elite pass-rusher.

    I'm thinking that Dunlap was just a one-year wonder; however, I will give him some slack, as this is only his second year in the NFL. Still, three sacks in nine games is not worthy of being considered for the Hall of Fame.

D'Qwell Jackson

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    D'Qwell Jackson is certainly a star linebacker in the NFL today, but he does not match up well with all the incredible linebackers in the Hall of Fame right now.

    There is no chance that Jackson will be inducted into the Hall.

Fred Jackson

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    Fred Jackson has been a serviceable running back for quite some time, but he's never quite reached the point of being considered elite.

    Don't get me wrong; I'd welcome Jackson on my team if I were a general manager—but that doesn't make him Hall of Fame-worthy.

Carson Palmer

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    Carson Palmer had a phenomenal start to his NFL career with the Cincinnati Bengals, but it went down fast after he suffered a knee injury that needed reconstructive surgery.

    Palmer is a very talented quarterback with all the tools to be elite, but he won't be inducted into the Hall of Fame—that is, unless if he can turn his career around with the Oakland Raiders and maybe even win a Super Bowl.

Michael Vick

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    Michael Vick may be one of the most unique quarterbacks to ever play the game of football, but he is not Hall of Fame-worthy.

    Vick has been injured far too many times, not to mention he missed two entire seasons when he was sent to prison for dog fighting.

Kyle Arrington

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    The only reason that Kyle Arrington is a star in the NFL is because of his league-leading seven interceptions. He is a ball magnet.

    However, Arrington simply is not that great. I mean, he's decent, but far from being Hall of Fame-worthy.

Brandon Jacobs

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    When it's all said and done, Brandon Jacobs will be remembered as one of the most physical running backs in NFL history, but he will not have good enough stats to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    Jacobs is ultimately a tank, but he hasn't had a 1,000-yard rushing season since 2008.

Tony Romo

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    Tony Romo is a very good quarterback. In fact, some can make the case for Romo being considered an elite quarterback in the NFL. However, in my eyes he is far from elite.

    Romo simply will not have good enough stats and success to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Just my opinion.

Jonathan Stewart

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    Jonathan Stewart started off his NFL with a big splash but has since slowed down simply due to injuries.

    At this point of his career, Stewart does not have good enough stats to be considered for the Hall.

Alex Smith

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    Alex Smith a star? You bet he is. Perhaps he's a star for negative reasons, simply because he's been a complete bust until this season.

    Smith's 75.3 quarterback rating is by far not good enough for the Hall of Fame, but his 91.2 rating this season is pretty impressive. However, it's just a matter of producing far too late in his career.

Antrel Rolle

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    Antrel Rolle is a very talented and productive safety, but he has not been dominant enough to be considered for the Hall of Fame.

    Rolle has been named All-Pro once, which is something to be proud of, but he hasn't been recognized enough.

Andre Carter

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    Andre Carter has emerged as a sack machine with the New England Patriots this season, but he's been far too inconsistent throughout his NFL career.

    Carter is a very productive defensive end and has had an impressive career, but not impressive enough to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Joe Flacco

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    You will never see Joe Flacco inducted into the Hall of Fame. I guarantee it.

    Flacco has all the talent in the world to be an elite passer, but he has not produced. In fact, he's still making rookie mistakes in his fourth year in the NFL.

Braylon Edwards

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    Braylon Edwards has shined at times, but for the most part he's been a huge disappointment.

    Edwards has all the tools to be a great wide receiver, one of the best in the league, but he has not lived up to the high expectations of being selected third overall back in 2005.

Cedric Benson

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    Cedric Benson has had a very productive NFL career thus far, but his numbers aren't impressive enough to be considered for the Hall of Fame.

    Benson has had only two 1,000-yard-plus rushing seasons despite having the potential to be an elite running back in the NFL.

Miles Austin

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    Despite being a star and playing for "America's Team," Miles Austin is not Hall of Fame-worthy.

    Austin has had a few productive years with the Dallas Cowboys, but for the most part his numbers simply are not that impressive to be considered one of the all-time greats.

Plaxico Burress

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    If Plaxico Burress had actually dedicated himself to being great, he sure as hell would have had a shot at being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    However, Burress' attitude with the Pittsburgh Steelers and off-field issues will cost him any shot at being enshrined in Canton, Ohio.

Matt Hasselbeck

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    Longevity is definitely not the problem for Matt Hasselbeck; it's just that he's been good but not good enough.

    Hasselbeck's career 82.3 quarterback rating and 60.2 completion percentage are not good enough for him to be considered for enshrinement in the Hall of Fame.

Mark Sanchez

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    Never, and I mean never.

    Mark Sanchez will never be even considered for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Never, never.

    Sanchez will go down as one of the all-time busts. I guarantee it.

Jeremy Maclin

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    Jeremy Maclin is without a doubt a very talented and serviceable wide receiver, but far from being Hall of Fame-worthy.

    Maclin has shined at times, but for the most part his numbers aren't impressive enough to be considered one of the greatest players in NFL history.

Brandon Lloyd

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    Brandon Lloyd has had his fair share of ups and downs during his NFL career. At times Lloyd has been a superstar, but then other times he's been forgettable.

    Inconsistency will cost Lloyd a shot at being inducted into the Hall.

Marshawn Lynch

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    Marshawn Lynch is just so frustrating. He has all the tools to be an elite running back, but it simply has not clicked.

    There have been times when Lynch has been unstoppable, but then there are some games when he's just stoppable.

A.J. Hawk

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    A.J. Hawk started off his NFL career back in 2006 with a boom but has slowed down ever since.

    During his '06 rookie season, we all thought that he'd been one of the next great linebackers, as he tallied 121 tackles. But since then, he's been just above average—nothing special.

Trent Cole

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    Trent Cole is a beastly pass-rusher for the Philadelphia Eagles, but he won't be enshrined in Canton.

    Cole has been named All-Pro only once in his solid NFL career. He's going to have to do better than that.

Danny Woodhead

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    Being a star does not make you worthy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Danny Woodhead is the perfect example.

    Woodhead is a talented player, but he's nothing more than a role player. Don't get me wrong—I am a huge Woodhead fan, but he's nothing that special.

Kevin Kolb

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    We'll just have to wait and see on this one.

    However, from what I have witnessed out of Kevin Kolb, I do not see him being an elite quarterback anytime soon. His career 75.1 quarterback rating is simply too mediocre.

Darren Sproles

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    Darren Sproles is one hell of a utility player, but utility players do not make it to the Hall of Fame.

    Sproles is the kind of guy that you'd love to have in your offense, but he's far from being an elite running back.

Cameron Wake

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    Cameron Wake was projected to be one of the next premier pass-rushers in the NFL, but he has yet to impress me.

    Wake may be a stud for a few years, but I don't see him panning out as one of the all-time great pass-rushers to play the game.

DeAngelo Williams

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    This is one that could have happened, but it simply won't.

    DeAngelo Williams is one of the most talented players to ever play in the NFL, but health and consistency have been his downfall.

    His 5.0 yards per carry is incredible, but he has played only two full NFL seasons out of a total of six.

Jeremy Shockey

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    If you met Jeremy Shockey, you may think that he's a Hall of Famer simply because of his cockiness—but he is far from it.

    Shockey had all the talent in the world to be one of the greatest tight ends to play the game but simply never panned out. He's been productive, but far from elite.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis

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    You can't really say anything bad about BenJarvus Green-Ellis; he does whatever the New England Patriots need him to do. However, he's not that great—he's just good.

    Green-Ellis is currently averaging 4.1 yards per carry and is a touchdown machine, but he will never be Hall of Fame-worthy.

Kenny Britt

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    I do not foresee Kenny Britt ever being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    Britt does have talent, but I just do not see it happening. He's just one of the guys that I have a hunch about, and I honestly don't see him panning out. He's a very promising talent, but perhaps his health will be his downfall.

Reggie Bush

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    If used correctly, Reggie Bush can be one hell of an offensive threat. However, Bush hasn't been used correctly all the time, and he's often injured. In fact, Bush's only full season in the NFL came back in 2006, his rookie season.

    Bush is talented, and I mean talented, but talent alone does not buy you a ticket to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Marcedes Lewis

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    Marcedes Lewis is one of the better tight ends in the NFL, but he will have no shot at making it to Canton.

    Lewis has played for the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars throughout his career and hasn't been productive enough to be considered elite.

Asante Samuel

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    Asante Samuel was one of the great cornerbacks in the NFL back during his days as a New England Patriot, but ever since he joined the Philadelphia Eagles, he's been on the decline.

    Samuel is great, but not great enough for the Hall of Fame.

Joseph Addai

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    Joseph Addai frustrates me. He is so talented and can be so productive, but he's always hurt, and I mean always.

    At the start of his career, Addai had a shot at having a Hall of Fame career, but injuries have killed all of his chances.

Terence Newman

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    You may think that Terence Newman is great and one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, but he's simply not that good. He is so overrated.

    Newman hasn't been great since 2007 or so. He's just another decent cornerback that frequently gets beat in coverage.

Hakeem Nicks

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    Hakeem Nicks appears to be just one of those guys that's always injured.

    Nicks has shown flashes of greatness with the New York Giants, but ultimately I feel like his health will be the downfall of his chances of being inducted into the Hall.

Peyton Hillis

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    Can you say overrated? Peyton Hillis is so overrated.

    Being placed on the Madden cover does not mean that player is elite—he's just marketable.

    Hillis is nothing but a one-year wonder and a complete joke.