Houston Texans: Ranking 4 QBs Who Make the Most Sense as Fill-ins

Justine BrownCorrespondent IINovember 28, 2011

Houston Texans: Ranking 4 QBs Who Make the Most Sense as Fill-ins

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    After the Texans lost starting quarterback Matt Schaub last week for the rest of the season due to a foot injury, things got bad in Houston.

    This week, things got worse.  

    During the second quarter of the Texans' game against the Jaguars on Sunday, backup quarterback Matt Leinart left the game with an injury and did not return. That injury turned out to be a broken collar bone, ending his season as well.

    Now, with their team still very much in the playoff hunt, the Texans are forced to decide whether to proceed with rookie quarterback T.J. Yates, who finished the job Sunday, or choose a different fill-in.

    Last week after Schaub was placed on IR, the Texans added Kellen Clemens to their roster as a backup to Yates.  The Texans will once again have to look to add a backup or perhaps a starter.

T.J. Yates

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    In reality, the Texans' best option as a fill-in at quarterback may very well be the guy who got it done this week, and that is rookie T.J. Yates.

    Not only are options limited as far as available quarterbacks go, but a majority of the guys who are available have not played a down of football all season.

    If nothing else, Yates is at least conditioned, has practiced with the team and has studied the playbook.

Brodie Croyle

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    Last week when Schaub got hurt, the Texans worked out five quarterbacks before deciding on Kellen Clemens.  The other four were Jeff Garcia, Trent Edwards, Chase Clements and Brodie Croyle.

    While Garcia and Edwards may still be in consideration as well, people can put the Favre rumors aside and forget mentioning David Garrard.

    Not only has the Texans GM stated that he wants nothing to do with the Favre circus, but Favre has also stated that he is in no shape and not interested.

    As for David Garrard, the quarterback's agent made it clear on Monday that he would not be available for at least three to four more weeks.

    This seemingly leaves the options of Garcia, Edwards, Clements and Croyle, along with any outsiders (perhaps Delhomme.)

    The only reason Croyle is listed as the second-best option is because according to the Texans' beat reporter, he supposedly had the best workout last week. 

Jeff Garcia

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    At 41 years old, Jeff Garcia is suited, at best, as a backup.  

    However, with the amount of playmakers available being slim to none, perhaps the Texans would settle for a veteran game manager with hopes that he can hit an open wide receiver from time to time.

    A four-time Pro Bowler, one thing Garcia does have on his side is experience.

Jake Delhomme

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    Choosing between Jake Delhomme and Trent Edwards is choosing the lesser of two evils.  

    Edwards had a decent year in 2008 for the Bills before losing the job to Ryan Fitzpatrick, but he's showed very little promise since.  His career consists of more interceptions that touchdown passes.

    Delhomme, on the other hand, has at least led a team to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, he has been living off that ever since and has yet to again show those capabilities. 

    Almost all of these options seem to be worse-comes-to-worse situations, leading back to rookie T.J. Yates being the best option until he proves otherwise.

    The Texans need a playmaker and unless they somehow find a diamond in the rough, pickings are slim.