TNA Wrestling: 5 TNA and 5 OVW Wrestlers Who Should Switch Places

Darryn SimmonsContributor IIINovember 28, 2011

TNA Wrestling: 5 TNA and 5 OVW Wrestlers Who Should Switch Places

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    With the recent announcement of Ohio Valley Wrestling's developmental deal with TNA Wrestling, one of the biggest questions wrestling fans have asked is which TNA talents will be heading to OVW and vice versa.

    According to PWinsider, part of that answer is taking shape with TNA reportedly starting to ask some talent that hasn't been booked regularly to relocate to Louisville and do some work in OVW.  PWinsider reported one such talent, Jesse Neal, declined the move and was done with the company—which Neal denied.

    Neal is definitely one guy that I think would really benefit from some time in OVW, where he could work regularly, appear on TV every week and do weekly house shows.  Here's a list of five other TNA talents that would also benefit and five OVW talents that could take their place in the meantime.

1. Gunner

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    Gunner has a great look, a great story with his background as a U.S. Marine who served in Europe and Kuwait and he's a decent worker from his time in the independents.  However, he could always use some work in the ring and is in dire need of work on his character.

    Thus far, Gunner's gimmick has simply been as "Mr. Intensity" and as the official job guy in Immortal.  TNA seems to have a lot of faith in him and maybe it's time to show that faith with a commitment to his development.

    A run as the top guy in OVW with a focus on making him more than "Mr. Intensity" would do wonders.

    In the meantime, you could bring up this guy from OVW...

2. Jason Wayne

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    Replace one Marine with another.

    Wayne, a former OVW champion and probably the most over babyface currently in the company, is similar to Gunner as he has a good look and is average in the ring.  However, since he's new to the company, you have a chance to bring him in with a fleshed-out character from the beginning.

    There would be no need to push him heavily and you could bring him in as the fresh young never-say-die babyface that gives heels all they want before going down clean—but always coming back for more.

    Make it clear that he's earning respect and you can always do something more with him later.

3. Rob Terry

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    I have to admit, I kind of like Terry's bouncer gimmick for Robbie E.  It allows him to look big and menacing without him having to wrestle and expose his weaknesses.

    Of course, if you're TNA, it would be nice if wrestling wasn't a weakness for Terry at some point.  OVW has had more than a few big men with limited in-ring skills come through there while they were a developmental for World Wrestling Entertainment, so I don't think helping Terry develop will be a problem.

    Robbie E will still need a bouncer, though, so you can bring this guy up from OVW...

4. Rocco Bellagio

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    Bellagio has an "enforcer" from New Jersey gimmick.  He even has the Garden State emblazoned on his tights.

    Seems like he'd be a good fit alongside the current TV champion from the Jersey Shore.  Bellagio isn't going to blow anyone away with his in-ring skills, but he wouldn't have to in a bouncer role—just look intimidating.

    Plus, how can you go wrong with a name like Rocco?

5. Magnus

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    Magnus seemed to be really hitting his stride as part of London Brawling with Desmond Wolfe last year.  Unfortunately, Wolfe's health issues led to the demise of the team and derailed Magnus.

    Even though it led to a British Invasion reunion with Doug Williams, Magnus has been limited to appearances on the internationally syndicated Xplosion.  Magnus has shown that he has charisma to spare—now he needs the in-ring skill to match it.

    He would definitely benefit from weekly TV and likely could be pushed as the top heel in OVW.  Got to think the Southern fans would not take well to a cocky Brit.

    Meanwhile, Williams could return to the X Division for a spell to work with some of the young X talent or shine with the vets like Austin Aries, Alex Shelley, Kid Kash or Kazarian.

    More on the young X guys in a bit, but moving up from OVW will be...

6. Alex Silva

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    The former two-time OVW TV champion is another fresh young babyface like Wayne.  He would be great as enhancement talent and as a young guy you could use down the line.

    Silva was used a couple of times at the recent Ring of Honor tapings in Louisville, appeared on the recent Awesome Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-view in a match against Fit Finlay and also wrestled a dark match for TNA at the last tapings.

    The young kid has definite potential.

7. Brooke Tessmacher

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    Brooke Tessmacher has shown a lot of potential and has gotten over with the fans in her time in TNA.  She's good-looking and athletic but very inexperienced.

    She's pretty much everything a developmental territory is for.

    While Velvet Sky, Gail Kim and Mickie James are the go-to girls for the division now, it would be good for the company to start getting Tessmacher ready for her time in the spotlight—which should be coming in due time.

    Speaking of girls for the future...

8. The Blossom Twins

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    Hannah and Holly, the Blossom Twins, would be a double win for TNA.

    Not only do they add another team to the Knockout Tag Division—possibly replacing the T-n-T combination of Tara and Brooke Tessmacher if Tessmacher heads to OVW—but they also help TNA's presence in the UK, which has become a major market for the company.

    The other TNA wrestlers would probably also love them for the boost they would bring to TNA catering.  The ladies are skilled in the kitchen and have developed a reputation in OVW for making some mean cupcakes.

9. Jesse Sorenson and the X Division Young Guns

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    When the X Division had its revamp earlier this year and added new talent like Austin Aries, Kid Kash, Jesse Sorenson, Zema Ion, Mark Haskins and Anthony Neese, many thought that the division was going to experience a rebirth.

    Unfortunately, only Aries, Kash, Sorenson and the occasional Ion appearance has happened since.

    While Sorenson has gotten a lot of run, he suffers from the same problem as Gunner.  Other than being the former Texas high school football player, there hasn't been much development for him.

    For Ion, Haskins and Neese, there's been none.  In the defense of TNA, there is simply no time for it to be done on Impact.

    There is opportunity in OVW.  Aries, Kash, Shelley, Kazarian, Kendrick and Williams can hold the X Division down in the meantime.  Another option could lead to a pretty good story as well...

10. Michael Hayes

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    Michael Hayes is one of the best stories in wrestling.  The longtime wrestling fan joined the U.S. Army after high school.

    In August of 2006, while returning back to camp while on mission in Ramadi, Iraq, Hayes' HUMVEE was blown up in an improvised explosive attack. Suffering severe burns, fractures and a left leg amputation, Hayes was the only survivor.

    Being told he may never be able to walk again outside of his home, Hayes underwent 18 grueling months of physical therapy before he returned home.  He shocked the doctors by being fully mobile with a prosthetic leg and followed his dream of being a pro wrestler.

    For a company that is in dire need of publicity—preferably good publicity—Hayes' story would definitely fit the bill.  A solid X Division run is possible, and a guy like Aries would excel at drawing heat in that feud.