WWE Survivor Series 2011: Ranking the Impact of Every Possible Win

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistNovember 20, 2011

WWE Survivor Series 2011: Ranking the Impact of Every Possible Win

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    For months, we have seen some good pay-per-views.

    Summerslam, Hell in a Cell, Extreme Rules, WrestleMania, and most importantly, Money in the Bank.

    Money in the Bank, in fact, may be the best PPV in years.

    This Sunday, WWE pulls out the first PPV in months that could truly put up a fight.

    The most important aspect of a great PPV is the impact it leaves.

    Survivor Series has a great set of matches that could truly prove memorable and effective for the whole face of the WWE.

    The best way to gauge how great this pay-per-view could be is to analyze and rank the effectiveness of each possible W for each competing wrestler.

    Following is a ranking of each possible victory from each wrestler in these six announced matches from least to most impactful.

12. John Cena and the Rock

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    Don't get me wrong, this win would be great for the crowd.

    It would be cool to see the Rock get that big win.

    However, what does it accomplish?

    As far as impact, we will be left with what we already promised.

    The Rock will wrestle, and he with Cena will tag this one time.

    If they win, they simply taunt each other and move on.

    No changes, no more tension.

    In fact, we will literally have no impact at all besides being able to remember the PPV as the night Rock came back to celebrate the anniversary of his debut.

    Am I saying this win is wrong?

    No, but, as far as impact, there is none.

11. Eve

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    Sadly, the Divas division means nothing right now.

    Which generally makes the impact of any title change in the division unimpactful.

    Eve would probably do a good job as champion, and her win would make her the first ever three-time Divas champion.

    The problem is that the feuds following would simply be a return to form for the division.

    It would probably lead to a Kelly Kelly feud with Eve as the champion.

    That is fairly ordinary and will not get many people excited for the division.

    Basically, even if Eve wins and has a great heel turn, most people will put it as pointless.

10. Beth Phoenix

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    Her reign so far has been lackluster, as WWE has failed to understand where their own story could have gone.

    The jealousy angle has made Natalya and Beth Phoenix look incredibly one dimensional.

    However, the answer to this problem is not a loss but a solid victory.

    The win itself depends upon how the story continues though.

    If it causes Eve to turn heel and Natalya to turn face, we could see real important changes in WWE.

    This could all lead to a Natalya and Beth feud until the return of Kharma.

    If this happens, some people will finally pay attention.

    Though it could not happen, but it needs the title.

9. Alberto Del Rio

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    This is nothing against Alberto Del Rio.

    In fact, this would be much higher on the list if I separated the two forms of a win.

    The fact is that no one cares much about Del Rio right now.

    If he won clean against Punk, that would be huge for him.

    However, he will certainly win by dirty tactics.

    It will not help him or his credibility.

    It will continue his reign, which is basically just a transitional reign taking the title from Cena to Punk.

    The guy is a great wrestler and has some of the best grasps of his own character of any current WWE star. No one in WWE can quite do what Del Rio does with his subtle facial expressions and gestures while speaking.

    The problem is that no one cares now and they won't care after.

8. Big Show

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    Big Show is a great veteran. He has been loyal and helpful to the company. However, if Show becomes champion, nothing is accomplished for the future.

    At least Henry is in his prime and will allow a young star to gain huge momentum from beating him.

    If Big Show wins, it will be a short, unmemorable reign for a guy who technically shouldn't even be allowed to compete for the title as was a Raw star when he came back. (Apparently he teleported onto the SmackDown roster recently.)

    The basic conclusion is that if Show is given a title reign, most will riot if it lasts more than a month.

7. Mark Henry

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    The biggest thing about a win here would be that the WWE can be trusted to make a long title reign work.

    Mark Henry has done everything right and is being rewarded with what should be the longest World Title reign of the year. (Which is sad because it has only been two months, yet he needs a mere half a month more to pass up everyone but Miz, who carried the title through the previous year.)

    The fact that WWE would trust Henry with a reign at the level of Orton or Cena over this last year in length is a good step, even if some fans have no patience.

    We need to allow title reigns to grow sometimes, and this one is working beautifully so far.

    Let Henry retain, and we'll finally see that WWE can be trusted to rely on other stars for a little while.

6. Dolph Ziggler

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    Speaking of long title reigns, Dolph Ziggler is the longest running champion in WWE today.

    Each day he holds that title, he seems to improve more and more.

    Right now, he has held the title for almost five months with fairly regular defenses after an initial slump.

    He is making it look easy as he defends the title and competes a second time in the same night.

    It has been said that he is choosing to do this on his own and putting the pressure on himself.

    If so, he is doing a phenomenal job of living up to his ability and title.

    If he wins on Sunday, he will continue his meteoric rise until a time that he can suitably drop the title and head for better things, as Miz did in his second US Title reign.

    The impact would be minor immediately, but it could be huge in the long run.

5. Team Orton

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    Any team winning a Survivor Series elimination match has some impact.

    This win would bring two men right back into the main event.

    The biggest point would be that Sheamus would become a serious contender against Henry in the future.

    At the same time, it would help a top face in Orton stay front and center.

    This is the best situation if WWE plans on carrying out a Sheamus/Henry feud.

    Otherwise, it simply reminds us that WWE loves the good guys.

    Not really new, but important and probably impactful as well.

4. The Awesome Truth

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    Miz and Truth beating two of the biggest stars of all time is fourth?

    Yes, because let's go on ahead and agree that they will never win clean.

    It will be entirely due to outside interference or inside interference (Cena/Rock each each other to lose).

    It would be incredibly impactful for both Miz and Truth if these guys made the big faces lose on the grand stage with a clean victory.

    However, the end of the match will certainly be determined by an AA or a Rock Bottom not Little Jimmy's Finale if Awesome Truth is victorious.

    Still it gives them some legitimate bragging rights for months to come.

3. CM Punk

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    Normally, CM Punk would be No. 1 for a WWE Championship contest.

    This month, there are two more important matches that will have greater impact for multiple stars.

    However, do not discount the idea that if Punk wins here, things should change.

    Not as much as he promises, certainly. He won't be announcing, ringing the bell, doing commentary, and working the video camera all at the same time.

    However, we should see a long interesting reign filled with new feuds at the top and maybe even a new belt.

    How great would Punk be as champion?

    While we have seen it before, this is the most important and unexplored championship reign for Punk: being the face of the company.

    If he can get the time and confidence of WWE once he gains that title, he could become the face of the company all IWC fans have been begging for, even if they dislike Cena because it would be a fresh change.

2. Team Barrett

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    Think about how many stars could benefit here.

    Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler could be contending for a World Title in a few months.

    Cody Rhodes will gain credibility and rise up the ranks.

    Jack Swagger could take Ziggler's spot and finally begin recreating the credibility he lost over a year ago.

    Even Hunico could get a minor push toward the mid card with some help from Epico and Primo.

    Most are headed that way already, but this win could solidify everything.

    Wade Barrett especially could be headed skyward if his team can be Orton.

    Sounds pretty big for the whole lot.

1. John Morrison

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    There is only one win that will completely change the directions of two stars.

    With a John Morrison win, we would see Morrison officially state that he plans to stay in the company.

    He would be a champion who could use his new title to gain momentum toward the main event once again.

    Also, the win would take Ziggler and immediately start moving him to the main event.

    It sounds strange that losing will help him more than winning, but I think most can agree that he will only go forward without a midcard title.

    Another big thing is this will be the catalyst for a desirable Morrison heel turn as he will probably begin taking on Ryder after this which will lead him toward that position where he is certainly more solid as a performer overall.

    Sounds pretty big to me especially because Morrison would officially be declaring that he is staying in WWE.

    Will it happen? We'll see.


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