The 20 Most Sensitive Athletes in Sports

Austin SchindelAnalyst IINovember 23, 2011

The 20 Most Sensitive Athletes in Sports

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    We criticize because we love.

    Athletes get emotional because they can't take it.

    You would think that most of the athletes out there are used to getting made fun of and dissected on a daily basis. Most of them shake it off and give us the company lines: "We'll keep moving forward;" "There is always tomorrow." Yada yada yada...

    Other times, the emotion of the game and moment just take over a player, and in that instant, they are human beings (what a shock). They are allowed to cry, and this list won't make fun of those who do—in appropriate situations.

    Here are the 20 most sensitive athletes in sports.

    Try not to cry.

20. Serena Williams

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    Serena Williams is a champion—one of the greatest of her generation. She has gotten into two scuffles with the head umpire and a line judge over the last three years, though.

    One of the most difficult parts of tennis is not the strength or endurance, but the mental toughness. It is hard to tell who has it and who doesn't. Serena is an intense player who generally uses that anger towards her opponents. 

    It seems that as time has gone on, she has gotten less mature and less focused. Chalk it up to whatever you want, but as she has gotten older, her attitude has gotten worse.

19. Tim Tebow

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    It is easy to dislike Tim Tebow for one reason or another. Some criticize his quarterbacking abilities while other go after his openly pronounced faith. 

    But, for better or for worse, he is a very sensitive guy. Watching Alabama crush your national championship dream would make almost anyone cry (besides everyone else on his team at that time). 

    Tebow is also sensitive in a good way. When even the little things happen, he usually responds in a positive way.

    Bet you didn't think I was going to praise him...did ya?

18. Barry Bonds

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    Despite being the *home run king, Barry Bonds has always been under the microscope in a negative way.

    Whether he was being asked about steroids or his lack of a World Series ring, Bonds always got overly angered by the questions being asked.

    Maybe it was just the response of a guilty man, or maybe he just needs to take a chill pill. That being said, he has always been cold to the media and wore his emotions on his sleeve.

17. Fernando Torres

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    The Chelsea striker is the type of player that gets thrown off his game every time that he gets knocked down or doesn't get a call from the officials.

    This falls under the category of mental toughness, something that the Spaniard simply does not have.

    This is one of many reasons that he continuously finds himself on the bench for both Chelsea and the Spanish national team.

16. LaDainian Tomlinson

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    When you're a 30-year-old running back playing a young man's position, you should not be surprised when your team cuts you.

    That being said, LaDainian Tomlinson was San Diego Chargers football, and after giving the organization his blood and sweat, he ended with tears. 

    It is OK to cry when a good thing comes to an end. LT is just kind of a softee.

15. Manuel Wright

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    The former Miami Dolphin—who faced injuries and weight problems throughout his rookie season—is most known for crying after a rant by head coach Nick Saban. Though his NFL career never got off the ground, he will forever be known as the most sensitive player in NFL history.

    As things would turn out, he has found a nice home in the Arena Football League, where his contract states no coach can raise their voice at him for any reason.

14. Kevin Garnett

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    Some call it passion; others call it fire.

    Any way you look at it, KG is a monster. He has the nice, cuddly, helpful side, and the get-out-of-my-way-I'm-going-to-destroy-you side. 

    When his teammates are not playing well, he is going to let them know about it, and when the other team is getting on his nerves he just sets hard screens.

    He is one of the most emotionally driven players in the game. Watch any interview with him and you'll see how every little thing garners a huge reaction.

13. John McEnroe

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    There is a good way and a bad way to deal with bad calls in sports. You can either respectfully ask the referee to reconsider his call and hope for the best, or LOSE YOUR FREAKING MIND, like Mr. McEnroe.

    In a sport where so many points are played, there is bound to be a bad call here and there. This is how not to handle it.

    C'mon man, you can't be serious.

12. Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Ronaldo cries when he wins and he cries when he loses. Either way, the man has a serious sensitivity issue.

    The world-class forward, who is continuously playing in major international, European and Spanish tournaments, has always been analyzed as one of, if not the best player on the field.

    I suppose the emotions of the games and the moments that define them are too big for anyone to handle...except for all of the other players on the field.

11. LeBron James

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    Every time that someone criticizes LeBron James (which happens about once a second), instead of taking it in stride or using it as fuel to get better, he complains and does something even worse.

    It is as if he really doesn't understand that it is part of his job to deal with the media and the blogosphere.

    When you declare yourself the king, you will be subject to everyone's opinions, both good and bad. James never seems to say the right thing because he feels offended over everything.

    I just don't think he gets it. 

10. Dallas Braden

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    Get off my mound!

    Dallas Braden, the young Oakland A's lefty had many highs and lows last season. His highlight was a perfect game thrown against the Tampa Bay Rays.

    I think we can all guess the low point. That's right, for those playing at home, it is his freakout at Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez for...crossing the mound.

    A-Rod is far from an angel in this situation, but talk about overreacting.  

9. Rasheed Wallace

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    When you lead the world in technical fouls, it might be a good idea to take a step back and evaluate what you are doing wrong. Rasheed Wallace has always been an emotional player, both in a positive and a negative way.

    The problem is, when he is bad, he is really bad, to the point that Wallace becomes a liability. His problem is that he has never committed a foul in his entire career.

    Who knew?

8. Milton Bradley

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    This picture is worth a thousand words. 

    No matter where Milton Bradley has played, he could be categorized as angry, selfish and immature. When he gets ejected, everyone knows about it, because team supplies usually end up on the field.

    Bradley takes a called strike three as if it were a personal insult. Instead of peacefully walking to the dugout, he has to make a scene, like a child, and goes on an emotional tirade.

    Not cool, man.

7. Ryan Leaf

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    Ryan Leaf came into the NFL and was instantly compared to Peyton Manning. Besides this insane pressure, he was not a very good quarterback.

    Now older and more mature, he admits to not having been ready for the NFL and being too sensitive to criticism. While his emotions got the better of him, he is hoping to help the next generation of athletes keep their heads above water during their tough times.

6. Chris Bosh

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    If there happens to be no 2011-12 NBA season, we are going to be stuck watching old highlights of the Miami Heat losing, and Chris Bosh and crew crying at the end.

    He was spotted shedding some tears after the finals loss to the Mavericks. But, this is not the first time the big man got emotional. After a regular season loss to the Orlando Magic, Bosh was crying in the locker room and was visibly emotional during his press conference.

    Get it together, kid.

5. Glen Davis

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    If your nickname is "Big Baby," it can mean you have a baby face, still have your baby fat or you act like a baby. In Glen Davis' case, he is all three.

    Kevin Garnett is an emotional guy, and when he gets in your face, it must be scary. Sitting on the bench for the whole world to see is not the best place to let out your emotional frustrations, though.

    Hey baby Davis, they created towels for a reason... put one over your head the next time you get choked up.

4. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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    As good as Floyd Mayweather Jr. is, the man cannot take an ounce of criticism.

    Weather it be his arch-nemesis Brian Kenny or dear friend Larry Merchant (kidding), Mayweather is always yelling at someone.Though he claims that nobody knows anything about boxing, he takes everything sportscasters say very personally.

    According to Mayweather, nobody has ever given him his due...ever.

3. Allen Iverson

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    Whether it be during his famous practice rant, while being interviewed by Stephen A. Smith or announcing his return to the 76ers, Allen Iverson has rarely hidden his emotions.

    As details about his life have become public over the last few years, it is easy to understand why the man is so emotional. He is very passionate and sensitive when it comes to his family and the game of basketball.

    Here is just one example, but the videos go on and on.

2. Mike Tyson

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    After watching Mike Tyson's documentary, Tyson, I have a new appreciation for the man and can now see that behind that tough exterior, he is actually a very sensitive man.

    These days, he has traded in his boxing gloves for his pigeons, for which he cares greatly. The most feared man in the world for some time, Tyson was actually someone who cared more about the people around him and his relationships than his boxing.

1. Terrell Owens

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    "That's my teammate, that's my quarterback".... That's my waterboy; that's the guy who holds up the first down sign.

    I have to imagine it was difficult for the reporters in the room to hold back their laughter. It is ok to get on Owens' case because he is prima donna on a regular basis and nothing short of a cartoon character.

    Owens has always worn his emotions on his sleeve, dating back to his time with the 49ers. This footage should come as no surprise to anyone.