Chicago Cubs Will Win 2015 World Series vs Miami Marlins: 5 Steps to Make It So

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Chicago Cubs Will Win 2015 World Series vs Miami Marlins: 5 Steps to Make It So

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    The Chicago Cubs are finally on track to win their first World Series in over 100 years, thanks in no small part to the former Florida Marlins franchise changing their name to the Miami Marlins.

    In 1989, modern-day Nostradamuses Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale predicted that the Cubs would win the 2015 World Series.

    Are they crazy? Can it really be?

    Read on to see what must happen for Zemeckis and Gale's predictions to come true and deliver Chicago its first world championship since 1908.

The Omen: Cubs Win 2015 World Series

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    Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale's predictions are bold: Prior to Opening Day 2015, the Cubs will be ranked as a 100-to-one long shot and will sweep the team from Miami to win the Fall Classic.

    Truth be told, this information is taken a humorous scene from Back to the Future Part II. When protagonist Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) travels from the 1980s to the future, he hops out in 2015.

    Once on the streets of his native Hill Valley, McFly comes across this holographic sports ticker which announces the most improbable of results:

    Cubs Win World Series, Sweep Miami: Way to go Cubbies!

    Though the scene is fake, the Cubs chances are getting better and better. Here is a quick Back to the Future-inspired, Chicago Cubs checklist.

Step One: MLB Team in Miami

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    When Back to the Future II was released in 1989, Major League Baseball did not yet have a team in Florida, much less Miami.

    When the Florida Marlins were introduced as an expansion team, they moved into what is now known as Sun Life Stadium—a.k.a. Dolphin Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, Pro Player Stadium, Joe Robbie Stadium or Land Shark Stadium, depending on the year.

    Though the stadium itself is located in Miami Gardens, Florida, the 1993-2011 Marlins were always known as the Florida Marlins—in stark contrast to their neighbor team, the Tampa Bay Rays.

    However, with the Marlins' recent name change, the Cubs are one step closer to getting all stars aligned to finally win their third World Series title.

    Step One: Complete

Step Two: Chicago Cubs or Miami Team Must Move to the American League

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    Ask any baseball fan what the World Series is all about and they'll tell you: MLB's Fall Classic features the best team from the National League playing the best team from the American League in a winner-take-all, seven game series.

    The Chicago Cubs have been members of MLB's National League since the very beginning. When Illinois businessman and Chicago White Stockings officer William Hulbert founded the National League, the Chicago Cubs franchise was one of its eight charter members.

    For those keeping score at home, the initial NL teams were: the Chicago White Stockings (now the Cubs), Philadelphia Athletics (folded in 1876), Boston Red Stockings (now the Atlanta Braves), Hartford Dark Blues (folded in 1877), Mutuals of New York (folded in 1876), St. Louis Brown Stockings (folded in 1877), Cincinnati Red Stockings (now the Cincinnati Reds) and the Louisville Grays (folded in 1877).

    More succinctly, the Cubs were the first team in the National League. There is absolutely no possibility they would move to the AL.

    The Marlins, on the other hand, entered the NL in 1993. With four teams in the AL West and six teams in the NL Central, it is no secret that MLB is looking to realign the leagues, shifting one NL team to the AL.

    When this story first broke on ESPN, one anonymous source claimed that the two teams most likely to switch leagues included the Houston Astros and the Florida Marlins.

    Perhaps with the Marlins' move into a new stadium, with a new city name and uniform design, MLB will also see them as ready for a switch to the AL.

    Step Two: Realistic Possibility

Step Three: Miami Marlins Must Change Mascot to a Gator

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    In Back to the Future II's depiction of 2015, the Miami baseball team is never referred to by nickname, but is represented on the hologram screen by an alligator (or is it a crocodile?).

    With the Miami Marlins redefining their team's identity, it is not completely out of the question that current mascot Billy the Marlin will receive an upgrade, a new Miami-themed best friend or both.

    With the Marlins switching to an orange, black, blue and yellow color scheme, it is not out of the realm of possibility for them to have a new critter in their new stadium.

    Think of the gator as a secondary mascot. After all, the Philly Phanatic has a wife—or "friend."

    Step Three: Floundering

Step Four: Chicago Cubs Must Become Good Enough to Win a Championship

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    Chicago Cubs' GM Theo Epstein knows a little something or two about bringing World Series titles to a franchise that hasn't won one in a long, long time.

    When Epstein's Boston Red Sox won the 2004 World Series, they snapped the fabled "Curse of the Bambino" that had kept them out of baseball's promised land since 1918—an 86-year drought.

    As Chicago Cubs fans everywhere know all too well, their boys in blue haven't won a World Series in 103 years. By the beginning of 2015, their record-long drought will have extended to 106 years.

    With Epstein joining the Chicago Cubs earlier this offseason, the "lovable losers" have shown they want to be known as winners in the near future.

    Epstein joined the Red Sox in 2002 and, two years later, Boston won a World Series.

    Epstein joined the Cubs in 2011. Because of Chicago's perennial tendency of heartbreak, we'll give Epstein a two-year grace period. That gets us to 2015, the year that Back to the Future II predicts the Cubs will win the World Series.

    Step Four: Making Strong Progress

Step Five: MLB Must Expand World Series to a Best-of-Nine Format

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    To all the extremely dedicated Back to the Future fans out there, don't think I've forgotten about the infamous October 21, 2015 edition of USA Today.

    When the producers made Back to the Future II, they actually asked the kind folks at USA Today to print up some mock futuristic newspapers. Among the headlines on October 21, 2015—Cubs Sweep Series in Five.

    That means the 2015 World Series must have followed (will follow) a best-of-nine format. 

    This one's on commissioner Bud Selig.

    When Major League Baseball first introduced the World Series in 1903, it was a best-of-nine series.

    With recent talk of expanding the MLB playoffs, there is no reason MLB can't go back to the best-of-nine format that was used in 1903, 1919, 1920 and 1921.

    The 2011 World Series drew the best ratings in years and there is no reason to believe MLB won't consider switching to a best-of-nine series—especially considering that Games 6 and 7 drew the highest ratings of the entire postseason.

    Just imagine what Games 8 and 9 could do—though remember, the Cubs will sweep the series in 2015, ending play after Game 5...

    Step Five: Possible

Mark Your Calendars: The Cubs Are Poised for Success

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    When the Back to the Future gang predicted that the Chicago Cubs would sweep the 2015 World Series, they specified two things: that the Chicago Cubs will beat a team from Miami and that the Cubs will be a preseason, 100-to-one shot.

    In other words, the prediction states that the Cubs will win in 2015, but remains silent on what will happen in 2012 through 2014.

    With Epstein at the helm, the Cubs could theoretically win in 2012 and follow up with another World Series three years later—just like the Boston Red Sox did.

    With Epstein's arrival, and the Florida Marlins becoming the Miami Marlins, baseball is finally breathing new life into the possibility of a World Series win for the Chicago Cubs. There used to be a slim chance that the Cubs would ever return to a World Series, much less win the Fall Classic in 2015.

    Yet, as lovable as the Wrigley Field write-offs might be, Cubs fans sometimes need a little outside help to keep believing the impossible dream.

    Thanks to Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale and Back to the Future, Cubs fans have further reason to hope.

    At the very least, something tells me that 2015 Las Vegas sportsbooks will experience an unusual increase in Chicago Cubs wagers—and not necessarily from sports fans either.

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