Pound-for-Pound WORST Fighters

Matt HCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2008

Everyone loves to talk about their favorite fighters and discuss the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world. The worst fighters in the world seen to get no love, though, and that is just down right wrong.

Worst Chin of All Time

No fighter has been knocked out more times than Paul "Hands of Stone" Jenkins (39-40-8, 16 losses via knockout) and Brandon Quigley (10-29-1, 16 losses via knockout).

Yes, Paul Jenkins' nickname is "Hands of Stone" and yes, both of these fighters have been knocked out 16 times each. They've been knocked out more times than Rashad Evans has even fought!

Kazuhiro Takahashi (28-24-3) has the distinct honor of having more of his losses coming via knockout than any other fighter. With 14 tko/ko losses under his belt, this glass jaw joe has lost via knockout 58 percent of the time!

These three fighters really represent the WORST chins in MMA history.

Honorable mention: Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch, 14 KO losses, and Shawn Nolan, 13 KO losses.

Most Submission Losses of All Time

Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu hit the MMA scene back in 1992 and some fighters just never got the memo. Brian "Hardcore" Robinson (41-53-0) is one of those fighters. Hardcore ties the record of most submission losses with 47 submission losses. Only Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch (42-62-0) has as many submission losses with 47.

But the real pound-for-pound worst submission artist goes to Jamie Webb, who has 26 of his 28 losses coming via submission; that's 93 percent!

You'd think after all of those losses they would've gotten the memo, but I guess some people just never learn.

Honorable mention: Dennis Reed, 36 submission losses.

Worst Fighter of All Time

Only one name has been a constant on both of the previous pound-for-pound categories, and that is Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch.

Shannon "The Cannon" is an honorable mention in the pound-for-pound glass jaw with 14 KO losses and has tied the record for most losses via submission. With 62 losses, he is also one of the losingest fighters in MMA history.

But there is one, more specifically two, who deserve the distinction of being the pound-for-pound worst fighter of all time. These two are Kenneth Allen and Mike Suttles.

Both of these fighters post identical records of 1-27. Yes, in only 4 percent of their matches have they come away with the W.

Even the worst fighters win, and both of the pound-for-pound worst fighters have wins. They have wins over Carey Cepeda, who after losing his debut to the worst fighter of all time, decided to hang out his gloves, and Corey Simpson, who's loss to Kenneth Allen sent him on a five-fight losing streak.

There you have it folks, the WORST fighters in MMA history.


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