UFC: Forrest Griffin Picks the Worst Time To Cause Attention over Tweeting

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIINovember 9, 2011

Forrest Griffin recently won an award for being the most creative UFC fighter on Twitter. Unfortunately, Griffin took his creativity to a new low today.

Griffin tweeted: "Rape is the new missionary."

As expected, his Twitter followers quickly responded with negative retorts and some even unfollowed Griffin as a result.

Instead of admitting his fault, Griffin defended himself by calling people obscenities. One lady even tweeted to him that she had been raped herself.

Griffin responded to her by saying sorry and hopes she didn't take anything he said to heart. I'm sure that was very comforting for her.

Does Griffin not watch the news at all?

Besides the UFC opening its doors to a wide audience on Saturday with the UFC on Fox special, the country has become embroiled in the  Penn State scandal. Forrest couldn't have picked a worse time to make a rape joke.

The UFC and Dana White will probably respond with their usual "how can we control what fighters say" line. The fact is the UFC needs to step up their policy on fighters and twitter.

The company made a lot of headlines by embracing the social media and has been at the forefront of how to properly use Twitter and Facebook for beneficial use. If the UFC is going to reward its' fighters for tweeting back to fans, they need to punish their fighters as well.

I'm all for a dirty or racy joke at times but rape is never a category I would consider "comedy gold." White says he wants to be the biggest sport eventually; if he wants to do that he needs to "play the game" as he infamously said.

All the major sports leagues have fines in place for their athletes using twitter in the wrong way. The UFC needs to start implementing policies like that if they want to truly be mainstream.


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