WWE: The 20 Worst WWE T-Shirts Ever Made

TC VreelandCorrespondent IIINovember 8, 2011

WWE: The 20 Worst WWE T-Shirts Ever Made

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    At every WWE around the world, you will see fans in attendance sporting WWE t-shirts both old and new. Most are current, some are from the Attitude Era, and others are from much longer ago.  

    However, they all have one thing in common, they are popular, recognizable, and it's likely that you have seen then before.

    But what about the other shirts?  The shirts that are tucked away in a box, up on a shelf in somebody's attic or basement.  The shirts that have made their way from thrift shop to thrift shop, never quite making back that $25 that was originally charged for it.

    Well, I found some of them (well, I found pictures).  

    Now, these aren't your ordinary WWE t-shirts, these are the ones that we couldn't believe they actually made.  These are the ones that were so terrible that people bought them at the event, woke up with them on, and wondered how much they had to drink the night before.  

    I've scoured the Internet and found 20 shirts that make me wonder what WWE was thinking. These are the worst of the worst.

    Feel free to leave your comments in the section below, or follow me on Twitter (@TheOneTC) and let me know there if you know of any shirts that are worse.  Thanks for reading, enjoy!

    WARNING:  Some of the photos in the slideshow may be offensive to some.  However, if you are familiar with the humor and dirty jokes of the Attitude Era, you need not be alarmed.

#20: John Cena: Green/Yellow

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    John Cena seems to debut a new shirt more than any other superstar.  I don't necessarily think that that is the case, but rather that when he has a new shirt, he wears it every single time he is on television, and normally has the accessories to match it, so we see his stuff more often.

    This is one of his shirts that I wish we saw less of.

    With the green and yellow logo, it looked like Cena was trying to play off of the John Deere logo.  Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I seriously hope that the days of wrestlers who have gimmicks that could be connected to John Deere are long gone.

    And to think, the shirt is the best part of that entire outfit.

#19: Matt Hardy: Unlock Your Destiny

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    This shirt isn't on here so much for the looks, but rather the content.

    On first glance, it's not a bad-looking shirt.  The background design with words laid over the top looks good, and the key on the front lets you know right away that this is a Hardys t-shirt.

    Wait, it's Matt Hardy?

    I'm not sure how long ago this shirt was made, but I don't think anything other than a Version 1.0 Matt Hardy shirt would have sold more than, well, zero.

    I think the only thing Matt Hardy was able to unlock was the liquor cabinet and the refrigerator door.

#18 Christian: Hit the Switch

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    I'm actually curious to see what other people think about this shirt, because everyone that I talk to seems to have no opinion on it.

    But I do.

    Now don't get me wrong, I like Christian in the right settings, but this shirt is just awful.  Not to mention that it is referencing one of the worst finishers of all time.  

    The colors are too dull, the little guy on the shirt looks like the love-child of Christian and Spawn, and the logo on the switch makes it look like it belongs in my grandmother's bathroom.

    Let's go back to something simple next time, okay, Christian?

#17: Edge: Star Bite

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    Edge has had some of the coolest shirts in recent memory.  His original "Rated R Superstar" logo was pretty cool, as was the "Girls and Star" logo.  

    Even better was this shirt that I almost completely forgot about.  So when I was lucky enough to win tickets to Edge's retirement edition of SmackDown, I was looking forward to buying one of his shirts.

    This is what they offered.

    There is absolutely nothing cool about this shirt.  The logos are too big, they don't work well together, and it just doesn't even showcase the "Rated R Superstar" logo, as that "R" could stand for anything.

    So I went back and bought an older shirt.

#16: Ron Simmons: Damn

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    I don't know who I feel sorry for the most, the WWE fans who shelled out $25 for a T-shirt that could be made at any local or online shirt maker for about six bucks, or Ron Simmons, who was stuck with a non-wrestling, one-word speaking gimmick that featured that one word on the shirt.

    I probably shouldn't feel bad for anyone dumb enough to buy the shirt.  They couldn't have expected it to have any staying power for a future trip to a WWE event.

    The bad joke and gimmick dried up quickly, as I'm sure the T-shirt sales did as well.

#15: The Rock: I Bring It

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    This shirt might have been cool if The Rock actually showed up on the occasional episode of Raw.  I'm sure sales went through the roof for the first few weeks, and then the fans realized that they were going to have to wait six months to see The Rock in person again.

    Now, I'm not a Cena fan by any means, but if they offered the "I Bring It...via Satellite" shirt that he had on Raw back in May, I would have bought that.

    But if you bought the shirt, look on the bright side, The Rock might actually be starting to bring it.  So go dust it off and get it ready.  You'll probably only have a short window of opportunity to wear it.

#14: Generic Raw/SmackDown Shirt

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    What gets me about these shirts are not the fact that they are mash ups, meant to be sold to younger children who may be able to get more than one of their favorite superstars on the one shirt their parents would let them get, but it's the fact that there's always one or two superstars who just don't belong on the shirt.

    Take a look and see if you can tell who it is on this shirt.  That's right, Drew McIntyre!

    What does Drew McIntyre have in common with Cena, Edge, Orton, or the Undertaker?  Nothing.  Heck, even Kofi Kingston looks like a top superstar compared to McIntyre.

#13: Twin Towers: Never Forget

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    Now, I doubt that this is a licensed product, but man, is it funny.

    In case you did forget, the Twin Towers were the team of Akeem and Big Boss Man.  They started as captains of the Survivor Series team who faced Hogan's Mega Powers team in 1988.  After that, they formed a tag team, and fought for the WWE Tag Team Championship, though never successfully.  

    They also played a major role in causing friction between Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage just before Savage's heel turn leading into WrestleMania V

    Let us never forget...the team, not the shirt.  The shirt can go away.

#12: Generic Superstar Shirt

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    Every top superstar has one.  Insert a background of repeating logos/flames/tribal design/etc., strike a typical superstar pose, and finally throw the name down at the bottom.

    You have just created your very own WWE T-shirt.

#11: John Cena: The Champ Is Here

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    Here's another loser from the John Cena collection.

    Instead of making a cool shirt that parents and kids will both enjoy, like the NES inspired Cena shirt that was one of my favorites of all time, let's put a belt across the bottom, that way you don't have to spend the $17.99 to get the toy spinner belt.

    Also, can we take a look at how much John Cena's Chain Gang logo looks like the G-Unit logo?

    The only use for this shirt, at least to me, would be to get it a few sizes too big, and then tuck the belt all the way into your pants, so only the arrow remains.

#10: MVP: Chain

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    I get that MVP was "Ballin" and had the money that only a former pro athlete could have, but did they need to put the chain on the actual t-shirt itself?

    Now, was I an MVP fan?  Not really, but I didn't dislike him.  But if I was a fan, I sure as hell wouldn't support him by wearing that stupid shirt that would make me look like a "Baller."

    If I wanted to dress like that, I'd get a ridiculously oversize chain of my own; don't force it on the fans with the shirt.

#9: The Corre

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    Where do I begin with The Corre's one and only t-shirt?  I could talk about how the shirt looks like it was designed in a beginner's photoshop class, or how the little red logo in the "O" couldn't be any less intimidating or impressive.

    Maybe I could speak on the color, originality, or  cohesive layout, none of which this shirt possess.

    But, I think I am going to go with the "this stable should have never even been created, so why would we expect a decent T-shirt for them?" statement, and leave it at that.

#8: DX: Hornswoggle Edition

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    When D-Generation X reunited in 2006, bringing back one of the most iconic teams in professional wrestling history, most fans were beyond excited.  

    They came back with their old music, the (almost) same crotch chops, and plenty of jokes to play on Mr. McMahon and his company.

    Fast forward to late 2009, and Hornswoggle is now in the picture.  Within a few weeks he was declared the official mascot of DX and solidified his place in the team's history with this shirt.

    I was able to look past the DX shirt with the cheesy cartoon characters of Triple H and Shawn Michaels, but this is just too much.

    If any fan of the original D-Generation X bought this T-shirt, I sure hope it was because their son or daughter begged for it.

#7: Rikishi: Back That Ass Up

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    Oh God, do I really need a reminder of how terrifying the Stink Face was?  Can you imagine being put into that thing?

    I'm talking about the shirt.

    Could you imagine wearing that out and proclaiming that you support the booty shaking of a 425-pound Samoan man?  

#6: John Morrison: Changed My Life

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    Yes, this really reads, "John Morrison - This Shirt Changed My Life."

    I don't doubt that this shirt changed the life of anyone who bought it, though it was probably most likely that it was because they ran out of gas on the way home from the arena and wished they didn't flush that $25 down the crapper on this shirt.

#5: Mr. Ass: 24kt.

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    Mr. Ass was one of Billy Gunn's two worst personas ever.  Only narrowly edged out by Rockabilly, Mr. Ass is a close second.

    I got the gimmick, but I'm not sure that I get the 24-karat part. Are we really talking about a golden ass, or is it just that amazing?

    Either way, it's still referencing Billy Gunn's rear end; I'm not sure why any guy would want to wear that on his shirt.

#4: Trish Stratus: Into the Stratus-Phere

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    I get that this shirt was released back in a time where WWE was much more lenient with their merchandise and with what they put on television.  Nothing like this would ever get through to us today. But I still don't get the shirt.

    So, it's a Trish Stratus shirt, which I'm assuming she may have worn on several occasions, but why would she say to do, uh, what the shirt says?

    Even if it was intended solely for male fans, I'm sure people were forming lines out the door for a shirt that said...what it says.

#3: APA: Bar & Grill

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    If you are counting, this is the third shirt with an "ass" reference on the slideshow.  I guess WWE went a little crazy back in the days of the Attitude Era.

    The worst part isn't even the not-so-clever play on the APA letters, but look at how they are aligned on the T-shirt.  The "Always" looks to be in the right position, and even the "Pounding" seems to work since it's a bit longer anyway, but where the hell were they going with the third word?

    The "Ass" is so far to the right that it almost looks like it doesn't belong with the first two words.

    And, can someone please explain to me why this is supposed to be a Bar and Grill?

#2: Buff Bagwell: Buff

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    Now, I'm pretty sure that this is a WCW shirt, but I couldn't not put it on the list.

    I don't think I need to say anything.  I'll let the shirt do all the talking.

    P.S.: if you want your own, there's still a bunch left on eBay for only $24.99.

#1: The Rock: Poontang Pie

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    I have this at No. 1, but I feel that it is both the worst, and the best t-shirt that was ever made by WWE.  I have honestly never seen a more ridiculous shirt in WWE history.  

    That's a cartoon version of the Brahma Bull, who is blue, stuffing his face with pie.  And not just any pie, Poontang Pie.

    If I knew where I could find one, I would buy it in a heartbeat...then I would lock it in my closet and never wear it.

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