Which Is More Dangerous: MMA Or Boxing?

carl castilloContributor IDecember 13, 2008

MMA is one of the fastest growing sport in the world.MMA fighters are allowed to use different fighting styles like punching, kicking, and grappling forms like choking Which would make their opponent give up or unconscious.

While in the other hand, Boxing is a sport which has been around for a long time now.Boxers wear gloves to protect their hands while fighting.It could last into a maximum of 12 rounds with three mins each..

But the question is, Which sport is safer? For me, I would consider MMA as a safer sport. Considering the number of deaths in the ring, based on the statistics, there is nearly one death recorded per year which is related with MMA...But with boxing's there are about 11 deaths per year.

Besides,Its not because MMA wear thinner gloves,Its more dangerous...gloves are being used by the fighters not to protect the opponent but to protect their hands.And MMA fights doesn't just use punches most of the time..They usually use grappling which could just lead to injuries.while in the other hand,boxers only use their punches.

Those punches are so strong that it could cause a very big trouble to a person who would get hit..It would cause hemmorages that is the No. 1 cause of death in boxing.            

Boxing can be considered as dangerous because it could also ruin your way of thinking.And in some cases, it could cause the retardation of boxers.Boxer would lose their minds due to the punches hitting the brain.

Most cases in the MMA, just end up in the hospital injured...I could also tell that boxing is more dangerous because based on what other sports enthusiast said...there are more death rates in American foot ball than in MMA...