The Funniest Press Conference Blowups in Sports

Lena SutherlandContributor IIINovember 2, 2011

The Funniest Press Conference Blowups in Sports

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    Whether it's a sneak attack by a reporter or regret after a pitiful loss, emotions can run high during sports press conferences. 

    The loudmouths who grandstand are not nearly as fun to watch as the ones with heartfelt emotions that are running a tad overboard. Sometimes the rants are clearly uncalled for, while others leave you cheering for the guy who puts the media in its place. 

    In any case, most of these characters should have their driver's licenses revoked as a precaution, but that is for another slide show.  Here is a collection of the funniest press conference blowups in sports.

Rex Ryan: Side Stepping Fetish

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    It’s a personal matter.  Seeing Jets coach Rex Ryan squirm about the foot fetish videos allegedly of he and his wife is great for a laugh.  

    Watch him closely.  It’s almost as if his honest eyes are saying: “Yes, those are my wife’s feet. Cut a big guy some slack.  What can I say? I just love me some toes.”

Derek Anderson: Heart and Soul

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    When ESPN cameras caught Arizona Cardinals QB Derek Anderson smiling on the sidelines while his team was down by 18 points, you had to wonder what was so funny.

    The real fun was Anderson's trainwreck reaction to the press when asked about the "laughing" matter.

    After getting royally peeved that reporters were dissing his "freaking heart and soul," he storms off camera. 

John Tortorella: We Know What We Did

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    Some people should just stay away from cameras when they are in a bad mood. Former Tampa Bay Lightning (now New York Rangers) coach John Tortorella is one of them. 

    He and his nemesis, reporter Larry Brooks cannot get along, which has led to several on-camera altercations. 

    Tortorella is a moody fellow, but he gets credit for not taking grief from anyone and having the guts to let them know it.

Michael Strahan: Look a Man in the Eye

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    Michael Strahan got a little snippy in the locker room with an ESPN reporter who asked about Strahan’s earlier comments about teammate Plaxico Burress. 

    He demanded that reporter Kelly Naqi come forward and look him in the eye before such a penetrating question. 

    Unfortunately, Strahan didn’t have the time to come up with a good answer to the question, nor finish the hamburger that is close to falling out of his mouth.  

Tony La Russa: No Cheap Shots

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    Tony LaRussa stands his ground in this press conference with a reporter who the St. Louis Cardinals coach claims took a cheap shot against the Chicago Cubs. 

    In honorable defense of the Chicago team, LaRussa makes it clear that he does not play dirty.  Listen for crickets after Tony throws down and then asks if there are any further questions. 

Mike Ditka: Next!

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    Sort of like your grumpy uncle who has scared you since childhood, Mike Ditka is no fun when he’s in a bad mood after practice.  “If you were 2 and 7, you’d be in a bad mood too!” says the then New Orleans Saints coach.

    It’s awesome how he seems to be scaring the reporters away with his one-word answers followed by “Next!” to the point where no one wants to ask him anything further.

Rafael Nadal: Leg Cramp

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    It’s not a raging attack on a reporter, but this clip from the US Open gets honorable mention for being another sort of meltdown.  

    Rafael Nadal swears it was a leg cramp, but it really does look like something else was going on under the press conference table.  Watch as one of the world’s greatest tennis players is crippled by a Charlie horse.

Mike Tyson: Scared of the Real Man

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    This is vintage Iron Mike. Tyson and Lewis couldn't even last through the '06 press conference without a brawl. As a result, their planned fight was cancelled.

    In the midst of the chaos, Tyson addressed the crowd of reporters by yelling obscenities, bragging about his greatness and of course, grabbing his crotch at least seven times that I counted.


Jim Calhoun Coach: Shut Up

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    UConn Huskies Coach Jim Calhoun is a pleasure to watch as he owns a reporter for not having any facts to back up a seemingly insinuating question about his salary. 

    Like a board room CEO, Calhoun brings up the data and then shoves it down the reporter’s throat.  This is my kind of blow up.

Mike Gundy : You Obviously Don’t Have a Child

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    Oklahoma State Football Coach Mike Gundy is ripped in this press conference following an unflattering newspaper article that “kicks his team when they are down."

    His hilarious rant centers around how the person who wrote the article obviously needed to brush up on their parenting skills. 

    Is this 40-year old Dr. Phil a college coach or a kindergarten teacher?