Top 25 Ugliest Uniforms in Recent Memory

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterNovember 1, 2011

Top 25 Ugliest Uniforms in Recent Memory

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    Ugly uniforms are obviously a lot more fun to talk about than their non-ugly counterparts, much like the worst-dressed list after a major awards show. 

    Thankfully, the number of ugly uniforms in sports is infinite. There are a number of professional sports in addition to hundreds of college teams, all of whom are desperate to take your hard-earned skrilla! Which is why teams seem to have a new uniform every couple of years, not including the throwbacks that routinely get tossed into the mix.  

    Now it goes without saying that almost every uniform from the '70s and '80s is some varied shade of horrifying, so let's just eliminate them entirely and then...

    Let's take a look at 25 of the ugliest uniforms in recent memory. 

25. University of Georgia, NCAA

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    The University of Georgia Bulldogs wore this head-to-toe red monstrosity in their game against Boise State this year.  Many people thought it looked like an arena football team uniform.  Many people were right.  

    So bad it's: Bad.  There's nothing fun or funny about the uniform, it's just butt-ugly.  

24. New York Red Bulls, MLS

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    The New York Red Bulls are a professional soccer team based in New Jersey.  Is everything from New York actually from New Jersey?

    So bad it's: Bad.  Talk about product placement.  As if soccer didn't have enough obstacles to overcome in the United States without naming its teams after energy drinks.  I'm going to file an official complaint if the South Carolina 5-Hour-Energy joins the league.  

23. Green Bay Packers, NFL

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    Like most NFL teams, the Green Bay Packers have pretty stupid throwback uniforms.  

    So bad it's: Good.  These are pretty silly looking, but in a good way somehow.  I guess a Super Bowl ring does go with just about everything.  

22. Anaheim Ducks, NHL

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    The Anaheim Ducks have a long and storied history of hideous uniforms. 

    So bad it's: Bad.  Very Bad.  They have a long and storied history of hideous uniforms and these are definitely the ugliest, with no redeeming value.  

21. Oregon State University, NCAA

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    Oregon State is sick and tired of playing second fiddle to the University of Oregon, so it decided to try to out-ugly the Ducks in the uniform department.  Unfortunately, the Beavers are still second-best at having ugly uniforms too.  

    So bad it's: Bad.  Orange.  So much orange.  

20. New Orleans Hornets, NBA

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    The New Orleans Hornets managed to out-ugly the Charlotte Hornets with these numbers.  This is proof that pinstripes don't always work.

    So bad it's: Good.  It's ridiculous, but it works.  Give these guys some beads and feather headbands and then you'll really have something.  

19. Washington Redskins, NFL

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    The Redskins' throwbacks are ugly without being interesting in any way.  Gold and red are just not a combination that should be happening...ever.

    So bad it's: Good.  Anything that distracts from the Redskins' play on the field is a good thing. 

18. Oklahoma State, NCAA

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    Oklahoma State wore this grey-washed mess in its season opener against Louisiana Lafayette.  The Cowboys' normal uniforms are pretty bad to begin with, and it was actually pretty surprising that they managed to one-up themselves with these. 

    So bad it's: Bad.  Bland.  Grey.  Justin Blackmon deserves much better than this.  

17. Washington Capitals, NHL

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    The Washington Capitals used to have some of the sweetest jerseys in the NHL until every team in professional sports decided to do an unpleasant re-design in the 90's. This horrifying piece of garbage is the best they could do...well, this and the potentially worse jerseys with the Capital Building on them. Barf.  

    So bad it's: Bad.  This is just very, very bad. Even the memory of this heinous garment embarrasses Washington D.C.  Trust me, I live there.  

16. Detroit Pistons, NBA

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    The Detroit Pistons rocked this ugly monster of a jersey with a flaming horse on it in the late 90s.  

    So bad it's: Great.  Amazing.  It's so ugly, it's amazing.  

15. University of Oregon, NCAA

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    The University of Oregon is known for its endless array of ridiculous uniforms.  This is just one of thousands. 

    So bad it's: Good.  The Ducks might be dressed like idiots most weeks, but it keeps people talking and watching.  It's just fun to watch and nice to see them having a little bit of fun with it. 

14. Florida A&M, NCAA

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    Florida A&M wore this green and orange mess for its homecoming game this year. 

    So bad it's: Bad.  I don't know what else to say besides these are painful to look at. 

13. Anaheim Ducks, NHL

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    Before the Ducks changed their uniforms in an effort to gain a little respect, they used to rock these gloriously ridiculous uniforms.  

    So bad it's: Great! Obviously these are pretty stupid, but they're classic.  The Ducks might be the only sports franchise in history that was spawned from a movie.  A Disney movie, no less.  

12. Pittsburgh Pirates, MLB

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    The Pirates wore this little ditty in the late 90s because whoever making the decisions in that organization has been on acid since 1992.  

    So bad it's: Amazing?  I had to keep Googling these things to make myself believe they were even real. They are so bad, they're good.  The Pirates should wear these every single game to distract people from their epic and unending suckitude. 

11. Clemson University, NCAA

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    The Clemson Tigers have uniforms in various shades of nasty.  This is probably the nastiest.  

    So bad it's: Bad. Just like the Tigers at football.  BOOM.  (kidding Tigers fans. That was a rough loss to GA Tech)

10. Cleveland Browns, NFL

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    I'm not going to be too hard on the Cleveland Browns because there's only so much you can do when your colors are brown and orange.  

    So bad it's: Bad. These uniforms look bad with orange pants, brown pants or white pants.  Cleveland needs to change its colors and get a fresh start.  

9. Boston Bruins, NHL

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    The Boston Bruins rock what I like to call "the floating bear head" uniform every now and again.  

    So bad it's: Good. Definitely good. It's weird, it's creepy and it taught me that a Bruin is actually a bear.  

8. University of Maryland, NCAA

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    The University of Maryland got the whole country buzzing when they took the field in this uniform that was constructed from irregular state flags donated by the flag factory in Annapolis.  Only part of that statement is true. 

    So bad it's: Great.  These things were controversial, but I think they are absolutely amazing.  

7. Syracuse University, NCAA

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    If Syracuse didn't ditch the Big East, it might have eventually been kicked out for wearing nasty stuff like this.  Donovan McNabb is rolling over in his grave.  

    Oh wait, only Donovan's career is dead.  My bad.

    So bad it's: Bad. Come on man!

6. University of Oregon, NCAA

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    You had to know the University of Oregon would be on here a second time.  

    So bad it's: Superb. These eye sores are ugly, but they do head-to-toe yellow better than anyone else could ever dream of.  

5. Toronto Raptors, NBA

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    Back in the 90s, the Toronto Raptors decided to capitalize on all that Jurassic Park hubbub with these hilarious jerseys.  

    So bad it's: The best thing I've ever seen.  I actually want to buy one of these and start wearing it to the gym.  I'd be the coolest mf'er in any room, that's for sure.

4. Baltimore Orioles, MLB

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    Much like the Pirates, the Orioles like to distract from their wretchedness with painfully loud and stupid uniforms.  

    So bad it's: Bad.  Again with the orange!  What is with dressing people up like traffic cones to play sports? 

3. Denver Broncos, NFL

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    The Denver Broncos have the worst throwback jerseys in the NFL, without a doubt.  

    So bad it's: Bad. And brown. Like the turd of a season the Broncos are in the midst of right now.  

2. Trenton Thunder, Minor League Baseball

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    The worst part of Derek Jeter's injury had to be rehabbing with the Trenton Thunder and putting on that ridiculous uniform every day.  How can you not feel like an idiot with that shirt on?

    So bad it's: Freaking bad. I'm pretty sure Hank Williams Jr. has the same shirt.

1. University of Maryland, NCAA

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    Okay so the University of Maryland has uniforms that are so bad, they're great, but they also have uniforms that are so bad, they're terrible. 

    So bad it's: Terrible, duh.