What to Do While You Drink: Last Gasp

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst IDecember 6, 2008

It should look about the same today.

(Update (5:13): Something happened when I posted this before leaving the house this morning. This is kind of pointless now but I will post it anyway.)

Shed a tear, college football fans, as this is the last (organized) weekend of football until next September. Seriously, what am I going to do next Saturday? How do I make it through every spring and summer? Is this really happening again? Ugh.

Buffalo got Championship Weekend off to a crazy start beating unbeaten and sorely overrated Ball State last night. Is that an omen for things to come today? Probably not, as reasonable people could disagree about two of the three championship games. I do not know one person taking Missouri. So, sit back and enjoy. You will not get this again until September 5, 2009.

Army v. Navy
Noon, CBS
You can accomplish a few things with this game. First, you can feel patriotic. If the President is going to be in attendance, the least you can do is watch for a couple of minutes. Second, and more importantly, you can make sure that your television has not decided to crap out on the last weekend of the season. Flip on this game, bring the volume down, and confirm that all the buttons on the remote are working. Once you have accomplished that, you can decide what you want to do with the remaining 58 minutes of the hour.

ACC Championship Game
(18)Boston College v. Virginia Tech
1:00, ABC
This is the fourth meeting between these teams in the last two seasons (13 months). Has that ever happened before? According to the experts, this is the only game within 10 points. BC has won the last three regular games meetings but VT was able to avenge the 2007 loss in the ACCCG. There is no Matt Ryan this time around but BC’s defensive tackles are worth watching and will give Buckeyes’ fans serious d-line envy. There is not legitimate flip game during this one so the football gods are bound to make it competitive. Otherwise, you may not make to 4:00pm.

SEC Championship Game
(1)Alabama v. (2)Florida
4:00pm, CBS
I am not sure why CBS gives ABC the finger with this one by starting it with a quarter to go in the ACCCG. They could simply start it at 4:30pm. It is not like they have another game coming up. Anyway, I am praying for this game to break the SEC big-game mold, as every other highly hyped game has been a dud and your flip game options are more limited than usual.

(5)Southern Cal v. UCLA
4:30pm, ABC
This is going to be a blowout but it is your only flip game option. USC is wearing their home jerseys and will be docked two timeouts for doing so. Something tells me he will not need them. I will definitely bounce over to ABC during a commercial or two to check out the uniforms. Something tells me it is not going to matter. (Ed. note: What would it look like if Ohio State and Michigan each wore their home jerseys in The Game?)

(4)Oklahoma v. (19)Missouri
8:00pm, ABC
This is it folks. Don’t miss a minute of this one because it is the last game of the year. It may not be super competitive but it is an opportunity to see a possible, if not likely, BCSCG participant, a Heisman finalist or two, and probably a giant can of Dr. Pepper.


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