TNA Bound for Glory Results: 10 Reasons Event Was No Different from Last Year's

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistOctober 18, 2011

TNA Bound for Glory Results: 10 Reasons Event Was No Different from Last Year's

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    Only a mere 24 hours removed from TNA's biggest event of the year, Bound for Glory, members of IWC express their one-shot reactions from the controversial fallout of last night's show, both positive and negative feedback alike.

    Since transferring to the slogan of "Wrestling Matters" earlier this year, the TNA roster truly lived up to that standard with explosive wrestling from start to finish.

    However, TNA is primarily known for screwing a perfect opportunity when given one, and many argue that was certainly the case following last night's TNA World Heavyweight Championship main event contest between Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode. Looking back at years past, I've come to realize that last night's spectacle was no different than previous annual events, despite my original thoughts that last night was something to be remembered rather than forgotten.

    Join me as I take a trip down memory lane and look back at last night's less-than-desirable Bound for Glory event with their respective similarities that made last night just another uninspiring show. 

Hulk Hogan Turns

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    In the weeks leading up to last year's highly anticipated Bound for Glory show, Sting called conspiracy on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, who were slowly and secretly stealing the company away from the rightful owner Dixie Carter.

    Once the main event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship concluded, it was clear Hogan was the clear leader for the debuting Immortal faction. Hulk's heel turn was finally complete, playing the role as the villainous authority figure for the past year.

    Last night, Hogan fell to Sting in a advertised "fight" that saw the Icon force Hogan to tap out to the Scorpion Death Lock, thus putting the company back in the hands of Dixie Carter in the process. After the bout, Immortal rushed to the ring to ambush Sting, underestimating the ever-so-powerful Hulk Hogan in the corner.

    With Sting's help, Hogan cleared the ring using his classic Hulkamaniac persona that the Philadelphia audience exploded for. Sure, it made for an electric moment, but was extremely illogical seeing the former WCW rivals spent the last year feuding with one another.

Samoa Joe Comes Up Short

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    For the better part of 2011, Samoa Joe has spent most of his time reverting back to his rebellious and aggressive attitude we haven't seen in years, yet still getting him nowhere on the roster. There's no arguing that Joe has been misused in recent years, but many thought his most recent heel turn would launch him back into the main-event scene where he belongs.

    Experiencing a losing streak since entering the Bound for Glory Series Tournament back in June, Samoa Joe's lengthy string of losses once again stretched to the biggest show of the year as of last night. Just last night, Joe fell victim to the typical two-on-one tactics from Matt Morgan and Crimson in the Triple Threat match before being pinned by the latter when the smoke cleared.

    Despite a TNA original, Samoa Joe has yet to emerge victorious at Bound For Glory since 2007, where he ironically defeated now-WWE superstar Christian Cage. Here's hoping Joe can get back on track very soon, or we might just see the former TNA World champ making an appearance in WWE down the line.

X-Division Champion Delivers, Yet Retains

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    Since the start of the TNA, the company has been primarily known for its breath-taking, beyond-exciting X-Division, a weight-limited division that has been recently revamped for the better. Whether it be the Ultimate X, Full Metal Mayhem or just a straight-up singles match, the X-Division Championship title defenses have made the annual Bound for Glory event definitely worth watching.

    Ironically, the prestigious title has yet to change hands since 2006 at Bound for Glory, and last night's opening bout kept the streak alive. Reigning X-Division champion Austin Aries once again proved his dominance against former champ Brian Kendrick, who he quickly defeated in an impressive fashion to keep the title intact. 

Jeff Hardy Debuts New Music

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    A few weeks prior to last year's Bound for Glory event, Jeff Hardy announced via his Twitter page that he would be debuting new theme music when he made his entrance at the show to replace his stale "Modest" tune. The anticipated track turned out to be "Another Me," a critically acclaimed song by Hardy's own band Perowhygen.

    Subsequently, "Another Me" was used for Hardy's eventual heel turn that night to fit the self-proclaimed anti-Christ of professional wrestling persona he was now pursuing. Hardy would continue to enter to the track before his controversial embarrassment at Victory Road in March.

    Although I personally would have preferred the Charismatic Enigma to go back to using this theme, he instead debuted his newest theme last night entitled "One More Shot" during his segment with Jeff Jarrett. The title and lyrics fit Hardy's recent dilemma perfectly as well, but expect him to use the theme only until next October. 

Immortal Interference

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    Last July, Abyss started to drop hints on TNA programming that "they" were coming, subsequently turning heel due to the voices he heard telling him to. Rumors began to speculate as to who or what this faction could signal come its eventual revealing at Bound for Glory, with anticipation higher than ever for the 10/10/10 event.

    During the main event for the vacant TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff made their presence known as they aided Jeff Hardy in winning the belt in a controversial fashion. Following the bout, Abyss and Jeff Jarrett emerged from the back to form the Immortal faction, leaving fans confused as to what had just transpired.

    One year later, the Immortal stable has grown so incredibly stale that they no longer have any reason to be around anymore given Hulk Hogan's shocking face turn last night. With Abyss also recently exiled from the group, how much longer can we expect to see Immortal last?

New Knockouts Champion Crowned

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    The buildup for last year's premiere Knockouts match dated months back prior to Bound for Glory, involving the drama between then-Knockouts champion Madison Rayne, Tara, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. The four gorgeous athletes had their feud culminate at the October event in a Four Corners Match over the title, with the newly debuting Mickie James serving as the special guest referee.

    This time around, the Knockouts division is completely hopeless, having the Knockouts Tag Team Championships deemed irrelevant while the Knockouts belt has changed hands more times in recent months than needed.

    Ironically enough, another Four Corners Match over the strap was booked for this year's event as well, including the likes of Mickie James, Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and Winter. This particular contest was given minimal hype going into last night, and Velvet capturing the title for the first time in her career felt meaningless with the constant overbooking that took place. 

AJ Styles Steals the Show

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    Being the premier original wrestler in TNA, it comes as no shock that AJ Styles once again stole the show at last night's Bound for Glory. In my personal favorite match of the evening, Styles prevailed over fellow Fortune member Daniels in a fast-paced, highly intriguing "I Quit" Match.

    Since the Destination X pay-per-view this past July, Daniels has been out to prove that he is indeed better than best friend AJ Styles, defeating him on one occasion last month. The Fallen Angel would then turn on Styles in the midst of his jealousy, challenging him to an anticipated rubber match at Bound for Glory.

    Despite the anticlimactic finish, these two adrenaline junkies certainly delivered in yet another spectacular encounter that met my high expectations with all the drama going into the bout. Such has grown to become a tradition for Styles, who shined the brightest of Fortune in last year's Lethal Lockdown match against EV.2. 

Rob Van Dam Prevails

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    After forcefully having to drop his TNA World Heavyweight Championship due to injury (in storyline) last August, Rob Van Dam has yet to recover from this major setback. He's since been involved in a handful of feuds with zero significance, but still manage to produce excellent matches.

    The ECW Original looked to seek vengeance on the twisted monster who took him out, Abyss, upon his return two months later. The two bitter rivals fought in a Monster's Ball bout at Bound for Glory last year, with RVD emerging from the rivalry victorious.

    One year later, Van Dam finds himself in the same exact position with the crazed Jerry Lynn, whom he defeated once before at the Destination X pay-per-view. The feud itself was lackluster, yet their match last night was off-the-charts amazing as expected, with RVD predictably burying Lynn to conclud the overshadowed rivalry.

World Tag Team Championships Are Successfully Defended

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    Until quite recently, the tag team division in TNA was full of potentially credible tag teams that vied for a chance at the prestigious TNA World Tag Team Championships. Nowadays, Creative has managed to take major focus off the respective division in recent months, with their total confidence lying in the hands of the current champs Mexican America.

    Prior to last night's Bound for Glory broadcast, the controversial stable narrowly defeated the team of Ink Inc. to successfully retain the straps. The bout itself was quite underwhelming, but it gives time for Ink Inc. to develop with their new manager Intoxin before eventually capturing the titles for the first time.

    However, last year's opening contest over the World Tag Team Championships was much more exciting to say the least, pitting Motor City Machine Guns against Generation Me in what truly set the bar for tag teams from that point forward. Unfortunately, Beer Money's departure from the division makes me believe that the belts may not even be defended next year at all.

Screwy Main-Event Finish

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    Year in and year out, TNA Creative finds new ways to have multiple superstars and/or officials interfere in their main event of the biggest show of the year. Whenever given the perfect opportunity such as giving Robert Roode the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Creative has always found a way to "swerve" fans with an illogical call that lessens the value of the overall show.

    Three years ago, Kevin Nash cost Samoa Joe the belt by hitting him with Sting's bat in the main event. Just last year, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff's 10-minute interference (or so it felt like) crowned Jeff Hardy as the new TNA World champion by night's end.

    However, Creative is not all to blame for the screwy finish we received at last night's Bound for Glory, as it's been heavily rumored all weekend that Hulk Hogan believed Roode was not yet champion material, despite complaints from TNA Original AJ Styles.

    Instead, Kurt Angle was booked to defeat Roode with Angle using the ropes for leverage while the referee wasn't looking, thus retaining the championship. The decision seems a bit risky given how Angle is now taking a week off due to a speculated hamstring injury.

    Subsequently, it seems to be that while WWE always leaves their WrestleMania off on a happy note, TNA reacts by ending Bound for Glory with a bad taste in everyone's mouth. This, along with the aforementioned aspects of last night's show, is why Bound for Glory may never succeed in being remembered as a truly original event.

    Thanks for reading, Bleachers, and make sure to drop a comment with your pending thoughts on last night's controversial Bound for Glory event and its similarities to years past. As always, your overall feedback and criticism are greatly appreciated.

    GSM out.

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