OJ Simson: Karma, The Universe and Crime & Punishment

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2008

I have to say that it's hard when one of my childhood heroes turned out to be such a sad case of the human condition.  A jealousy riddled double murder, a botched kidnapping/armed robbery do equal the sad tale of OJ Simpson's fall from grace.

I remember the first football "jersey" I owned was a Buffalo Bills t-shirt with the number 32 on it.  I wore it everyday.  Playing in the front yard, back yard all by myself or with friends imagining I was the "juice."

Cutting, jukeing and breaking tackles of imaginary tacklers named Lambert, Jones, and Hamm.

Now, no one remembers the days of his amazing and storied football career.  His meteoric rise to the top of every football fans top running backs list of all time.  He is a novelty, a joke with a forgotten Heisman trophy, and the magical 2000 yard season.

OJ Simpson has become a yardbird.

With the vagueness of our fine nation's very own laws and constitution several sleaze bag lawyers like Johnny Cochran (Karma victim—Monsanto), our laws are left for the best and most interesting interpretation that sway and convince the plant life that sit on jury duty in court rooms today.

Because of lawyers, this man, OJ Simpson, has been living free since the day he was found "not guilty" in Los Angeles in 1995. 

But just like the famous novel by Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment, just because you get away with murder or no one cares, etc., it doesn't mean you are getting away with murder.  The mental anguish and fall from grace this man suffered was the punishment for his crime.  OJ is the definition of his own punishment for a crime committed he never did a day in jail for.

HOWEVER it is absolutely ridiculous to say karma is why OJ got a minimum of nine years for this most recent criminal chapter in his life. Or is it?  Depends on your view of the universe.  It can be very hostile, and OJ is feeling the clench of it's awesome power.

Yet, what makes me the angriest about this entire sentencing is the severity of what OJ got for kidnapping/armed robbery against some individuals who weren't exactly made up of fine moral fiber.

You see, the sentence he received is worse than what most child molesters serve in prison.  You got to think there is something really wrong with our justice system. 

Sadly OJ was found "not guilty" for the murder of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman 13 years ago. 

You have to ask: Is he being punished for those crimes today?

There must be a bit of redemption for the Goldman and Brown families this day, and I am happy for them.  But this sentence sheds light on the imperfections of our justice system. 

Somewhere in Georgia, California, and even Nevada a child molester will do seven years and be back on the streets prowling and preying on innocent children!



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