WWE/UFC 136: Prey Witness to the Greatest Pro Wrestler in MMA, Chael Sonnen

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistOctober 15, 2011

It has already been a week since Mixed Martial Arts loudmouth Chael Sonnen's pro-wrestling inspired promo at UFC 136, and it's a week that will figure to combine with every week leading up to an inevitable showdown between Sonnen and pound-for-pound/middleweight king Anderson Silva to create a lucrative build up period. 

Chael Sonnen brief, albeit effective, tirade on Anderson "The Spider" Silva was quite possibly the promo of the year in any form of sports and entertainment, as he offered to put his UFC career on the line for the opportunity to score an otherwise fortuitous rematch against Silva. 

I see your CM Punk "shoot" promo from earlier this summer, and I'll raise you a real-life pipe bomb thrown directly between the legs of the greatest fighter (arguably in any regard) on the planet. 

Sonnen has obviously taken cues from pro wrestling in order to make himself matter.  He has shamelessly borrowed lines from the likes of the Rock and Scott Steiner in post-fight interviews, while using stipulations that mean next to nothing in today's pro wrestling landscape to–at the very least–add intrigue to a rematch that was in high demand before Sonnen's most recent sound-off on the champ. 

Sonnen's simple, yet effective, post fight promo from last week demonstrates the potency of basic pro wrestling principles when they are carefully protected, upheld, or in Chael's case, foreign prior to use. 

Silva's home country of Brazil has been rumored to be the setting for the imminent rematch, however, there is a looming fear from the UFC that Sonnen will not be able to make it out of the impassioned country alive based on inflammatory comments he has made about Brazil while still wearing his promoter cap. 

By next year, the misplaced MMA fighter Sonnen could very well claim the title of biggest heel in sports and entertainment.  The hostile environment (which would take the form of a sold-out 90,000 to 100,000 seat soccer stadium-–an impressive number that registers as nails on a chalkboard to the ears and/or hearing aids of WWE management) created by a Sonnen-Silva rematch in Brazil, gives more credence to the fact that the UFC-starved country is the only destination that should be considered for such a big fight. 

Should Silva defeat the evil Sonnen with one of his deadly signature strikes (which would in all likelihood avert a riot) given the circumstances of that fight, UFC would undoubtedly have its elusive defining moment akin to Hulk Hogan slamming Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III. 

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