New York Yankees: Top 3 Pitchers Yankees Should Target

Andrew Daniel@@drizzydrew24Contributor IIIOctober 11, 2011

New York Yankees: Top 3 Pitchers Yankees Should Target

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    Brian Cashman has made it clear already that this off season he will be looking to better the pitching in New York.

    The Yankees will need to bring back there number one pitcher, if he decides to opt out of his contract. Sabathia is the first pitcher on every fans mind and should be resigned immediately to keep the Yankees as contenders.  

    The Yankees are currently looking for a number two starter behind CC Sabathia and a bottom of the rotation starter. Garcia and Colon are getting old and are well past there prime. AJ Burnett has been terrible as of late and Phil Hughes can't stay health.

    Pitching has been a problem for the Yankees lately and are going to look to solve it, in this years free agency.  

CC Sabathia

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    CC Sabathia has been the man in New York.

    Although he didn't finish strong down the stretch for the Yankees he should be Cashman's first priority, if he decides to opt out of his contract. 

    Since CC has been a part of the Yankees he has gone 59-23 with a 3.18 ERA and 1.19 WHIP.

    Since he has joined the Yankees in 2009 he has averaged 20 wins and a little over 200 strikeouts. 

    When CC hits the open market teams are going to swarm to him to try and sign him away from the Yankees. Cashman needs to be the first one there with a contract ready. 

CJ. Wilson

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    CJ. Wilson went 16-7 this season with a 2.94 ERA this season.

    The left handed pitcher has been great for the Rangers this year, and is going to have a ton of teams look at him. 

    The market always welcomes good left handed pitchers. Wilson has gone 30-15 since being named a starter for the Rangers in 2010, after being a member of the bull-pin for five years. 

    CJ. Wilson would be a great addition for the Yankees, as he would be named the starting number two pitcher behind Sabathia. 

Roy Oswalt

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    Roy Oswalt is coming off of an up and down season, where he went 9-10 with a 3.69 ERA and a 1.34 WHIP. 

    Oswalt is 34 years old and is coming towards the end of his career, but to have a seasoned veteran at the bottom of your rotation would be great for the Yankees.

    While the Yankees prepare there young pitching prospects, Oswalt could be a great addition to help out this Yankees pitching rotation 

    Imagine a rotation of CC Sabathia, CJ Wilson, Ivan Nova, Roy Oswalt, AJ Burnett or Phil Hughes.