UFC 137 Fight Card: 5 Things Carlos Condit Must Do to Upset Georges St-Pierre

Adam OsterkampContributor IIIOctober 11, 2011

UFC 137 Fight Card: 5 Things Carlos Condit Must Do to Upset Georges St-Pierre

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    On October 29th the former WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit will face his most challenging opponent yet in Georges St-Pierre.

    Condit is a great fighter, but he’ll be going up against one of the most dominant champions in UFC history. While St-Pierre’s ability to finish fights has been under question as of late, there is no denying his ability to control his opponents and win fights.

    Read on to see what Condit must do in order to stop St-Pierre.

Dictate the Pace of the Fight

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    GSP is wonderful at controlling the pace of the fight and where it goes. He is also a great game planner and does a remarkable job of finding his opponent's weaknesses and exploiting them.

    Condit needs to plan on taking St-Pierre out of his comfort zone. If Condit can control the pace of the fight he stands a good chance of throwing St-Pierre off of his game.

Be Ready for Championship Rounds

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    Being the former WEC welterweight champion the championship rounds have loomed over Condit’s head before. That being said, only one of his fights has ever gone into the fourth round.

    We all know that GSP isn’t going to get tired. That guy is a freak. But Condit would do well to be prepared for the fourth and fifth round, as he did look a little gassed going into the fourth round of his title defense.

Use His Killer Instinct

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    One of the things that has made Condit so successful is his killer instinct. He’s good at going after his opponents when he smells blood.

    Even more than that, however, is his ability to push his opponents and get in their face. In a match he was losing to Rory MacDonald, Condit came out more aggressive in the third round and was able to finish MacDonald.

    So far Condit is the only man to finish MacDonald. He needs to implement that same aggressive style against GSP, and not just in the third round.

Stuff the Takedown

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    GSP is one of the best wrestlers to ever compete inside the UFC. It seems that there isn’t an opponent he can’t take down.

    Condit’s biggest advantage in this fight is while he's on his feet. GSP may have more precise striking, but Condit has a more aggressive style and the power to knock GSP out.

    St-Pierre also has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu while Condit has a purple belt. Condit does have the ability to finish from his back, but if he can keep this fight from going to the ground he’ll stand a much better chance of winning.

Go for the KO

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    Of Condit’s 27 career victories, 26 of them have been finishes. As I’ve already said, Condit has the ability to submit his opponents, but GSP is a different caliber opponent than any Condit has faced.

    Condit’s best chance to win this fight is standing. We all know it. That said, grinding out a decision victory while standing seems unlikely as GSP’s striking is more accurate. 

    While it’s never smart to strictly head-hunt in a fight, Condit needs to leave everything he has in the cage. He is a fighter who is great at making sure every strike he throws comes with bad intentions, and he needs to do that when he faces off against St-Pierre.


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