Why Mike Singletary Should Be The 49ers Coach Next Year

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IDecember 3, 2008

Mike Singletary has done wonders for the San Francisco 49ers. His attitude and his ability to coach have been proven to be effective even after just five games as coach. His record is currently 2-3, but the 49ers could easily have been at least 3-2 with Singletary as the coach.

Sports fans and commentators may make fun of the locker room incident at half time against the Seahawks, but it's obvious that was something that never would have happened under Mike Nolan.

Singletary is the in your face kind of guy. So if a player makes a mistake, they will hear about it.  When Vernon Davis was called for a stupid penalty, he sent him to the locker room and when he didn't leave with his helmet, Singletary called him back over to bring it with him.  

Singletary's rationale was that he wants players who are going to be about the team and just not playing for themselves. He is quoted as saying, ""I'd rather play with 10 guys and get penalized all game long, than play with an 11th guy who isn't a winner."

He wasn't necessarily calling Vernon Davis a loser. His lesson to Davis was that he needed to play with more maturity and not let the little things get to him so he takes a stupid penalty. It was to open Davis's eyes that he needs to make better decisions so that he doesn't let his teammates down.

Singletary is also the one who took it in his hands to insert quarterback Shaun Hill as the starter because Martz wasn't going to make that decision. Instead Martz still had hope for J.T. O'Sullivan maturing and not turning the ball over and it was clear to most 49ers fans that O'Sullivan wasn't doing enough to show improvement.

If Mike Nolan hadn't been fired, O'Sullivan would have remained the starter because Nolan doesn't like controversy. Nolan would rather have Martz happy then to actually put the best quarterback out on the field that gave the 49ers the best chance at winning.

The most important thing, however, is that Singletary has players wanting him to be coach next year.

"Coach Singletary didn't let excuses stay in our minds," Hill said in response to the question of Singletary coming back.

"I think he should get the job," Davis added. "He's a great coach. When a 10-time Pro Bowler talks, players not only listen, they listen carefully. He's been there, done that. He knows what it takes, and he's very straightforward."

"He's going to get you better, for one thing, he'll let you know whether you're doing the right thing or not," Frank Gore said of Singletary. "If you want to be a great player in this league, you need somebody like him over you."

For 49ers fans the most exciting thing to think about is what will happen next season. What moves Singletary will make to improve the offense whether that means keeping Mike Martz around or not. There's one sure thing for the 49ers though and that is defensive coordinator Greg Manusky will more than likely be gone.

This will allow Singletary to bring in someone with a defensive philosophy similar to his own. Meaning the 49ers will have a much improved and aggressive defense. Singletary is definitely the right choice as 49ers coach.


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