Oklahoma vs Texas: The 10 Greatest Red River Rivalry Games

Martha CoppCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2011

Oklahoma vs Texas: The 10 Greatest Red River Rivalry Games

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    One of the greatest rivalries in college football will be played today, when No. 3 Oklahoma and No. 11 Texas meet in Dallas for the Red River Rivalry. 

    Since 1900, the Red River Rivalry (or the Red River Shootout, as it was called until 2005) has been one of the most heralded rivalries of all-time. 

    This game will surely be one to remember, as the Longhorns will need to contain receiver Ryan Broyles and establish a run game with Malcolm Brown. 

    Click "Begin Slideshow" to see the top 10 most memorable Red River Rivalry games and see who took home the gold ten-gallon hat. 

1984: Texas 15, Oklahoma 15

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    No. 1 Texas met No. 2 Oklahoma in this iconic game. Mack Brown was on the opposite sideline, as he was Oklahoma's offensive coordinator at the time. The rain poured, and Sooners' coach Barry Switzer sported a hat that said "Beat Texas."

    Oklahoma was down 10-0 at the half, but they came back with two touchdowns by running back Steve Sewell. The Sooners were looked to win, ahead 15-12 with just 10 seconds on the clock. Texas quarterback Todd Dodge hailed a pass into the end zone, only to be intercepted by Oklahoma.

    That is, until officials called the the pass incomplete. This controversial call angered fans, and Texas went on to kick a field goal with five seconds remaining. 

1994: Texas 17, Oklahoma 10

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    No. 13 Oklahoma and No. 15 Texas went into this game with a lot on the line.

    Texas stayed ahead, and Oklahoma drove down the field with minutes remaining. 

    The Sooners looked like they were going to score. With the seconds ticking down, it was fourth down on the one yard line. Quarterback Garrik McGee handed James Allen the ball. Allen tried to push into the end zone, but defensive lineman Stoney Clark stopped Allen and saved the game.

    The Sooners' hopes were dashed as they watched the final seconds count down, and it became Texas' ball.

1996: Oklahoma 30, Texas 27

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    Thankfully, the NCAA adjusted the rules for overtime earlier that year.

    It was a good thing, because the 1996 Red River Rivalry needed it.

    Running back James Allen helped lead the Sooners' comeback in the last 10 minutes of the game. Jeremy Alexandar kicked a 44-yard field goal to tie the game at 24.

    In overtime, Longhorn Phil Dawson showed just how reliable he could be, kicking a field goal to put Texas ahead 27-24. However, Oklahoma answered back with a two-yard Allen run for the win. 

    Though the win was huge, the season was not. Both teams were mediocre at best in 1996, as Texas went on to lose against Penn State in the Fiesta Bowl that year. Coach Bob Stoops would not appear until 1999.

2000: Oklahoma 63, Texas 14

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    This game looks lopsided, yes. However, it is one of the most memorable Red Rivalry games because of Oklahoma running back Quentin Griffin.

    Griffin set a NCAA record withs six touchdowns that game. Texas recorded a stunning -7 rushing yards that game, as fans watched the Sooners dominate. 

    Oklahoma would continue to go undefeated that year, winning its first national championship in 2000. 

2001: Oklahoma 14, Texas 3

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    In 2001, the Red River Rivalry was all about defense. Both teams were held to under 100 yards of offense, a stunning feat on both sides.

    The Sooners led 7-3 throughout most of the game, when place kicker Tim Duncan faked a field goal attempt and punted instead. Texas was confused, and ended up downing the ball at the three-yard line.

    With just over two minutes remaining, Texas quarterback Chris Simms threw a pass that was deflected by Roy Williams. The pass bounced into the hands of Teddy Lehman, who simply walked into the end zone and gave Oklahoma the score.

    Fans watched and rewatched the replay, as it all happened so quickly. Williams' infamous leap was coined the "Superman play," as it looked like he was flying through the air. 

    Oklahoma took the win 14-3.

2005: Texas 45, Oklahoma 12

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    This game is memorable simply because Texas finally broke its five-year cold streak against the Sooners. This 100th meeting between the two teams set the magnitude of the event, as Texas coach Mack Brown was well on his way to leading the Longhorns to a national championship. No. 2 Texas was meeting the unranked Sooners. 

    Freshman running back Jamaal Charles ran for an 80-yard touchdown to help lift Texas over the Sooners.

    Texas went on to be undefeated that year and took home a 41-38 victory over USC in the 2005 Rose Bowl.  

2007 Oklahoma 28, Texas 21

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    In 2007, Sports Illustrated called this game one of the best matchups of the year.

    The game was close the entire time, with both offenses firing back at each other. The most notable aspect was that fans saw future NFL stars Colt McCoy, Jamaal Charles, Sam Bradford, Jermichael Finley and Jermaine Gresham play that year.

    The game was filled with excitement and suspense. Sooner tight end Gresham caught a pair of passes in the end zone. Charles fumbled at the five yard line. Running back Demarco Murray ran 65 yards to give Oklahoma the lead. Sam Bradford threw a pass midway through the fourth quarter to receiver Malcom Kelly to seal the win.

    It was a star-studded game with players headed to the NFL shortly after. 

2008: Texas 45, Oklahoma 35

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    No. 1 Oklahoma faced off against No. 5 Texas in an offensive shootout. Neither team had been held to under 35 points that year, and fans were eager to see touchdown after touchdown.

    They weren't disappointed.

    Quarterback Sam Bradford threw three touchdowns in the first half alone. Colt McCoy answered with three scores of his own in the second half, with two of these touchdowns within the last eight minutes of the game.

    This was the highest scoring game of the Red River Rivalry, and was the most viewed, as a record 92, 182 fans packed the Dallas stadium.  

2009 Texas 16, Oklahoma 13

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    After watching both teams rack up score after score, the 2009 Red River rivalry was an anomaly.

    Texas was held to only one touchdown and three field goals, whereas the Sooners only had one touchdown and two field goals.

    After being plagued by a shoulder injury, Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford left the game. Colt McCoy only threw for a measly 127 yards that game, and the running backs only rushed for an additional 20 yards.

    If anything, this game is memorable for its unusual lack of offense and explosiveness; this was not what fans had grown accustomed to.

2011: Texas ?, Oklahoma ?

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    This year's matchup will certainly become one of the ten most memorable matchups in the Red River Rivalry. 

    The atmosphere rivals a bowl game. No. 11 Texas is a youthful team, with 13 freshman and sophomore starters. The Longhorns have two quarterbacks (one being Case McCoy, Colt's younger brother), a freshman star receiver and a freshman running back.

    Oklahoma is lethal threw the air and can easily spread the ball in the air. They have the extra dimension in their running back Dominique Whaley. The No. 3 Sooners will build momentum in what is sure to be a memorable game. 

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