Red Bull Flugtag: The 12 Most Unbelievable Videos in Event History

Matt MartinezCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2011

Red Bull Flugtag: The 12 Most Unbelievable Videos in Event History

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    If you've never heard of Red Bull Flugtag, you're in for a treat. Flugtag translates to "flight day" in German. And for the past 20 years, thousands of competitors from across the globe have been "trying" to fly.

    The rules are simple: construct an apparatus that will fly the greatest distance when launched off a 30 foot pier. Your machine cannot have an engine, it cannot have a wingspan over 30 feet (26.25 in Australia) and cannot weigh more than 450 pounds (396.8 lbs. in Australia) including the pilot.

    The flying machine has to be made of eco-friendly material since it is going to end up in the water.

    Each machine is judged in three categories to crown a champion: distance traveled, showmanship and creativity.

    Now that we have the rules squared away, let's have some fun.

12. Miami, 2010

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    Watch as competitors from the Sunshine state dump perfectly crafted flying machines into the water. 

    My personal favorite? The giant ducky. That thing never had a chance.

11. Skate and Destroy

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    Austin, Texas had a bunch of teams compete in 2007, but Skate and Destroy took the crown.

    Compiled of skaters from the area, they simply took a giant skateboard and added wings. Seems easy enough, right? Note the clean landing. Nice.

10. Halo 2 Ghost Bike

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    This one hits home for me as a big fan of the Halo series for X-Box. These guys didn't fly far but they did make the people of Nashville chuckle in 2007.

    Halo fans will notice the comical "squatting" over a defeated enemy. It's a staple to all online Halo games.

9. Mexico, 2008

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    They do it south of the border, too. This highlight reel consists of a flying dolphin and the U.S.S. Enterprise.

    Red Bull really does give you wings.

8. San Francisco, 2003

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    I didn't know what was going on in this video until they reached the end of the platform, but I don't think that was supposed to happen.

    It seems like the pilot was going to launch pretty well off of his craft, but apparently these guys aren't engineers. One of them ends up a lifeguard, though.

7. London, 2008

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    Lots to laugh at from these guys from across the pond. From Mary Poppins and her many umbrellas to William Wallace's tribute in full costume, London really showed up in 2008.

    The craft that ended up winning spontaneously fell apart while in flight. Maybe that's why the finest flying machines don't come out of England.

6. Victims of Soi-Cumstance

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    The Three Stooges sketch before hand could have been much better, but in 2006 Victims of Soi-cumstance set a United States distance record at the Flugtag in Baltimore, MD.

    The most impressive view is from the side. Look at that fat guy glide across the majestic water. 

5. Long Beach, 2010

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    Even though Peepin' it Real took the honors in Long Beach, I gotta say the pageantry with the men in diapers stole my heart.

    Other highlights: Chuck Norris and the flapping ears of President Barack Obama.

4. Thunderbird

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    Yep, they do this ridiculous thing in Australia too (with some modified rules). Watch as Thunderbird floats off the launching pier and glides to a new Aussie record.

    With a shorter platform and less weight to work with, the Australian's don't travel as far, but this still looks like a lot of fun.

3. Philadelphia, 2010

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    The Giant Flying Llamas captured the hearts of 85,000 Philadelphians in 2010 when they launched a giant Phillies' hate into the Delaware River.

    There's plenty more to see in this video including a group of guys who construct a cheese steak craft that has no chance and King Kong's Empire State Building that travels an epic distance.

2. Moscow, 2011

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    Check out the enormous crowd that gathered to watch Flugtag in Moscow. 

    Here, we see some well constructed crafts and some crafts constructed for a laugh. I, for one, prefer the latter.

1. Major Trouble in Dirty Dixie

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    In front of 90,000 whooping fans, Major Trouble in Dirty Dixie flew an incredible distance of 207 feet. 

    Watch as this machine dips low, gets lifted and soars to the World Record. Incredible!