WWE Hell in a Cell: 10 Greatest Moments in Hell in a Cell History

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst IOctober 2, 2011

WWE Hell in a Cell: 10 Greatest Moments in Hell in a Cell History

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    WWE Hell in a Cell is only hours away, and in build up to the event I have ranked the greatest moments in Hell in a Cell history. This is not purely a ranking of spots; however, it's hard to look past some of the most dangerous falls ever taken. 

    The Hell in a Cell match was regarded as the most dangerous in wrestling for many years, often utilised at the climax of a feud. In recent years the match's reputation has been damaged by reckless gimmick pay-per-views like the one we are about to witness.

    Nevertheless we could still see a great HIAC match—just look at the elimination chamber matches back in February. 

    Don't expect to see many moments from the last two Hell in a Cell PPVs, as it's well known that they can't compare to the classic brawls we witnessed a decade ago. Anyway, on to the list...

10) Mr. McMahon Receives a Face-Full of Big Show's Ass

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    At Unforgiven 2006, the newly reunited DX faced Vince and Shane McMahon and Big Show inside Hell in a Cell. The match was actually quite entertaining, although quite a bit less violent than earlier cell matches.

    During the match, Triple H and Shawn Michaels stick Big Show over the top rope, and make Vince kiss Show's ass. It played in well with that year's running joke of Vince having people join the "kiss my ass club".

    This HIAC match was undoubtedly entertaining, however it falls somewhere between the time when the wrestlers would stay inside the cell but the match would still be brutal, and where we are today. Today we witness the wrestlers have a normal match, inside a cell. 

    If you don't believe me watch Randy Orton vs. Sheamus from last year. Oh yeah, and watch this match, it is pretty good.

9) The Undertaker Sends Edge to Hell

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    In truth, there were many spots from this match that I could have put on this list. Hence I went for The Undertaker's finishing touch on Edge.

    They faced off in Hell in a Cell at SummerSlam 2008 as part of their long feud. After The Undertaker had won the match with a Tombstone Piledriver, he returns for more and chokeslams Edge off of a ladder through the ring. 

    Afterwards flames rise from the hole. Maybe it was overkill but it was pretty cool nonetheless. This was probably the last great Hell in a Cell match.

8) The Undertaker Hangs the Big Boss Man

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    Often called the worst Hell in a Cell match of all time, and for good reason. It was short and unentertaining, but there was one bright spot.

    After defeating Boss Man, Undertaker, as part of his "lord of darkness" gimmick, hangs Boss Man from the top of the cell. 

    The stunt garnered criticism from mainstream outlets, and defines that era of wrestling: it pushed the envelope. 

    It was surely an awesome sight, and left us with something positive from 'Taker's worst WrestleMania match.

7) Triple H and Shawn Michaels End Their Rivalry in Hell

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    It's a bias choice, but for me this is the greatest Hell in a Cell match in history. For 47 minutes Triple H and Shawn Michaels beat the living hell out of each other in the longest cell match of all time.

    Blood was shed, and Shawn Michaels pulled off one of the best in-ring spots in a HIAC match when he elbow-dropped Triple H through a table from the top of a ladder.

    For two years they had competed in classic match after classic match, and they required a Hell in a Cell match to finally determine who was the best. 

    I strongly suggest you watch this match.

6) Shawn Michaels Falls Through the Announce Table

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    The first, and one of the best, Hell in a Cell matches deserves a mention. The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels were the original innovators of the cell, paving the way for the likes of Mick Foley and Triple H.

    Shawn Michaels falling through the announce table from the side of the cell back in 1997 was the first big spot ever performed in a Hell in a Cell match. 

    Its an impressive spot regardless, and arguably can only be topped by Mick Foley's memorable falls from the cell.

5) Kane's Debut

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    Arguably the greatest debut in the history of the WWE, Kane shocked the wrestling world when he interrupted the first Hell in a Cell at Badd Blood 1997.

    For months Paul Bearer had been proclaiming the imminent arrival of The Undertaker's brother. When he ripped the door off the cell and hit 'Taker with the Tombstone Piledriver, it spawned an off and on rivalry that would last over a decade.

    Kane's evil monster gimmick, along with his trademark mask, made him one of the WWE's most iconic characters. On a few occasions his character was mishandled, preventing him from reaching his potential, however that's a story for another day.

4) The Undertaker Chokeslams Rikishi off of the Cell

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    The first and only Six-man Hell in a Cell occurred at Armageddon 2000, and the star power alone was enough to make the match memorable.

    Thankfully they wrestled a good match, however The Undertaker's chokeslam of Rikishi off of the top of the cell is the most memorable spot.

    When Mr. McMahon tries to rip the cell door open with a hay truck, The Undertaker chokeslams Rikishi onto it. I've always wondered just how much that hurt Rikishi.

    The facial expressions of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock afterwards were classic as well.

3) Mick Foley Is Chokeslamed Through the Top of the Cell

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    Of all the hits Mick Foley received in Hell in a Cell matches, none were as dangerous as this. When The Undertaker Chokeslamed him on the roof of the cell it was not meant to break, and Foley shouldn't have fallen into the ring.

    Effectively he was unable to properly position himself to fall, thus it hurt him much more than it would have if the spot were planned.

    The impact of this move knocks one of Foley's teeth through his nose, and busts his lip open, not to mention the damage to the rest of his body.

    Unfortunately for Foley, this was not the first or last time he took an extreme fall during Hell in a Cell.

2) Mick Foley Falls Through the Cell (Again)

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    Just two years after the most memorable HIAC match ever, Mick Foley was at it again facing Triple H. In what was his retirement match (despite returning for WrestleMania just a month later).

    When they are fighting on top of the cell, Foley attempts to Piledrive Triple H, only for the move to be reversed, and for Foley to be sent through the cell and the ring. 

    Obviously this time it was a planned spot, and the ring was rigged for Foley to endure less of an impact, however it's a wonder it didn't injure him further.

    Just another fantastic cell match in the career of Mick Foley, one which helped cement Triple H's main event status.

1) Mick Foley Is Thrown off the Cell

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    Yes, Foley completes the trifecta of memorable Hell in a Cell moments. It's a wonder he isn't permanently injured from all of these bumps he took.

    No doubt this is the most memorable moment in Hell in a Cell, and one of the most memorable in wrestling history. This clip has been played time and time again over the years. 

    Somebody says wrestlers feel no pain? Show them this video.

    The Undertaker and Mick Foley went out to perform at King of the Ring 1998, and they produced an iconic match in the careers of both men.

    Credit to Foley for being the Hardcore Legend.

    Unfortunately there's no way we'll see any dangerous spot tonight at Hell in a Cell, which is probably a good thing. Optimistically lets hope for some well wrestled Hell in a Cell matches.

    Thanks for reading.

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