Tiger Woods: 10 Worst Players Now Ranked Ahead of Him

John BurkeContributor IOctober 14, 2011

Tiger Woods: 10 Worst Players Now Ranked Ahead of Him

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    Currently, Tiger Woods sits at No. 52 in world golf ranking. That means there are 51 players in the world who are arguably better than him.

    Yes, I said arguably.

    I'm sure many of you are are thinking I am crazy for suggesting that some players ranked ahead of Tiger Woods are worse.

    But I wouldn't just say some players are worse, I would say most. 

    The difficult thing is there are no stats to prove Tiger is better, unless you want me to repeat 14 and 71 for his major victories and PGA Tour victories. That would be repetitive and wouldn't truly prove anything since most of you are well aware of that.

    So for this I went with my gut. I found 13 players who I felt couldn't hold their own if there was one hole left in a major, with both players tied. 

    Sure it's arbitrary, but the Official World Golf Ranking has its flaws as well.

    If you disagree, or think I am crazy, feel free to comment!

Sergio Garcia (Rank: No. 47)

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    I'm not even sure where to start with Sergio Garcia. 

    He has the talent to be the best player in the world. And as a young kid chasing Tiger down the fairways of the PGA Championship at Medinah, it appeared that is where he was headed. 

    Unfortunately, golf isn't always kind. Garcia has since struggled as a professional, winning tournaments but not in the dominant manner everyone predicted.

    And considering his putting is worse than Tiger's at this point, it is inconceivable to think Garcia is the better player.  

Ernie Els (Rank: No. 44)

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    Ernie Els used to be a great golfer. In the last year, he has seen his world ranking fall almost 30 places and his game is a struggle. 

    With only one top 10 this season, Els clearly has his mind on things other than golf. He still has the game every once and a while but not consistently. Tiger is definitely the better player.

Matteo Manassero (Rank: No. 43)

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    Manassero may end up being a very good player. At the age of 18, however, he still has a lot to learn. 

    At this point, his game is no where near Tiger's, who has all the shots imaginable. 

Alvaro Quiros (Rank: No. 42)

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    Drive for show, putt for dough. 

    No one told that to Alvaro Quiros. 

    Quiros is long, scary long. Give him a driver and he is great, but put a wedge in his hands and he struggles. 

    If he finds a way to knock his wedges closer, he may be able to beat Tiger, but he wouldn't come close at the moment. 

Zach Johnson (Rank: No. 35)

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    Zach Johnson is a pretty quiet golfer, both on the course and off. 

    He won the 2007 Masters and has not made many headlines since he nabbed the green jacket. 

    When he plays well, he is very good. Unfortunately, he has struggled with consistency this year. He is still looking for his first win in 2011 and only has four top 10's on the season.

Ian Poulter (Rank: No. 23)

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    A few years ago, Poulter made the mistake of saying when he is playing his best it will be him and Tiger at the top. 

    Well, Poulter has shown time and time again that isn't true. Even now, with Tiger at his worst, Poulter isn't the better player. 

    Poulter struggles to compete week in and week out and simply couldn't stand his ground with the greatest golfer ever. 

Rickie Fowler (Rank: No. 24)

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    Rickie Fowler is an exciting young golfer. 

    In fact, Rickie just grabbed his first victory in Asia, besting Rory McIlroy and Y.E. Yang. But a tour in Asia is not the same as the PGA Tour. 

    And the 2010 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year has had ample opportunity to win on tour, he just hasn't been able to close the deal. 

    But if Tiger and Rickie were to play, I'd take Tiger everyday. I'd even take the one healthy leg, post-Masters Tiger.  

David Toms (Rank: No. 18)

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    David Toms was a very good golfer in the last 90's and early 2000's. Since then he has struggled with injury and passion for the game.

    While he had a minor resurgence this season, I don't see it continuing to next season. When his putter gets hot, Toms could beat most players in the world. 

    Unfortunately, one of the players he couldn't beat is Tiger Woods. 

Bubba Watson (Rank: No. 16)

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    Bubba Watson has an amazing long game. He can move the ball in ways I didn't even think possible. 

    Club for club, however, Watson couldn't stand with Tiger. While Watson has improved greatly on staying positive, which has greatly helped his game, he simply is not the player Tiger is.

    He, along with Quiros, may be the only players on this list who would blast the ball well past Tiger's.  

Phil Mickelson (Rank: No. 10)

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    I know you are thinking to yourself, "How could this guy think Tiger is better than Phil?!"

    Well, I'm glad you asked.

    The last two years were supposed to be Phil's years. Tiger was gone, and it was his move to make. 

    And guess what?

    He didn't. His play in the majors was especially abysmal. That is why Tiger is better than Phil. Tiger takes advantage of his opportunities, Phil squanders them.


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