WWE: 10 Reasons Kelly Kelly Is the Divas Champion WWE Has Always Wanted

Daniel Massey@EPWWEfan1Senior Analyst IIISeptember 26, 2011

WWE: 10 Reasons Kelly Kelly Is the Divas Champion WWE Has Always Wanted

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    Kelly Kelly has been the Divas Champion in the WWE for almost 100 days and is the epitome of what a Diva should be, according to the company.

    She has been on a high ever since she has survived the onslaught form the vicious Divas of Doom, Natalya and Beth Phoenix.

    I have listed 10 reasons why Kelly Kelly is the Divas Champion the WWE has always wanted.


She's Attractive

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    Let’s face it; WWE likes to give the spotlight to extremely attractive women.

    Sensational Sherri, Sunny, Sable—all the S’s!

    Kelly Kelly is the one exception because her name begins with a K.

    Needless to say she has the look that WWE wants to push in the company.

    They want the Divas to be “flawless” (sorry for the needless quote from Michelle McCool and Layla) and tend not to push the Divas with real talent because of this.

She's Popular

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    The crowd loves her. I can’t remember the last time a Divas Champion garnered so many cheers.

    Barring Night of Champions 2011 where Beth was on home turf, Kelly Kelly never fails to make the fans cheer for her.

    This is the sort of Divas Champion WWE wants; someone who is popular enough to give the Divas division some credibility.

She's a Face

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    To have a heel champion would ruin the image of the “flawless” (there’s that quote again) Divas.

    A face champion is perfect, allowing fans to cheer their hearts out for her hard work and determination, showing she can win time and time again, despite the monster heels who are out to destroy her.

She's Given the Divas Championship Credibility

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    By not losing the belt to Beth Phoenix yet, one could argue that Kelly Kelly has given the belt some credibility.

    People are already down on the belt because of the design—not the best start when you are looking to make a Championship worth something.

    Despite the purple butterfly design, Kelly Kelly has managed to bring prestige back to the belt by holding onto it for so long and defeating larger, stronger opponents than her.

    She is making the belt relevant.

She Can Hang with the Big Girls

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    Her match with Beth Phoenix was a really decent showing at Night of Champions.

    Both women put on a fantastic performance and I actually didn’t mind watching it.

    It showed she can hang with the more experienced Divas of the pack and she can still look good in the ring.  

She's Slowly Climbed to the Top

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    In 2006, Kelly Kelly debuted as a valet for Mike Knox, performing stripteases every week on ECW.

    It has taken her five years to reach the top of the Divas ladder and I am glad she is staying there.

    This is another reason why she is the Divas Champion the WWE has always wanted.

    She has fought long and hard to improve her craft and is now finally reaping the rewards.

    You couldn’t find a success story as good as this on the X-Factor!

She's Nifty in the Ring

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    People complain about lack of skill in Kelly Kelly but I really don’t see it.

    She pulls off some really nifty moves in the ring.

    A few months ago, I did a review of SmackDown in which I expressed my admiration for the show she had put on.

    It was that match that has stuck in my mind despite me not knowing what the date was...or who she wrestled against...or what the nifty moves were.

    I’ll have to look through my archives!

She Shows Emotion

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    Kelly Kelly is not just a plastic face, she actually shows emotion when the time calls for it.

    When Kharma debuted, she usually went after Kelly Kelly, which resulted in Kelly Kelly being scared for her life.

    How do I know that? I only had to look at her face!

    She put on a really good scared face in my opinion and it is this ability to show the audience her character’s emotion that she is the Divas Champion the WWE has always wanted.

She Can Put on a Good Match

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    As I said before, Kelly Kelly can put on a good show and this is essential in Divas Champions if they are to conform to WWE standards.

    Her matches are exciting, contain twists and turns and she can tell a story with her body.

She Has the Potential to Be the Female Cena

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    Anyone else think this? Or is it just me?

    Something tells me in a few months time those who are bothered about the Divas division will be moaning about “SuperKelly” as well as “SuperCena”.

    As listed in the other nine points, Kelly Kelly is the Divas Champion the WWE has always wanted; just as John Cena is the WWE Champion the WWE has always wanted.

    The only thing she is missing is her own “Five moves of doom”.

    Thanks for reading!

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