25 Biggest “Homer” Announcers in Sports

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IISeptember 24, 2011

25 Biggest “Homer” Announcers in Sports

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    Everyone has a favorite sports team, even those who announce the games.

    Thus, it’s no surprise that there have been quite a few announcers throughout the history of sports who have always seemed to favor their hometown team, even when they’re losing the game.

    There is nothing wrong with the hometown bias, but these guys take it to a whole new level. From Johnny Most’s favor towards the Celtics to John Sterling’s Yankees bias, it’s hard to miss which teams these guys are hoping will win.

    Here is a list of 25 of the biggest “homer” announcers in sports history.

No. 25: Bill Walton

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    This announcer has less of a “homer” bias than a family bias. Any team his son Luke Walton plays for, which right now is the Lakers, can do no wrong in this man’s eyes.

No. 24: Mike Krukow

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    He may not be as much of a homer as some of the people on this list, but he has his moments when his true team pride shines through.

    Starting at 1:12 on this video, he begins talking about how poorly Barry Zito played in 2008 but ends it with a compliment of the Giants player.

No. 23: Cris Collinsworth

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    Cris Collinsworth has a definite Bengals bias. It seems in almost any conversation he’s having, whether it involves the Bengals directly or not, he manages to bring up the Bengals or his career with them.

    This is pretty understandable, though, seeing as he played his entire professional career with them.

No. 22: Jon Gruden

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    Better known as the everyman homer, this announcer doesn’t seem to have it in him to say a negative thing about any player, no matter what team they play for.

    Here he is praising Dane Sanzenbacher.

No. 21: Marty Brennaman

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    He may have never played Major League Baseball, but that didn’t stop Marty Brennaman from becoming a biased Reds announcer.

    His most infamous moment as such came during a game when he criticized the umpire for ejecting manager Pete Rose from the game, which caused fans to almost begin rioting and then delayed the game.

    Here is a clip of Brennaman getting overly excited as he announces the walk-off home run that won the Reds the National League division title in 2010.

No. 20: Bert Blyleven

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    Anytime he announces a Minnesota Twins game, you know he's not going to say a single bad thing about the team.

    He may even go so far as to explain a player's inability to perform in a positive light.

    Towards the end of this video you can hear him put a positive spin on a player he says won't strike many people out.

No. 19: Al Hrabosky

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    Al Hrabosky is a St. Louis Cardinals fan through and through. While he will criticize the team when necessary, he is always up for promoting the Cardinals and telling everyone why they are so great.

    Here is a video of him telling everyone why he thought having the 2009 All-Star Game in St. Louis was such a great idea.

No. 18: Jerry Remy

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    This announcer is a huge Red Sox homer, especially after his return to the box in 2009.

    He always sees the positive in the team, no matter how dire the circumstances.

No. 17: Merrill Reese

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    One of the Philadelphia Eagles announcers, you can just hear the excitement level in his voice rise every time he begins talking about his beloved team.

    This video is a perfect example. He's pretty deadpan when announcing the Giants touchdown but becomes really animated when the Eagles begin to mount their comeback.

No. 16: Harry Caray

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    He was, and still is, one of the most iconic announcers in baseball. He announced Chicago Cubs games from 1982 to 1997, and throughout his time with the Cubs he showed his true "homerism," constantly making their plays sound like the most amazing feats in baseball.

No. 15: Ron Santo

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    Not only was he one of the most colorful and interesting announcers to listen to during a Cubs game, but he just couldn’t help but let his homer bias for Chicago show through.

    In this clip, you can hear him freak out when the Cubs allow the Phillies to earn a run.

No. 14: Ray Hudson

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    His bias seems to shift to whichever team Lionel Messi is playing for.

    In the eyes of Ray Hudson, Messi can do no wrong on the field. Every shot is a miracle, and anything Messi’s team does is the best play in soccer he’s ever seen.

    Although it may be a bit biased, if all soccer games were announced by Hudson, soccer would be the most entertaining sport on the planet to listen to on the radio.

No. 13: Mike Shannon

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    Mike Shannon seems to bleed Cardinal blood. The excitement over great plays by the St. Louis team is obvious, and he only ever has positive things to say about his team.

    That said, like several other announcers on this list, he did play his entire major-league career with the team, so it’s easy to see why he sees it the way he does.

No. 12: Austin Carr

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    Cleveland fans are diehards, even when they’re supposed to be announcing the game on a neutral level.

    Austin Carr is notorious for getting overly excited when announcing Cavaliers games, especially when the other team misses a shot or messes something up in its play.

No. 11: Jack Edwards

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    This guy is no doubt a Boston Bruins fan. The best part about any of his “homerisms” is that he makes these long, drawn-out comparisons of the Bruins to historical moments or people, and anything and everything the other team does is wrong.

No. 10: Hawk Harrelson

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    Hawk Harrelson definitely is a White Sox homer.

    He’s not afraid to rant and rave when he doesn’t agree with a call against his team.

No. 9: Joe Castiglione

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    He’s a staple in Red Sox baseball, especially for the Red Sox radio show.

    This team can do no wrong in his eyes, and every call made against it is an outrage.

    You can hear the excitement in his voice here as he talks about the Red Sox winning in 2007.

No. 8: Gene Hart

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    A great hockey announcer, Gene Hart definitely favored the Flyers though. He would constantly point out how he felt about the team, even going so far as to call some of them “my boy.”

No. 7: Grant Napear

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    Grant Napear is all about the Sacramento Kings. He will typically freak out about fouls not called against the other team and talk up the Kings, even when they’re not playing so hot.

No. 6: Michael Kay

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    Michael Kay is another announcer on this list with a bias for the Yankees.

    He really seems to get under the skin of a lot of fans by calling all Yankees plays, even the minor, not as interesting ones, as if they were the most incredible sight he has ever beheld.

No. 5: Suzyn Waldman

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    Half of the biased Yankees announcer team, Suzyn Waldman is another one of the biggest “homers” in sports.

    She seems to only be able to point out the good the Yankees are doing or the potential that their plays seem to have and won’t recognize or analyze the team the best way she could.

    There is even a petition online to get her fired from her job. Check it out here.

No. 4: Tommy Heinsohn

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    One of the most transparent in his home team bias, Tommy Heinsohn gets about as animated and excited over the Celtics as any fan possibly could.

    He calls it like he sees it, meaning he criticizes the opponents and gives a colorful, rosy view on the Boston team.

No. 3: Bob Prince

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    Bob Prince is a classic example of a homer. His "gunnerisms" were always used in reference to the Pirates and really showed his love of the team.

No. 2: John Sterling

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    He is one of the biggest “homer” announcers on the list and in the history of sports.

    He is currently half of the Yankees announcer team, and even those who have never really listened to baseball or followed the Yankees all that closely can tell from the first minute he begins announcing who he is rooting for.

    It’s understandable to have a hometown announcing bias, but this guy really wants the world to know which team he thinks should win.

No. 1: Dick Vitale

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    It’s no secret who this guy is rooting for.

    Dick Vitale is one of the biggest homers in all of sports. He loves Duke, and it doesn’t even matter if it is playing on the court in front of him or not; if he gets the opportunity to talk about the Blue Devils, he will go out of his way to point out how great they are.

    Check out this clip of him talking about Duke while he is announcing the Kansas vs. Maryland game in 1997.


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