Redskins vs. Cowboys: 8 Best Moments for Dallas in This Rivalry's History

Jason Henry@thenprojectCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2011

Redskins vs. Cowboys: 8 Best Moments for Dallas in This Rivalry's History

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    When it comes to a great football rivalry, does it get any better when the game is played in prime time? This Monday night the Dallas Cowboys will take on their fiercest rival in the Washington Redskins. The ‘Boys have a commanding advantage in the overall series with 60 wins to the Redskins' 38.

    Dallas enters into this annual rivalry meeting beat and battered. Quarterback Tony Romo has cracked ribs and a punctured lung, running back Felix Jones has a separated shoulder, wide receiver Miles Austin has hamstring issues, and the list goes on.

    If Dallas is able to win this game hamstrung, then their chances of making the playoffs, at least in my eyes, increase substantially.

    But that is another conversation for another day. We are here to celebrate the Cowboys' best moments in this storied rivalry.

    Here are eight of the Cowboys' best moments against the hated Washington Redskins.

Cowboys Beat Redskins 38-3, 1993

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    The Super Bowl year of 1993 provided the Cowboys with their largest margin of victory over the Redskins. Mr. Troy Aikman completed a nice 16 of 20 passes with two touchdowns, and Emmitt Smith ran all over Washington for 153 yards.

    It was a great offensive night for Dallas on that late December night and they did not lose another game for the remainder of the season.

Cowboys Hold Redskins to 14 Points in 1994

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    In 1994 the Cowboys dominated the Redskins so thoroughly that Washington only scored 14 points against Dallas for the entire year. That’s one season!

    In the first contest of 1994 Dallas scored 24 points in the second quarter and never looked back. Despite nine penalties and almost 100 penalty yards, Dallas caused four turnovers and held the ‘Skins to only 110 total yards.

    In the second game Dallas had 17 first-quarter points on its way to a 9-2 record after besting the Redskins. The triplets, Emmitt, Michael and Troy, had mediocre games, but the Redskins couldn’t muster any points. Washington bested Dallas in total yards, first downs and passing yards, yet Washington couldn’t pull off the victory.

    Another reason to yell, "How bout them Cowboys."

Cowboys Best Redskins Behind Danny White, 1983

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    The legend of Danny White grew on a warm Monday night in Washington. The Cowboys opened the 1983 season against the ‘Skins in a game that started out in Washington’s favor.

    It was a field-goal fest for the Redskins' Mark Moseley in the first half as he had nine of the Redskins' 23 points.

    But the second half belonged to Danny White and Tony Hill. The hooked up on two 50-plus-yard touchdown catches to bring Dallas to within one touchdown of the Redskins.

    After that it was all Dallas.

    White had a rushing touchdown and another touchdown pass to lead the Cowboys to victory.

Cowboys Complete Fourth-Quarter Comeback in 1967

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    Dandy Don Meredith was the Cowboys' savior that day in Washington. The Redskins led Dallas 14-10 late in the fourth quarter and looked to have victory almost sealed.

    Dallas had to drive from the Redskins' 30-yard line to snatch victory and that’s exactly what they did.

    Meredith hooked up with Dan Reeves for a touchdown to give Dallas the lead and the win, 17-14.

Cowboys Hang on for Three-Point Victory, 2010

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    There are honestly dozens of games that could have been chosen for best rivalry moments. Last year’s late-season contest was a matchup between two teams headed nowhere fast.

    Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was gone for the season and the Redskins' Donovan McNabb was in his head coach’s dog house.

    Jon Kitna and Rex Grossman filled in for their team’s respective starters and put on an aerial show. They combined for 627 passing yards and six touchdowns. Not bad for two backups, right?

    Dallas scored 30 points through three quarters but the ‘Skins turned it on in the fourth as they put up 16 to make it a dog fight.

    They were all tied up in the fourth until Cowboys leg man David Buehler booted a 39-yard field goal to break the tie.

    The Cowboys won 33-30 in a game that may be easily forgotten due to both team’s records of 5-9 at the time, but it was a contest filled with fireworks.

Dallas Beat ‘Skins in OT, 1999

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    I remember this game pretty vividly or I remember the end of the game pretty vividly. It was the Rocket’s first game as a Cowboy and he put on a show.

    Dallas was down early and they were down late. At one point in this game the Redskins opened up a 35-14 lead.

    Troy Aikman had five touchdown passes with over 300 passing yards. The two teams combined for a total of 1,045 yards and over 700 passing yards.

    But the hero of the game was the guy with the strongest statistical numbers of the night. Rocket Ismail had eight catches for 149 yards and one key touchdown.

    Let me set this up for you.

    It was 3rd-and-2 on the Cowboys 23-yard line. Aikman play-actioned to Emmitt Smith, and the Redskins bit harder than Rosie O’Donnell at a buffet. Aikman released the ball to the Rocket, and 76 yards later Dallas had a touchdown and the win.

    The Cowboys emerged victorious 41-35 in overtime.

Cowboys Gobble ‘Skins on Thanksgiving, 1974

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    I believe that one of the best moments in a rivalry is when a team gets to ruin another team’s playoff chances. 

    On a balmy day in Dallas, the Redskins had a chance to secure a playoff spot by beating the Cowboys.

    Washington was well on its way in doing so, as they led Dallas 16-3 in the third quarter. Also working in the Redskins' favor was that linebacker Dave Robinson put Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach out of the game.

    The Redskins were in prime position to take this thing until rookie quarterback Clint Longley stepped in.

    Longley hooked up with Billy Joe DuPree for a 35-yard touchdown pass and with Drew Pearson in the fourth quarter to take the lead for good.

    The Cowboys won 24-23 over a shocked and dismayed Redskins team.

Dallas Crowned Division Champs with Win over Redskins, 1979

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    Washington led 17-0 at one point as both teams were in a fight to win the NFC East. Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann connected with Benny Malone for a 55-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter to extend their lead on the scoreboard and psychologically.

    But the Cowboys refused to lie down and just, you know, take it. The Cowboys were able to take the lead in third quarter, 21-17, behind the arm of Roger Staubach and the legs of Robert Newhouse.

    After that, the game went back and forth with Washington taking a two-touchdown lead before Staubach was able to bring Dallas back with two late fourth-quarter touchdowns to Ron Springs and Tony Hill.

    Dallas won 35-34.