Enter Sofoklis Schortsanitis

Pete TreperinasCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

Weighing in at 342 pounds, and standing 6-foot-9, Greek man-child Sofoklis Schortsanitis is ready to play in the NBA.

Schortsanitis is currently a member of the famous basketball club, Olympiacos, the same club that lured Josh Childress to head to the Mediterranean. Coached by Greek legend Panagiotis Giannakis, Schortsanitis also played for the Greek National team that defeated Team USA, and one the silver medal. 

Sofoklis (Sofo for short) was drafted 34th overall by the Clippers back in 2003, but he made the decision to stay in Greece. Well Sofo, I think you're ready to get back in the NBA, and become the most famous player to come out of Greece. 

The great thing about Schortsanitis is that at 6'9", he can play both center and power forward, and with his "husky" figure, I don't see boxing out the big boys like Shaq, Dwight Howard (who he's dunking in front of in the photo above), and Yao Ming being a problem. 

In fact, back in 2006 in the FIBAs, he threw it down on Yao a couple of times. Also in '06, Big Sofo was named Greek All Star Game MVP.

Schortsanitis has game, but he also has a little extra weight. Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy saw Schortsanitis when he weighed about 400 pounds. Dunleavy said if he drops to three bills, he wouldn't hesitate to sign him. So it looks like he's got that to work on if he ever wants a spot on the Clippers roster.

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There are other NBA teams out there that could be interested in a 340 pound Sofo as well, but it seems as if his biggest concern is the money. As we've seen with Josh Childress, mediocre players are going to make more money in Europe than they will in the States. 

While I can't envision an NBA team willing to drop millions on Schortsanitis, I do think that his success in Greece, and his success in the FIBAs against the Americans back in 2006 has earned him a shot in the US.