25 Best Dressed Superstars: Athletes and Coaches

Lena SutherlandContributor IIISeptember 15, 2011

25 Best Dressed Superstars: Athletes and Coaches

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    It was no small task to compile a list of today’s athletes and coaches who fit the description of “Best Dressed."  The bar has been set high by such classic risk-takers as Joe Namath, Tom Landry and the forever flamboyant Don Cherry.  Today's class seems to take its inspiration from everyone from Justin Bieber to Lady Gaga.  From metrosexual to mafia, here are the 25 Best Dressed Superstars: Athletes and Coaches.  Enjoy.

25. Jack Del Rio, Jacksonville Jaguars Coach

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    It’s not easy to dress up a big boy in a suit jacket without him looking like an over-sized nightclub bouncer.  Jack Del Rio is able to carry his heft with style.  Careful cut choices and attention to detail are key for this Jacksonville Jaguars coach.  He not only looks great, but would choose a suit over sweats on the sidelines.  Too bad the rules from the NFL Reebok "Gestapo" force him into an elastic waistband all but twice a year.

24. Phil Jackson, L.A Lakers Coach

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    Phil Jackson represents for the mature generation, reminding coaches that you can still be “open for business” in your Cialis years.  Phil is a commanding presence in a suit and tie, although he’s looking a little too pasty to live in California.  Lose the tie for a few hours and hit the beach, Phil.

23. Chase Utley, Philadelphia Phillies

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    Chase has an authentic casual style that works.  When he has a day off from the Philadelphia Phillies, his skull cap and ripped jeans are probably what he actually likes to wear, and it shows.  He looks great in a suit too, but definitely feels more at home in his grunge Doctor McDreamy look.

22. Jason Kidd, Dallas Mavericks

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    It’s not easy being the senior citizen of the team, but this veteran baller for the Dallas Mavericks shows the boys how to dress like a man off the court.  Jason Kidd may be going gray, but he’s still got it in the style department.  If he’s a little late to the party, just look for him in the physiotherapy room.

21. Dario Franchitti, Indy Car Series Driver

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    Sorry motorsports fans, but the racetrack is not overflowing with style. Something about those leather body suits covered in logos might be a barrier.  In any case, Indy racer Dario Franchitti is able to step out of the driver seat and into some respectable-looking attire. Behind the wheel, his trademark bad-ass glasses are his best accessory, second to his wife, actress Ashley Judd.

20. Erik Spoelstra, Miami Heat Coach

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    Perhaps it’s the South Beach glamour that helps Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra rise above most of the NBA coaches who dress like insurance salesmen.  Erik gets credit for well-put-together suits—and most importantly, keeping the attire intact, even during frantic pacing across the court.  We can all appreciate a coach who, even when the pressure is on, never reveals a pit stain.

19. David Wright, New York Mets

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    While he does not make the most original style choices, there is nothing wrong with Mr. Wright’s wardrobe.  Kind of like the cute guy in accounting that all the girls love, David Wright scores with simplicity.  When you wear pajamas for a living, it must be a thrill to put on a dress shirt.

18. Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls

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    We love Derrick’s man-boy style that’s hip without being too hip hop.  He’s a styler from the Chicago Bulls who likes to go all the way with edgy combos by day, and trendy formal wear by night.  Steering clear of the tiresome bling brigade will keep him on this list for good.  And if the basketball thing doesn't work out, we hear Lady Gaga is hiring backup dancers.

17. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks

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    Before you think it, this is not a list of best hair styles, so let’s ignore the blonde bird’s nest.  This gigantic Dallas Mavericks superstar has no choice but to get his styles custom-made and whomever is doing it should keep ‘em coming.  Tailored suits and minimalist details can’t help but make you want to love the guy—even though his name is Dirk.

16. Sergio Martinez, Boxer

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    When you get punched in the face for a living, you’d better make up for it with great clothes, and boxer Sergio Martinez succeeds.  In a sport oozing with attitude and ego, Martinez opts for classy when it comes to his closet.  Don’t like his fuchsia tie? Go ahead and tell that to this middle weight champ from Argentina—you might not wake up for a while.

15. Novak Djokovic, Tennis

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    If he keeps dancing in public, we may take him off any future lists, but for now, this energetic tennis star gets points for style.  Novak Djokovic owns the delicate balance between geek and chic by suiting up his lanky frame with bold color choices and European flair.  He also gets points for opting out of the favorite accessory of his opponents—the Karate Kid head band.

14. Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid

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    The Justin Bieber of soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo is always dressed to impress.  With the trophy girlfriend named Irina (all Irina's are hot) he has become the player the opposing team loves to hate.  Cristiano carries off the diamond studded earring, greased hair and tapered pants without totally crossing into “guido” territory.  Let’s only hope Mike "the Situation” is taking notes from the Jersey Shore.

13. Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

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    This Miami Heat star sort of reminds you of Carlton Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but somehow he pulls it off.  It’s not easy to sport a cashmere cardigan and still look masculine.  If Flash can steer clear of the shimmery suits that occasionally appear on the red carpet, he can hang on to his spot on this list.

12. Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees

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    Alex Rodriguez is always up to something in the press, and fortunately for him, he’s usually looking great.  A-Rod loves the spotlight, and works it with his modern suits and casual wear that is top notch. Now, if he could only just stop looking at himself in the mirror and settle down with the right material girl.

11. David Beckham, Los Angeles Galaxy

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    David Beckham is another semi-qualified fashionista who likely relies on his posh wifey Victoria Beckham to maintain his closet.  He is seen here with his signature "one sided tuck-in"—a look that has yet to catch on elsewhere.  While Davie boy usually looks fab in everything he puts on, he can verge on “overstyled” off the soccer field.  Tattoos, sunglasses, stubble, highlights in the hair and a tan should never be activated all together—less is more Dave. Just ask your wife what she ate for lunch.

10. Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics

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    Automatic credit to any man over 6’11 who can pull off a tweed jacket.  This Boston Celtics star succeeds by balancing old school style with the requisite diamond stud and other modern accessories.  Kevin Garnett's 2000 Olympic gold medal for the US men’s basketball team is all the bling he needs to look like a star.

9. Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle Mariners

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    This Japanese star of the Seattle Mariners is not afraid to dress like a champion.  He can even get away with a plaid blazer and a bow-tie, and still look cool.  Apparently, he is so famous in Japan that to send him a letter, you don’t even need an address—just write “Ichiro” on the envelope and it will get to him.  We’ll be sure to mail him a copy of this list.

8. Baron Davis, Cleveland Cavaliers

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    It’s refreshing to see a baller with a unique style not straight out of Pimps Weekly.  Baron Davis of the Cleveland Cavaliers seems as relaxed and comfortable as a young Bill Cosby, with better looking sweaters.  His bold framed glasses and trimmed beard show all the dirty hipsters out there that it is possible to rock a look and practice hygiene.

7. Tom Brady, New England Patriots

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    Thanks to his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady has become a mannequin of his own.  Bust in on him at home on a Sunday morning and, first thing out of bed (I’ve tried. No luck.), he would still probably look like he walked out of a fashion magazine. It's debatable if this New England Patriots star would have the fashion chops to survive a red carpet without his bombshell fashion advisor.

6. Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers

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    Maybe its because he’s from Sweden that Henrik Lundqvist can pull off a three-piece suit like he means it.  Lundqvist owns the glamour garb, but stays natural with his stubble and unruly hockey hair.  He’s kind of like the mafia cousin who went to art school instead of learning the family business. 

5. Wayne Gretzky, the Great One

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    When he’s not having a moment of insanity and doing commercials for “Shape-Ups” (aka fat shoes), Wayne Gretzky is a well-dressed man.  His Bond-style black blazer and white shirt command a respect fitting of the Great One and his hot wife Janet Jones.  Not sure what Wayne is up to these days, but indulge me the right to keep him on the list.  The hope is that he will go back to coaching and stop playing air hockey with Justin Bieber—you may both be Canadian, but don’t demean yourself by being his prop on daytime T.V.

4. Sean Avery, New York Rangers

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    Not only a New York Ranger, this elite metrosexual has also been an intern at Vogue magazine.  Consulting for fashion label Commonwealth Utilities gives Sean the fashion cred that goes beyond simply having a hired stylist. This guy really loves clothes and somehow manages to stay macho while being first in line at Fashion Week.  He of course keeps it real, with occasional run-ins with the police.  Avery, do the LAPD and all of us a favor—skip the wild parties and take some of your teammates shopping this season.

3. Maria Sharapova, Tennis

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    The only woman on our list is one with truly elegant style.  She never fails to look incredible—dripping in sweat after a tennis match, or draped in couture.  Some female athletes look awkward in formal wear, while Maria was born to walk straight from the court onto the red carpet.  The grunting goddess is the definition of what it means to be a natural:  you don’t have to try as hard as everyone else.

2. Kevin Bieksa, Vancouver Canucks

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    While usually unshaven, Kevin fits naturally into the black-on-black Reservoir Dogs look that is both edgy and classic.  This Canucks defender is as gangster as you can get for a white boy from Ontario.  Now if his team could only stop goals as well as Bieksa dresses, there may have been fewer riots in Vancouver.

1. Chad Ochocinco, New England Patriots

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    Chad Ochocinco gets the number one spot. While he may have changed his name in vanity, he knows how to dress.   He easily kills a formal event in well-fitting suits trimmed with unique accessories, but it’s his casual dress code that puts him above the rest.  He is able to look put-together and classy without being the overdone product of a personal shopper.  Less is more definitely scores here.  Now if he would only do the same when it comes to Twitter.