NASCAR's 10 Most Truly Beautiful People

Mary Jo BuchananSenior Writer INovember 21, 2008

Sporting News just released their newest edition, entitled the "60 Most Beautiful People" in NASCAR.  And yes, you guessed it, Mr. Kasey Kahne was chosen as the most beautiful on the list.

Others mentioned in the Sporting News special edition included Ingrid Vandebosch, Jeff Gordon's wife, in the second most beautiful spot.  The third person was none other than three-time champion Jimmie Johnson's wife, Chandra.

Following close on Channie's heels was another driver and almost-champion in two series, Carl Edwards.  Rounding out the top five most beautiful was Krissie Newman, the better half of the Ryan Newman couple. 

Others included in the most beautiful list were Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson, and even David Cropps, a mechanic for the Gillett Evernham team.

But are these truly the most beautiful people in NASCAR?  Remembering that beauty is only skin deep, to find the very most beautiful people in the sport, who are lovely on the inside and out, we have to look a bit deeper.

So, going beyond the skin deep beauty, here are my nominees for the "10 Most Truly Beautiful People" in NASCAR:

10.   Kasey Kahne

While Kasey is indeed beautiful on the outside, he is also a wonderful person on the inside as well.  Through the Kasey Kahne Foundation, this young driver has helped so many children in need. 

One of his favorite charities is the "Make a Wish" organization, and Kasey tirelessly fulfills these wishes on and off the track.  Just today, Kahne announced that he is teaming up with Elliott Sadler to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities to help sick children and their families.

9.   DeLana Harvick

DeLana is a gorgeous woman, married to her sweetheart and soul mate Kevin.  She lives and breathes racing just as much as he does and is often seen pacing pit road in her fire suit as she roots for her husband or for the race truck that she owns. 

Mrs. Harvick is as beautiful on the inside as out, being very involved in cancer awareness and support, especially for those suffering from breast cancer.

8.   Claire B. Lang

Claire B., as her XM Sirius Satellite radio fans call her, is one of a kind.  She is the only female radio show broadcaster on the NASCAR circuit. 

She is passionate about the sport, but most passionate about the fans.  She lets every fan call in, have their say, and respects them for just who they are. 

Most recently, she got the word out about one fan, Jason Deel, who was critically injured, imploring all in her fan base to keep his recovery in their thoughts and prayers.

7.   Charlie Langenstein

Charlie is the mechanical supervisor for Hendrick Motor Sports, in charge of all technical aspects of the No. 48 and No. 24 teams.  If you think Charlie is out celebrating this week, you would be right, since his driver and team has won the "three-peat" in Cup championships.  

Beyond his NASCAR responsibilities, however, Charlie is always helping others, from nurturing new young racers to helping sick children through the Riley and Friends Foundation, named after his beautiful young daughter.  Charlie is a shining example of one of the sport's most beautiful people.

6.   Sue Santerre

Sue is the Public Relations manager for Andy Santerre Motorsports.  While husband Andy was busy winning multiple Camping World East championships, Sue has been busy organizing the ladies auxiliary and raising money to help racers in need. 

Sue, a former beauty queen herself and a mom to two young daughters, is the most generous "mom" to all the up and coming young racers and their families in the East series.

5.   Kelley Earnhardt Elledge

Just about everyone knows Kelley, sister to Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR’S most popular and a winner of one of Sporting News most beautiful people as well. 

Kelley has shown amazing strength internally, standing by her brother’s side as they both made one of the most critical decisions in NASCAR, leaving their famed father’s race business and moving to Hendrick Motor Sports.

During this most traumatic time, Kelley also endured a serious illness and surgery.  She is one of NASCAR’s most beautiful on the outside and on the inside for her wonderful loyalty to her best friend and sibling.

4.   Don Hunter

Who, you might ask, is Don Hunter?  Don passed away this month after a long battle with Parkinson ’s disease.  But he witnessed some of NASCAR’s greatest moments in history, all through the lens of his trusty camera. 

Hunter worked as a photographer at the Charlotte Observer and was also the director of photography for Charlotte Motor Speedway.  He won over 100 awards, capturing many of the true legends of NASCAR’s history. 

Hunter was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1966, and one of his photos hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  He did nine Wheaties covers, including Richard Petty, Ned Jarrett, Cale Yarborough, Darrell Waltrip, and David Pearson. 

Don Hunter, one of NASCAR’s most beautiful treasures, rest in peace.

3.  James Hylton

James may look a little weathered on the outside, but he is most beautiful on the inside.  At age 72, Hylton has raced in many a NASCAR race. 

And yet, he just announced that he would attempt to qualify yet again for the 2009 Daytona 500.  Longevity in the sport is truly beautiful, and so Mr. Hylton deserves to be among those recognized for his most beautiful dedication to the sport.

2.   NASCAR Fans

Race fans truly do come in all shapes and sizes.  Some may be beautiful on the outside, and some you may look at and just shake your head. 

But in this sport, the fans are some of the MOST beautiful people, as NASCAR would not exist without us.

1.   Patty Petty 

Patty Petty is undoubtedly one of NASCAR’s most beautiful people.  While lovely on the outside, she is a woman of faith, conviction, and hope on the inside. 

After losing her son Adam in a horrible racing accident, she turned her grief into a strong desire to help children in need in Adam’s name.

She founded the Victory Junction Gang Camp in North Carolina and transformed this race-themed camp into a haven for seriously ill children. 

There, kids with all sorts of ailments and diseases can just be kids: fishing, boating, and yes even racing.   This past month, Patty and her husband Kyle won the prestigious Gordon P. Allen Award for Outstanding Public Service. 

Patty truly is one of the sport’s most beautiful people.

Sporting News, you’ve just got to dig a little deeper to the truly most beautiful people in NASCAR.


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