Tiger Woods: Will He Ever Win a Major Championship Again?

William PenfieldCorrespondent IIAugust 31, 2011

JOHNS CREEK, GA - AUGUST 12:  Tiger Woods hits a tee shot during the second round of the 93rd PGA Championship at the Atlanta Athletic Club on August 12, 2011 in Johns Creek, Georgia.  (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)
Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

It is the million dollar question in golf—Will Tiger Woods ever return to old form and win another major championship?

The answer is, simply, yes.

Woods is 35 years old, and if he can stay healthy, he has 13 years left until he surpasses the age of the oldest golfer to win a major championship. Julius Boros won one at the age of 48 years, four months and 18 days.

In those 13 years, Woods has the opportunity to play in 52 major championships.

To win another major championship in his career, he will need a win percentage of 1.9 percent in those remaining majors—a feat that seems to almost be a certainty considering his track record.

Up to this point in his career, Tiger has played in 62 major championships, winning 14 for a win percentage of 22.5-percent. 

With an unprecedented winning percentage in major championships, if Woods even becomes a shell of his former self, the odds are in his favor to win another major. 

That being said, to become even a portion of the player he used to be, Woods needs to play more tournaments.

He announced Monday that he would play in the Frys.com Open in October, which was a step in the right direction. 

The more tournaments Woods adds to his schedule, the more reps he will get using his new swing that Sean Foley has been teaching him. 

Not only does Tiger have statistics in his favor, but he always seems to play his best golf in major championships, no matter how bad his play if before and after. 

"The whole idea is that I peak four times a year," Woods always says in reference to the four major championships in the PGA calendar year.

In 2010, he was able to place fourth in the masters after not playing a tournament for months. He also finished fourth at the U.S. Open Championship in the same year.

After another short break from golf, Woods was able to finish fourth in the masters for the second consecutive year with little preparation and nagging injuries.

His track record shows that the best golf he plays is in major championships, no matter the preparation.

Not only will he win another major championship, but he will surpass Jack Nicklaus (who won 18 majors) on the all-time list.

Believe it or not, Woods is still on pace with Nicklaus even with his three-year drought. Nicklaus won his 14th major at the age of 35, Woods recorded his 14th at the age of 32. He now stands with 14 at 35 years old.

After winning No.14, it took Nicklaus 11 more years to reach his record of 18, giving Tiger 11 more years to do it on the same pace as Jack.

Winning four of 44 majors seems feasible for a player with the talent of Woods with 22.5 percent career winning percentage in major championships.

As long as Woods stays healthy, it seems improbable that he wont win another major in his career and very possible that he will pass Nicklaus as the all-time leader. 


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