NASCAR Nationwide: Wild Video Proves Maryeve Dufault Should Stick to Modeling

Sandra MacWattersCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2011

NASCAR Nationwide: Wild Video Proves Maryeve Dufault Should Stick to Modeling

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    You could call it a rookie move or just a flat out stupid move, but whatever you call the move made by Maryeve Dufault at the Montreal road course is something you just have to see.

    Anyone with a drivers license should know not to pull in front of traffic coming around a blind turn. At the NAPA 200 on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve course, Dufault used less than sound judgment.

    She may have been helped with the spin by a faster driver, which included most of the field. Dufault not only spun her car once on this turn, but did it again, only she didn't park on the track then.

    Unfortunately Trevor Bayne was unable to miss her and tagged the rear of her car. It was fortunate that this incident didn't get really ugly, really fast.

    Dufault has done some racing in the ARCA series and has finished as high as 10th. Perhaps she needs to spend more time there before she makes a return to the big leagues.

    She claims to model to support her racing desires, and she apparently made an appearance on the Price Is Right show as a model.

    After the incident in Montreal, it may be best for Dufault to pursue modeling as opposed to racing.

Wild Move by Maryeve Dufault

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    Be sure to watch the entire video, it will make you wonder what Maryeve Dufault was thinking.

The Second Time Around

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    Dufault continued to hone her spinning skills with this second incident in the same place.

Maryeve Explains Racing Qualifications

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    The video shows Dufault explaining her background and her goals at Montreal. Perhaps she needs a bit more work on the technical part of road-course racing.


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