5 Major Reasons Manny Pacquiao Can Beat Floyd Mayweather

Jorge Alarcon-Swaby@sonofcubaCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2011

5 Major Reasons Manny Pacquiao Can Beat Floyd Mayweather

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    Unless they finally decide step in the ring together, the world will never know who is in fact the best fighter in the world. Now both fighters have things that make them special and unique, and certainly an argument can be made for each one in regards to why they would win the fight.

    Here I will give you five reasons why the currently ranked number one fighter in the world, Manny Pacquiao, can pull out a win against Mayweather. 

5. Mayweather's Inactivity

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    Mayweather is one of the all-time greats, but if there is one thing that sure catches up to fighters it's age—as well as inactivity.

    Now Mayweather and Pacquiao are about the same age, but Mayweather has taken the luxury of retiring twice and has only fought twice in the last four years. Even his trainer and uncle, Roger Mayweather, has expressed concern for Mayweather's time away from the ring, stating that things like that can easily catch up to a fighter.

    Mayweather finally has a bout coming up against Victor Ortiz on September 17. If he is victorious, hopefully he will make the fight with Pacquiao happen. But if he decides to take another long vacation before stepping in the ring with Pacquiao, he will certainly pay the price. 

4. Trainer Freddie Roach

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    Now I'm not putting Roach in this list just because of his success with Pacquiao in recent years. The reason Freddie Roach will be a major factor in this fight is because he actually has experience against Floyd.

    The fight between Mayweather and De La Hoya back in 2007 ended in a split decision. While Oscar—to me—clearly didn't win the fight, he was always in it, which is very important. Oscar was able to corner Floyd at certain times and just hammer him with punches, although not so successful at it.

    But just the fact that he was able to do so and keep the fight competitive for all 12 rounds tells me something about Freddie Roach's ideas or plans on how to beat Mayweather. Roach constantly claims he knows how to beat Mayweather, especially with a guy like Pacquiao to do the job.

    Now I'm not one to just believe that because he says so, but looking back at while he was in Oscar's corner he gave Floyd the most competitive fight in about four or five years. While in Pacquiao's corner against Mayweather Sr's fighter, Ricky Hatton, he had a second round KO.

    Maybe Roach is the kryptonite to the Mayweather name.

3. Pacquiao Is a Lefty

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    Not only is Pacquiao a left handed fighter, he is also one of the best ever. Floyd Mayweather has struggled against most of the left-handed fighters he has faced (obviously a lot of it has to do with Mayweather's shoulder roll based defense).

    So it's hard not to see Pacquiao, who is equally gifted with both hands, land quality shots on Mayweather, when guys like Mosley—and especially Corley—have been able to hurt Floyd before. 

    The only difference is that Pacquiao is much faster than both those guys, meaning he might be able to land shots more frequently. He's also a much harder puncher, meaning that just one of those landed punches can end the night early for Mayweather.

2. Mayweather's Legs

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    If you have been following Mayweather throughout his career you can easily see that he no longer has the great movements he once did. Floyd's defense and counter punching abilities are still great, but his legs are no longer there.

    He is now forced to stand and trade punches more than he would like to. He is also cornered and reached easier with punches. This can give Pacquiao a big advantage, for the simple fact that he will be able to chase Mayweather down and trade with him in the corners, amongst other places.  

1. Pacquiao's Speed and Power

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    Manny Pacquiao has, according to those who have fought him, a combination of speed and power that is like nothing else. If Pacquiao ever does step in the ring with Mayweather he will be the fastest fighter to do so since Zab Judah in 2006. Mayweather is no longer the same fighter he was back then—and neither is Pacquiao.  

    Since 2006, Pacquiao has improved to be a very good offensive fighters with great power on both hands. Pacquiao's boxing ability is also underrated, but what will be Pacquiao's tool to beat Mayweather is obviously his speed and power.

    Once Mayweather is faced with someone just as fast as him but with more power, how will he react? All we can do right now is wonder, but my guess is he won't react well to something that is new to him—and that's being hit...hard. 

In Conclusion

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    This fight is a mystery to all, so it's no wonder it has created so much buzz and is so desired by fans.

    In reality, both Mayweather and Pacquiao are to blame for it not yet happening. It's hard to understand why two human beings can't come to an agreement and make more money in one night than most families in America will ever make in a lifetime.

    Now just as there are these five reasons Pacquiao can beat Mayweather, there are five more why Mayweather can beat Pacquiao. So until they finally decide to make the fight happen, I guess we'll continue to make lists like this one.

    Please leave a comment, agreement or disagreement in the section below. 

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