FC Barcelona vs Chivas of Guadalajara: What Went Wrong or Right in Miami?

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IAugust 10, 2011

FC Barcelona vs Chivas of Guadalajara: What Went Wrong or Right in Miami?

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    The friendly match between FC Barcelona and Chivas of Guadalajara was held at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Florida. The match was part of the Herbalife World Football Challenge.

    The predictions in Miami Florida was an easy victory by FC Barcelona over Chivas of Guadalajara. What happened was a surprise victory by Chivas of Guadalajara 4-1 FC Barcelona.

    While many people who supported FC Barcelona left in disgust, there were many in both teams who cheered a historic first in Florida.

    The match was attended by 70,080 spectators which is the largest attendance of a football match in Florida. I have decided to assemble a round table discussion to talk about the match in all spheres.

    I invited Jo-Ryan Salazar, AJ Hasan, and Soccer Convert to the round table discussion to discuss what went wrong or right in this historic match.

    Before continuing, I had the honor and pleasure of assisting this historic match in person.

FC Barcelona: Complacent

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    Jo-Ryan Salazar

    I think FC Barcelona was sitting on their laurels after winning the UEFA Champions League. It doesn't matter if you are on top of Europe, you still have to come out and give it your best effort. Inexcusable performance.

Chivas of Guadalajara: Determination for a Victory

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    AJ Hasan:

    Once Barcelona got ahead early by the David Villa goal, they were becoming complacent. Although nothing could be done with the first screamer by Fabian, Dos Santos was too far away from him to stop the second goal from a bicycle kick.

    The third from Chivas was scored as a result of poorly placed passes which allowed the Mexicans to use their speed to counterattack. The last goal was also the result of poor man marking on the set piece.

    I think Chivas was much more determined to win this against the Spanish giants. Also, the Catalans did not have as many defensive minded players on the pitch in the second half. Although they create a few great chances, Barcelona had inaccurate passing and poor man marking.

    Sergio Busquets should not be used on the back-line, as the defensive midfield section suits him much better. This was the perfect motivation for Barça to improve, as they defeated Club América in a 2-0 win shortly afterwards.

Crowd Power in South Florida

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    Soccer Convert:

    South Florida Soccer Fans Crush Old Attendance Record, Make A Loud Statement For MLS Expansion FC Barcelona and the stars of the Camp Nou descended upon SunLife Stadium in Miami last Wednesday night to face 2010 Copa Libertadores runners-up Chivas de Guadalajara.

    Despite the star power of Xavi, Iniesta, and David Villa or Marco Fabian’s brace and the 4-1 scoreline the big story last Wednesday night was the record setting crowd of 70,080 that turned out despite the heat and humidity making a thundering declaration to Don Garber and company that South Florida is futbol country.

    After losing the Miami Fusion to contraction in 2002 naysayers have poured grief on South Florida’s soccer fans and their passion for the game ever since. The truth is that South Florida soccer fans are some of the most passionate and knowledgeable fans in the USA. Floridian’s know their soccer.

    Given the heritage and cultural history of South Florida the soccer fans of the region are highly knowledgeable about the game and demand a more possession oriented and beautiful style of play than what we see from most MLS teams.

    Seventy thousand plus sent a message loud and clear to MLS management on Wednesday night that they will support the beautiful game in their city. Unlike other parts of the country Floridians know the difference between the beautiful game and poorly played soccer.

    Floridian’s won’t support a team that employs anti-football tactics and style. Wednesday shows the potential for MLS in South Florida is huge, but it’s up to Don Garber and MLS to get the franchise and ownership group right to bring the fans out

    It’s time for MLS to give back what they took in 2002, and bring the beautiful game back to South Florida.


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    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso:

    While I had my preference in this match (FC Barcelona), I am willing to admit that Chivas of Guadalajara surprised the spectators including myself. I think that maybe FC Barcelona was lax in its play and should have strives for more after the first goal.

    I also think that the match was a historic moment for the MLS and US Soccer to take South Florida into consideration. It would be a mistake to underestimate the 70,080 people who attended this match.

    The MLS and US Soccer must wake up and face this reality. I also would like to thank Jo-Ryan Salazar, AJ Hasan, and Soccer Convert for their participation in this round table discussion of FC Barcelona VS Chivas of Guadalajara (August 3 2011).


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