PGA Championship 2011 Preparations: A Look at Miguel Angel Jimenez's Edge

Brian@@IrishChesterCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2011

Classic Jimenez smoking a stoagie during a round.
Classic Jimenez smoking a stoagie during a round.Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

With the 93rd PGA Championship nearly upon us, I found myself wondering what players do to get ready for a major tournament. I assume there isn't too much of a change from one's normal, non-major routine.

After all, warm-up routines are replete with heuristics to help players quickly make swings and strokes they will need throughout a round. There are even prescribed routines available for reference on the Internet, which highlight what most golfers recognize as standard procedure—get to the course early, hit some balls on the range, chip and putt.

Given the magnitude of pressure surrounding the season's final major, it is safe to say nearly all golfers this week will employ their standard routines.

And then there is Miguel Angel Jimenez. He'll certainly stick to a routine of sorts, at least by his standards, but he undoubtedly has the most unconventional approach of any golfer I have ever heard of. My proof is contained in this short video of his warm-up during The Open at Royal St. George's earlier this season.

A man widely known for his carefree lifestyle, which includes smoking cigars while playing and tossing back beers, Jimenez is strikingly similar to "the most interesting man in the world." If I didn't know any better I'd say he's the inspiration behind the lead character in those commercials.