The NFL Lockout and the 4 Other Most Drawn-Out Summer Sports Stories

Josh Sadlock@@JoshSadlockCorrespondent IIIAugust 9, 2011

The NFL Lockout and the 4 Other Most Drawn-Out Summer Sports Stories

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    In this 24/7 sports world we live in driven by ESPN, it sometimes seems we can't escape hearing certain stories over and over again. As the summer begins to wind down, here are the top five sports stories of the summer that have made sports fans reach for the remote every time they pop up on SportsCenter.

Tiger Woods Dumps Steve Williams

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    Steve Williams is in the position he is simply because of his association with Tiger Woods. If you can name another caddie on the PGA Tour, you probably watch too much golf. When Williams went against Woods' wishes and continued to caddie for Adam Scott, Woods had every right to fire him.

    We are now forced to listen to Williams gloat about Scott's victory last weekend as if he played a major role in it. Scott could not enjoy his victory as he should have because the focus was on his caddie.

    That's not right. This firing, which has begun to resemble a he-said, she-said high school breakup, needs to be forgotten.

Will Brett Favre Come Back?

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    To be fair to Favre, he doesn't seem to be driving this story himself any more. The media just can't seem to let it go. Favre's retirement does seem to be final this summer, but that hasn't stopped the speculation about where and when he will eventually come back.

    When a simple quote from Joe Webb, "He can still sling it," sets off a media firestorm, you know the story is still alive. NFL fans everywhere are praying ESPN will not be forced to rush their cameras to a hastily arranged press conference for Favre's return.

Alex Rodriguez, Poker Star

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    There are poker games in basements across America every night of the week. They are perfectly legal. Why then, is Alex Rodriguez being investigated by Major League Baseball for playing in a poker game with his Hollywood buddies?

    Yes, the pot was in the thousands of dollars—roughly the amount of money A-Rod makes in a single at-bat. This was no high stakes poker game fraught with gamblers and shady dealings. It was a poker game among friends.

    Just some very rich friends.

James Harrison Bashing Goodell

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    Athletes say outlandish things all the time. All you have to do is follow one or two of them on Twitter to realize this. James Harrison took this to a new level this summer.

    In an interview with Men's Journal, Harrison popped off about his boss, Roger Goodell. What he said is not fit to be published anywhere. Spouting slurs and awful language, Harrison managed to get more attention than the NFL lockout for a few days.

    If anyone else called out their boss in such a manner, they would be fired by the end of the day. Harrison was not even punished. The fans were the ones who were punished, as they were forced to hear about this hothead for days on end.

The Never-Ending NFL Lockout

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    This is the one story all summer that just refuses to go away. Throughout the summer, you could turn on SportsCenter or ESPN Radio and be guaranteed to hear about the NFL lockout at least once every 20 minutes. At least that's how it seemed to me.

    Most NFL fans believed all along that the NFL lockout would not force the cancellation of any games. That did not stop ESPN from giving us 24/7 coverage of the negotiations. Adam Schefter probably did not sleep all of July.

    Now that the lockout is over, we're still not done hearing about it. We have to hear coaches and players complain about the changes and outcomes of the new collective bargaining agreement.

    The NFL season is officially good to go. Please, please, just let me enjoy the rest of the baseball season.