Dennis Hallman's Shorts: Dana White Speaks About Speedo & More

Matt Juul@@MattchidaMMAContributor IIIAugust 8, 2011

Long time MMA veteran and current UFC welterweight Dennis Hallman caused a stir Saturday night with his choice of fight wear—a skimpy blue speedo.

Hallman sported the attire while facing Brian Ebersole on the main card of UFC 133 in Philadelphia, PA, but came out with a loss.  Hallman received a TKO defeat after Ebersole ground and pounded his way to a finish.

The choice of fight wear did not go over well with fights fans or UFC President Dana White who said, "I've never been so embarrassed being in the UFC."

White even awarded Ebersole with a $70,000 bonus for getting the scantily clad Hallman off the screens hastily.

In the video above, White explained just how he felt about the shorts, clearly showing his disdain for the selection.

Hallman spoke with MMAFighting.com's Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, explaining that he wore the speedo because of a lost bet to a fellow teammate.

"I won't say what the bet was about, but I lost a bet to those guys and losing the bet meant that I got to wear some speedos," Hallman said.

"I thought it was funny," Hallman added, saying that he thought that wearing them would only embarrass himself and did not think any major controversies would come out of it.

"I didn't think anybody would be cross about it," he said.

Hallman also explained that he was injured coming into the fight, hurting his elbow two days prior.

Speculation has arisen over whether White will give Hallman a pink slip after the fiasco.

Hallman believes that he should keep his job, especially after refusing to withdraw from the bout due to injury.  The card was plagued with injuries, with Phil Davis and a myriad of other fighters forced to drop from the card.

"I don't think they're going to fire you over something like that," Hallman said. "I mean, he knows I went in there and fought injured because I didn't want to screw up their card. You can't fire somebody for doing something that's not illegal or not wrong."